Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

After the end of another motorcycle season, when autumn feels comfortable enough to stay here for some time and weather is not spoiling anybody, let us invite you for testing Yamaha motorcycles at the sunny coast of Costa Blanca. From behind test motorcycle's handlebar, you can sightsee the mountain area of Sierra Aitana, which amazingly contrasts with the green lowlands full of fir forests as well as dune and cliff coasts. During this edition, the whole event would be more stationary, with 8 different routes presented by an experienced guide.

We accommodate our guests in a good quality Hotel Port Europa located in Calpe. The hotel is on the seafront, so the rooms have beautiful views of the sea or the lake full of preying lamingos famous in this area. To get to the beach, all you have to do is cross the street. The rooms are double / twin, bright and spacious. All rooms have air conditioning and a large bathroom. 

All guests are provided with breakfast and dinner buffets at the hotel restaurant. The food is fresh and tasty and the selection of dishes is very wide. In addition, a citrus juicer and coffee machine are available in the restaurant.

We have carefully planned all routes, distinguishing them according to the degree of skills and fatigue of the previous ride. Throughout your stay you will be supervised by professionals and enthusiasts of what they do. We guarantee that the time spent on this trip will be full of fantastic experiences and a sense of security. The same applies to perfect weather and plenty of sun for every day.

Don't have anyone to go on tour with you? Colleagues after initial confirmations have resigned? Ride with us and you will meet new fantastic friends on a motorcycle in a flash. One of our most praised features is a friendly, homely atmosphere in which everyone feels good. Most of the participants join us on their own trips, while returning they are richer with a new group of great friends. You know how fantastic and sociable people ride a motorcycle! We are the best example - during these years of doing business we have gained a lot of nice acquaintances and friendships that continue to this day.

Lovely place, comfortable accommodations and exceptional motorcycles are just one part of Motofiesta. The decisive factor which makes sure it is on a highest level are people standing behind it. Kasia and Tomek are two incredibly cheerful people, professionals at what they do. They take care of a homely, relaxed atmosphere, organize and adapt Motofiesta for our guests' maximum satisfaction. Making everyone want to come back. Michał, however, is multiannual passionate mechanic associated with Yamaha for a long time. He always prepares our motorcycles perfectly for the ride.

You also do not have to buy and organize additional maps for your navigation system. You will always be accompanied by a group guide. Instead of thinking about where to go, you will be able to enjoy the views and overcome subsequent turns. However, at stops it is always good to listen to someone who will tell you something about the area. Every day, during the morning briefing, our guide will discuss the planned episode, its characteristics and elements to pay attention to - so you'll always be aware of where you are and what surrounds you.

We will start our trip at the Alicante or Valencia airport, which you will reach by yourself. You can choose from variety of airlines reaching this port. We offer a transport from the Alicante or Valencia airport with a private, air conditioned bus, straight to the accommodation place, as well as trip to the airport on the way back home.

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  • Ténéré 700
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    dia 1
    Alacant - Calp - 90

    dia 1 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    This is an airport transfer day. We cordially welcome our guests and bring the to the hotel.

    dia 2
    Calp - - 150

    dia 2 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe and head through Cumbre del Sol to the highest point in region one can go on a bike. Then go down using very curvy roads to sleepy bay to see Cala Moraig cave. Next we ride to Cap de la Nao cape and admire stunnig views. Then head to Cap de Sant Antoni cliff via seaside resorts and volcanic beaches. Cap de Sant Antoni is like norwegian Nord Cap, nut here is much warmer weather :) Next we go for a coffee break in Les Arentes, where we can relax by the sea. Curvy roads lovers will meet a foretaste of what they can anticipate in next few days. After a short break we head to Pego area where we can find rice fields, then using roads which will warm tires and your hearts we go to Calpe.

    dia 3
    Calp - - 280

    dia 3 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe and head straight to Valencia, where we can see for example:

    The Serranos Gate or Serranos Towers is one of the twelve gates that formed part of the ancient city wall, the Christian Wall (Muralla Cristiana). It was built in Valencian Gothic style at the end of the 14th century (between 1392 and 1398). It is an important landmark and one of the best preserved monuments of Valencia. Of the ancient city wall, which was pulled down in 1865 on the orders of the provincial governor Cirilio Amorós, only the Serranos Towers, the 15th century Cuart Towers, and some other archaeological remains and ruins, such as those of the Jewish Gate (Puerta de los Judíos), have survived. The Torres de Serranos were built in the 14th century, 1392, by Pere Balaguer. It was the main entrance of the city and it was originally build with a defensive function. From 1586 until 1887 the towers were used as a prison for nobles.

