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Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

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المسار Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

An exciting trip through the Southern Italy and Sicily.
Croatia (HR), Albania (AL), Italy (IT) and Sicily (IT).

We cross 3 countries, as well as Sicily, covering a total distance of approximately 4390 km. The tour extends over 22 days; 22 unforgettable days and unforgettable experiences.

Girls and boys, the motorcycling and touring season in Central Europe are coming to an end at the end of October each year. Sad but true, November is the start of a hard wait until next spring. Of course, we are also aware of this problem, which is why we put on a very special tour at the end of the year, at least for Central Europe. We use the climatic advantages of southern Europe, because in the local regions (Croatia, Albania, southern Italy, and Sicily), at this time of year, you can still tour as you, please. If you want, you can of course accompany us to New Zealand during the Central European winter months or to South America in the early spring. But if you feel comfortable and at home in Europe, you should definitely not miss this tour.

The tour is self-scouted as always. During the development, we attached great importance to the fact that we will not only have a lot of driving fun on our approximately 4390 km. It was also important to us that we are able to offer as much as possible of the fantastic landscapes around us for our motorcyclists and moto enthusiasts.

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يوم 1 Split - Split - 0

يوم 1 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

You arrive at the International Airport, Resnik Airport (SPU) in Split. There are very cheap flights to Split from almost all major airports in Europe and especially from Germany. Participants from outside of Europe may use the International Airport Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG) in Zagreb as a possible stopover.

We will greet you upon your arrival and take care of your transfer from Split airport to your hotel in Split. The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the motorbike parking spaces. Of course, we use our own motorcycles for this tour. We only have new machines in our fleet, e. g.

BMW F750GS (standard or lowered),
BMW F850GS (standard or lowered),
BMW F900GSA (standard or lowered),
BMW R1250GS (standard or lowered),
BMW R1250GSA (standard or lowered) and
BMW R1300GS (standard or lowered).

In the evening before departure and before we have dinner together, we will inspect the motorcycles together and make any necessary setup, e. g. for the driver's height. A briefing is also included. You then have the opportunity to stow some of your luggage that you brought with you in the side cases and the top case. The next morning, you can then store all your luggage that you do not want to take with you on the trip - such as suitcases, etc. - in our rooms, dry and carefree.

يوم 2 Dubrovnik - 304

يوم 2 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

After our breakfast together in our hotel, the journey begins after a short briefing. We pick up the bikes at our starting point in Split and get them ready to go. The clock at the start is 8:30 am.

On to the adventure!
On the well-known "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR), with the well-developed and winding roads, our journey goes on our 1st day, first of all in a southerly direction. The first milestone will be the "Kravice Waterfalls"(BIH) and of course the "Old Bridge" of "Mostar"(BIH). For this, we will make a short trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina before we will be back to Croatia in the evening. We are talking about “Dubrovnik”(HR). Certainly, one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. We will also spend the night here and end the first evening with our dinner together in the well-known and probably very popular old town of Dubrovnik. Today's tour is 189 miles.

يوم 3 Dubrovnik - Durrës - 331

يوم 3 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

We take advantage of the fact that the ferry connections from Split and Dubrovnik to Italy have been discontinued at the end of September.
This also gives us the decisive advantage that we encounter fewer tourists who could make the street unsafe.
Enjoy this time with us.

We continue south from Dubrovnik, through Montenegro to Albania, or more precisely to “Durrës”(AL) to the port of Durrës. It goes past the "Bay of Kotor"(MNE) and the beautiful "Shkodra Lake"(MNE/AL).
We will reach Durrës in the late evening and then check in on the ferry to Bari((IT) around 8:00 pm. Of course, we will spend the night on the ferry, and we will arrive well-rested on the Italian mainland the next morning.

Do not miss this time in Croatia without the usual tourist hype.
Today we will cover 206 miles.

يوم 4 Bari - Talsano - 273

يوم 4 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Visit the coast of Bari with us because you will have the opportunity to do so after we disembark the ferry on the 3rd day of our trip.

Ride with us along the Italian east coast, further south. Convince yourself of the dreamlike landscape, the life of southern Italy, and the local culture.
Southern Italy, or better and more precisely, on the heel of the boot.

The journey continues through "Lecce" to "Taranto".
We could still put thousands of breathtaking pictures here. Each additional single picture would arouse the wanderlust even more. You just must experience it all yourself.
Touring together in small groups and with these impressions is what brings us bikers together.

Anyway, we will stay overnight in Taranto tonight and have covered another 170 miles.

يوم 5 Talsano - Morano Calabro - 291

يوم 5 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today it is time again, at 8:00 am the journey and the adventure continue.

