Are you considering renting a motorcycle or booking a tour during the Coronavirus period?

Until March 29, 2020 Rentalmotorbike and its affiliated partners will offer you a 6% discount on all rentals to enjoy before June 30, 2021.

Rentalmotorbike.com has relaxed the cancellation terms and date changes of its tours and motorcycle rentals, while the pandemic lasts.


  1. In the countries affected by the containment measures, we have limited the availability as we receive notifications from the health authorities of each country.
  1. If you have a motorcycle rented in any of the countries that are confined, you can postpone your rental or tour for free, keeping the rental amount for the same type of motorcycle and rate. If the rate is higher for being in high season, you will only pay the difference. Please check with our agents and we will help you throughout the process.
  1. If you have already made a reservation, you can change the dates and times:
  1. Travel later: postpone your rental
  1. You can manage a new reservation through our contact phones
  1. Or by sending an email to info@rentalmb.com
  1. You will not pay any administrative fee to change your reservation, although it may affect the rental price. You can cancel your reservation
  1. If you decide that you no longer want your rental:
  1. The vast majority of Rentamotorbike.com bookings come with a 15% cancellation as standard.
  1. If you cancel:
  1. At least 15 days before the rental begins, 15% of the reservation.
  1. If you cancel before 15 days, you will pay a cancellation fee. Please view the rental terms for more details.
  1. To view your rental terms, please view the back of your reservation voucher. You will find the cancellation policy in "Important information".

Did you buy cancellation insurance?

If you purchased cancellation insurance, you should know that unfortunately the Pandemic is not covered by most insurance companies. If you or a close family member is indisposed, or cannot travel for any of the reasons described in the contracting conditions. The amount of your reservation will be returned to you by our insurance company ARAG, please contact our insurance agents +34 93 300 10 50