    The Metropolitan Cathedral–Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady of Valencia, alternatively known as Saint Mary's Cathedral or Valencia Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic parish church. It was consecrated in 1238 by the first bishop of Valencia after the Reconquista, Pere d'Albalat, Archbishop of Tarragona, and was dedicated by order of James I the Conqueror to Saint Mary. It was built over the site of the former Visigothic cathedral, which under the Moors had been turned into a mosque. The Valencian Gothic is the predominant style of this cathedral, although it also contains Romanesque, French Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classical elements. One of the supposed Holy Chalices in the world is revered in one of this cathedral's chapels; this chalice has been defended as the true Holy Grail; indeed, most Christian historians all over the world declare that all their evidence points to this Valencian chalice as the most likely candidate for being the authentic cup used at the Last Supper.

    The Water Tribunal of the plain of Valencia, also known as the Tribunal of Waters is an institution of Justice to settle disputes arising from the use of irrigation water by farmers in several Irrigation Communities and canals (Quart, Benàger i Faitanar, Tormos, Mislata, Mestalla, Favara, Rascanya, Rovella and Xirivella) in the Horta de València. In 2009 it was chosen along with the Council of Wise Men of the plain of Murcia as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

    The Llotja de la Seda (English "Silk Exchange") is a late Valencian Gothic style civil building in Valencia, built between 1482 and 1548, and one of the principal tourist attractions in the city. The UNESCO considered it as a World Heritage Site in 1996 since "the site is of outstanding universal value as it is a wholly exceptional example of a secular building in late Gothic style, which dramatically illustrates the power and wealth of one of the great Mediterranean mercantile cities."

    Plaza de Toros de Valencia is a bullring in València, Spain. It is currently used for bull fighting. The stadium holds 10,500 people since 2010. It was built in 1841.

    The City of Arts and Sciences is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia. It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the most relevant in Spain.

    dia 4
    Calp - - 230

    dia 4 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe and head North-West. Passing Benissa we turn south to a very curvy road where we can admire amazing views on Serra de Bernia mountains. Road leads through picturesque towns where time stopped 50 years ago. Next we head to small, mystic restaurant in high mountains, where we can dine like kings :) Then we go on Col de Rates pass where we face hundrets of corners and at the end stop for a coffee break. Next go south passing waterfall, then back to Calp.

    dia 5
    Calp - - 190

    dia 5 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe and head to Benissa. Passing Sierra del Ferrer on the left we reach Parcent. Going further west using largely untraveled roads we pass Sierra de Carrascal with it's highest peak of Cocoll. Then turning south we reach Castell de Castells town where we turn west to Gorga. Then to famous Castell de Guadalest - big tourist attraction. There we explore castle (entrance costs 4 euros) and museums. Then we head south-west to Benidorm - known as spanish Las Vegas. Next using seaside boulevard passing Alta to Calpe.

    dia 6
    Calp - - 400

    dia 6 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe and head south, alongside Guadalest river we reach Sierra Aitana mountain range and further to Riu de Sella river. Then turn north using picteresque dirt road to precipice. Nest to Plaries and then east along Sierra de Albureca, passing Val de Galimera pass and reach Pego. Then we head to Calpe via Xalo.

    dia 7
    Calp - - 200

    dia 7 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    We start from Calpe adn head south. Cross Riu Algar river going in direction of Castell de Guadalest, stopping at Callosa d'En Sarriá and it's Motorisation Museum, where we can admire over 140 exhibits, mostly motorcycles. Entrance costs 2 euros. Then we go further to Guadalest where we can explore amazing castle, few more museums and watch beautifull views. Then we go down to retaining dam and go back to Calpe.

    dia 8
    Calp - Aeroport d'Alacant - 90

    dia 8 Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

    It's a transfer day. We take our guests to the Alicante Airport

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca, 8 days of best motorcycling holidays

    Durada: 8 dies

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    25 Apr 2020 - 02 May 2020

    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca, 8 days of best motorcycling holidays

    Durada: 8 dies

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    02 May 2020 - 09 May 2020

    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca, 8 days of best motorcycling holidays

    Durada: 8 dies

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

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    Motorcycle tour Spain Costa Blanca.

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