Experience with us the journey through the "Garden of the Gods" in the "Pollino National Park".
There are 181 miles ahead of us today, through typical Italian mountain villages, through valleys, and over mountains. Serpentines, even in southern Italy.

Get to know Italy from another side. This Italy is not the Italy that is usually associated with northern Italy or e.g. about Tyrol knows.
It will be an unforgettable day.

We will spend the night in "Morano Calabro", on the edge of the national park.

يوم 6 Morano Calabro - Maida - 249

يوم 6 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today 155 miles are on the agenda. We overcome one serpentine after the other.
We want to arrive at the port of "Villa San Giovanni" in 2 days at the latest.
The journey is the destination because from there we will take the ferry to Sicily.

But until then, we need to focus on what is ahead of us now.
This route also has it all and is guaranteed not to be boring. Anyone can ride straight ahead, down there, at the boot of Italy, the serpentines are almost comparable to the Alps.

So, let's ride to Villa San Giovanni. On the way, we will stay overnight in Maida, a small or rather tiny place in the middle of nowhere.

يوم 7 Maida - Taormina - 275

يوم 7 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Visit with us the island of Sicily, Mount Etna and the ancient Greek remains.
The southern Italian island of Sicily has a long, rich, and multicultural history as one of the most desirable locations in the Mediterranean.

For more than 3000 years countless civilizations discovered and conquered Sicily and left their mark along the way: from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the Norman and Arab rulers who wanted to cultivate the Sicilian soil. The island's heritage is therefore a colourful patchwork of art, architecture, cuisine, and history, reflecting the melting pot of cultures that once called this beautiful island home.

We take the ferry from Villa San Giovanni and land after a short crossing in "Messina".
After riding 171 miles, we will set up camp here in Taormina and explore the cultural life together.

يوم 8 Taormina - Taormina - 0

يوم 8 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today the 7th day will be our 1st day of rest. Today the whole day is spent relaxing and relaxing:

Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e.g.
explore the area on your own or laze around and enjoy life
exchange of experiences for what has already been experienced, drink a beer
telling childhood stories and jokes……or whatever.

Or you decide to take part in a guided tour of Mount Etna with us. At around 3357 meters above sea level, Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. In June 2013, UNESCO added Mount Etna to the World Heritage List.

The southeaster crater has been active again since May 13, 2022. At the base of the cone, on its north side, a fissure has opened. Since then, a lava flow has constantly poured into the "Valle del Bove", the huge valley on the east side of Mount Etna.

يوم 9 Taormina - Palermo - 309

يوم 9 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

On the 8th day of our trip, the journey continues to "Palermo", the capital of Sicily.
Experience with us on today's route, Sicily from the special side.
We start at 8:00 am and have breathtaking 192 miles ahead of us.
Again, past Mount Etna, through the national park "Parco dell'Etna", founded in 1987 and covering 58 hectares, with caves, a known active volcano, and a wide variety of wild animals.

Right through Sicily to the north coast with the dreamy sandy beaches.
Get to know the typical Sicilian villages and ride with us through the national park "Parco delle Madonie", a vast park with picturesque mountain ranges, medieval villages, and historic castles.

We will spend the night in Palermo today and look forward to tomorrow, as this will be a day off and will give us enough time to get to know Palermo better.

يوم 10 Palermo - Palermo - 0

يوم 10 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today it is time to relax and unwind again:
Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e.g.:
explore the area on your own or laze around and enjoy life.
However, we advise exploring Palermo and the surrounding area, because Palermo is known for long sandy beaches, extensive natural areas, as well as cultural highlights that have been shaped by a long and eventful history. Anyone who visits Palermo will always be happy to come back to Sicily.

Palermo is best known as the seat of the mafia. The past of the Sicilian capital is correspondingly bleak. But today Palermo is the safest metropolis in Italy - according to a new statistic. The security situation has changed since Leoluca Orlando was elected mayor in 1985. In the anti-mafia war, the lawyer received support from numerous politicians, artists, and also directly from the population. At the same time, the city flourished again.

يوم 11 Palermo - Milazzo - 261

يوم 11 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today we will do something for general education. Even if you think you do not need it or you already know it, you will notice and easily realize that is not always the case.
In short, on our further journey to the northeast coast, to "Milazzo", we ride up into the mountains to a very special stopover.

We are on our way to "GAL Hassin - Osservatorio Astronomico Isnello".
Let yourself be surprised, what the Italians, or especially the Sicilians think they know more about the universe than you did not know about the universe until now.

After lunch together, high up in the mountains, we will end our stage after 163 miles in "Milazzo" and here we will spend the night.

