Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

COTE D IVOIRE, a very nice country in Africa where reigns a pleasant atmosphere: a colorful Africa with markets, villages, palm, coffee or cocoa. We will go from the ocean to the mountains of Man by a multitude of tracks. Enjoy with us this incredible motorcycle tour

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  • Suzuki 350 DR-SE
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    dia 1
    - Abidjan

    dia 1 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Flight to Abidjan, welcome and transfer to the hotel

    dia 2
    Abidjan - Adzope

    dia 2 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Guided tour of the historic town (comptoir) of Bassam linked to its colonial past (many remains and museum). Then we take the motorcycles and direction the tracks of the south towards Adzope ... Lagoons, coconut palms and then tropical forest ... Cape Is by a maze of tracks ... Several alternatives are possible to join Adzopé. Crossing villages and markets according to the day: palaver, colors and guaranteed atmosphere in these unique markets making the charm of Africa. Hotel.

    dia 3
    Adzope - Yamoussoukro

    dia 3 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Progress continues north-west by punctuated tracks here and there villages that come alive on market day. ... Plantations of cassava, maize or yam ... Stop the maquis (bar-resto) for a good attiéké or rice-sauce seed (local dish very popular! We eat well in Ivory Coast ;-). Arrival in Yamoussoukro, an excessive city and political capital known for its gigantic basilica (replica of St Peter of Rome). A must see. Hostel.

    dia 4
    Yamoussoukro - Daloa

    dia 4 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Visit of the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, the largest Catholic building ... in the world! A guided tour is required. ... Then a good track leading to the lake (dam) of Kossou. The irrigated perimeters allow in particular the cultivation of rice but also coffee and cocoa, an important wealth for the country. Hotel in Daloa, a lively village.

    dia 5
    Daloa - Duekoue

    dia 5 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    We take the old colonial track, forgotten, so conducive to a beautiful stage of bush. The track is sometimes broken down ... We cross the imposing Sassandra river by pirogue! The relief is accentuated, in the distance the Dent de Man, announces our arrival in Man ... a region "blow of heart". Night in an Inn

    dia 6
    Duekoue - Duekoue

    dia 6 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Day 6
    Duékoué - Duékoué
    Day 6 Motorcycle tour, Ivory Coast enduro

    Magnificent region between mountains and forest, the small track climbs to the summit of Mt Tonkoui (1223m) by an enduro trail extra, with passages under the bamboo forests ... superb panorama on all this region close to neighboring Guinea ... visit also from the waterfall and the sacred forest where we will see many monkeys ... Transfer to the city of Duekoué in the afternoon. Hotel

    dia 7
    Duekoue - Soubre

    dia 7 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Cape for the Taï National Park in western Ivory Coast. A rich fauna lives freely in this dense forest including our cousins ​​chimpanzees! By bush tracks little frequented and in the middle of the rainforest we reach Soubré along the majestic Sassandra river. Night in an inn.

    dia 8
    Soubre - Grand-Lahou

    dia 8 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    Heva forests (rubber tree) soon give way to palm groves and coconut groves. The tracks become more sandy ... and the sea air is felt! Visit villages between ocean and lagoon, canoe according to timing ... Overnight in Grand Lahou, former colonial counter like Grand Bassam.

    dia 9
    Grand-Lahou - Grand-Bassam

    dia 9 Motorcycle tour Ivory Coast Enduro

    We drive along the Ebrié lagoon towards Abidjan, the economic heart of the country ... then Bingerville (historic city) and close this raid to Grand Bassam which was indeed one of the main counters

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