يوم 12 Milazzo - Vibo Marina - 181

يوم 12 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Back to the mainland. Early in the morning, we leave for the port of Messina to catch the ferry back to Villa San Giovanni on time.
Today`s daily distance is only 113 miles. This is not to say that we will not have any experiences on this day of the journey.
No, on the contrary, we ride north along the west coast at the Tyrrhenian Sea.
We will visit the village of "Scilla", one of the most beautiful fishing villages in this region, which is definitely worth the trip.

To be honest, we are not sure which is the more exciting coastal road. Is it the "Jadranska Magistrala", along the west coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia or is it the coastal road on the Italian west coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea?
Come with us and find out for yourself. Learn more about these thoughts. You have time to figure everything out until you arrive at the next overnight camp, in “Vibo Marina”.

يوم 13 Vibo Marina - San Giovanni a Piro - 235

يوم 13 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

A long day will lie ahead of us. A stunning coastal road then turns right again to head into the mountains. Always in focus, further north to the "Amalfi Coast". Another kind of eye candy and experience. Maybe even more interesting than right now.

Slowly one moves forward to realize:
There are nicer beaches in Italy. Made of white, yellow, or even pink sand, fine-grained and light as a summer dress.
But in "Acquafredda" pebbles press into the soles of bare feet, in "Fiumicello" they are little gray pebbles.

Happy are those who can steer a boat and, above all, have one to explore the many small caves in the rocks under "Maratea" and to dive in the crystal-clear water, which oscillates between ink blue and turquoise.

It will be an unforgettable 147 miles and an unforgettable overnight stay in "San Giovanni a Piro".

يوم 14 San Giovanni a Piro - Praiano - 204

يوم 14 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

A new day is dawning, experience the beauty of the "Amalfi Coast" with us. On the 13th day, we cover 127 miles km and ride farther and farther north towards Naples.

The Amalfi Coast was already a popular summer residence for wealthy Romans in the Roman Empire, who built numerous villas on the coast, such as the Villa Romana Marittima in Minori. The works of art and mosaics in the villas testify to wealth and luxury, although such works from this period can only be found in Rome or in the rest of Campania and in Barcola near Trieste.

Located in the Campania region, the Amalfi Coast forms 32 miles stretch of coastline in the southern peninsula of Sorrento with stunning views of the Gulf of Salerno. Renowned around the world for its natural beauty, the coast is home to several important historical sites. This picture-perfect coast stretches from Positano to Vietri and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Probably the most famous place on the Amalfi Coast is Positano. The former, quiet fishing village now attracts numerous travellers and influencers - and not without good reason! Because picturesque, colourful houses climb up in terraces on the high rock faces and give a unique picture.

يوم 15 Praiano - Praiano - 0

يوم 15 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today the 14th day is our 3rd rest day.
Today it is time to relax and unwind again
Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e.g.:
explore the area on your own or laze around and enjoy life.

Or you decide to go on a private boat exploration tour to the island of "Capri" with us.
For this, we will make a short trip to "Sorrento" to start the boat tour to the island of Capri from there.
Experience the natural beauty of Capri with all the grottos and everything else Capri has to offer. We do this tour as a guided tour from Sorrento to Capri and back.

We will spend the night again, like the day before, in our hotel in "Praiano".

يوم 16 Praiano - San Vittore del Lazio - 194

يوم 16 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today's destination is only 121 miles away. We continue to “San Vitorre del Lazio”, near the “Parco Regionale Roccamonfina”.

Riding through the chaotic city on the Tyrrhenian Sea, "Naples", might not be a good idea. But we do not want to miss out on experiencing this hustle and bustle.

We still have enough time to visit the volcano "Vesuvius".
The crater is easily accessible on foot from a parking lot.
Vesuvius is the only active volcano on the European mainland and is located between the Amalfi Coast and Naples, around 32 to 38 miles from places like Amalfi, Sorrento, or Minori, in a national park consisting of lava fields, forest areas, and orchards. Although the last eruption in 1944 was many decades ago, Vesuvius still shows signs of activity, which is reflected in the occasional emission of vapours and volcanic gases.

يوم 17 San Vittore del Lazio - Rieti - 297

يوم 17 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

We ride through central Italy, past countless national parks. Fantastic landscapes and impressions will lie ahead of us.
Our daily goal is "Rieti" with a daily distance of 185 miles. Rieti is the former capital of the historical region of Sabina. This area is surrounded by fantastically beautiful mountain scenery, the "Sabiner Mountains" and "Reatiner Mountains". The city was important from ancient times and later became the city-state and residence of the Pope (who cares). Those who follow in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi will also end up in the village of Rieti.

The place is embedded in a beautiful landscape with several nature reserves and numerous lakes and rivers. Above all, the peak of the "Terminillo" rises conspicuously from the mountainous landscape. The "Lago di Ripasottile" and the "Lago Lungo" together form the "Riserva parziale naturale dei Laghi Lungo e Ripasottile". The largest reservoir in the region is the "Lago del Salto", which is located at an altitude of about 535 meters. The vegetation around the water is particularly lush, and the surrounding villages exude typical Italian charm.

يوم 18 Rieti - Province of Rimini - 280

يوم 18 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Unfortunately, our trip is coming to an end.
We do not use the ferry back to Split, rather we take advantage of touring with our bikes.
It continues on a daily distance of 174 miles to "Rimini", located directly on the Adriatic Sea.
Past the oldest republic in the world and the dwarf state of "San Marino". San Marino is located in the heart of Italy between Emilia-Romagna and Marche, near the Adriatic coast near Rimini.

However, our destination for the day is Rimini. In the centre of Rimini, there are historical sights and buildings from the time of the Roman Empire to see. Many of the buildings are still in very good condition and just looking at them takes you back in time.

Since we are also staying overnight here in Rimini, we will certainly be able to get to know Rimini's nightlife better. It is worth it.

يوم 19 Province of Rimini - Marano Lagunare - 301

يوم 19 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

A new day is ahead of us. After a hearty breakfast, the new experience on 2 wheels begins at 8:00 am. Today we continue north and later east.
Today's destination is "Marano Lagunre" and at the same time the last destination on Italian soil before we return to Croatia.

On our way there we make a stopover in "Venice". Since nobody can really predict how long this extraordinary city will exist, we will not miss a visit to the city. We ride straight into Venice and park our motorbikes for a stay of several hours. Everyone can decide for themselves how they want to use their time in Venice. Together with us or alone or as a couple.

In our overnight camp, we will have the opportunity to recover from the exertions of the past few days in the wellness and spa oasis of our hotel.
Today's stage is 188 miles.

يوم 20 Marano Lagunare - Sveti Juraj, Kroatien - 243

يوم 20 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Today we cross the border to Croatia on the route back to Split.
Ahead of us are another 151 miles. Destination of today's route "Sveti Juraj".
On the "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR), with the well-developed, winding roads and with the dream views of the Adriatic Sea, we continue on the 19th day of our journey south, past "Rijeka and the "Kvarner Bay".

We will take the last miles slowly and relaxed, and enjoy the ride and especially the landscape. In "Bakar", located in the Kvarner Bay, we will make a longer stop and have lunch together before we continue to our hotel in Sveti Juraj.

Wherever we like it, we just take a short break that day and sit down somewhere on a cliff, or a viewing platform, or somewhere on the beach and look forward to what lies behind us.

يوم 21 Sveti Juraj - Split - 301

يوم 21 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

It is finished. The last 188 miles lie ahead of us. We use the last miles and ride along the Jadranska Magistrala, past Zadar, Šibenik, and Trogir. We have passed the island of "Krk" and all the other offshore islands.
The views along this route remain an experience forever.
Arrived at our starting point, we will park the motorcycles and have a farewell party together.
Your overnight stay is taken care of in the starting hotel.

يوم 22 Split - Split - 0

يوم 22 Motorcycle dual-purpose and Adventure Croatia - Sicily - Amalfi Coast, (22 days)!

Anyone who already wants to go home and has booked a return flight for that day is of course free to do so. Or you can also decide, if your time frame allows, to simply extend your stay in Split and thus on the beautiful Adriatic Sea by a few days more. However, you should arrange this directly with the hotel. No matter what you decide, we will always provide you with our airport transfer. However, if you decide to extend your stay, then the airport transfer is no longer possible on our part.

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BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

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    We always run our tours ourselves.
    We believe that the chef is responsible for good food. Of course, running such tours also requires a lot of work and attention, but your tour guide, Frank, simply combines his hobby and passion with his work. What could be nicer and better? Nothing!
    And of course always there, Mariana, the good-natured soul and organizer. She is also a passionate motorcyclist herself, even if only as a pillion rider.
    As true motorcycle enthusiasts, we believe that a tour with us and our BMW GS models on and around the Croatian coast, the neighboring Balkan countries, and Italy, is a great experience and allows you to discover the best of it.
    Frank himself used to live in New Zealand, Panama and Colombia for many years and traveled there on his motorcycle. Born and raised in Germany, he does his work with German thoroughness.
    Mariana, born and raised in Colombia and  totaly family oriented, knows how to keep a group together.
    Therefore, it is natural and in the nature of your tour guides to be enthusiastic about meeting new people and making new friends. And not just in southern Europe, but all over the world.

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