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Motorcykel og scootere leje i Coyhaique

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Vil du leje en motorcykel i Coyhaique? Søg ikke længere! Motorcykeludlejning i Coyhaique for dage, uger og måneder. Det har aldrig været så nemt at vælge motorcykeludlejning i Coyhaique.

Vælg mellem hundredvis af motorcykler af enhver slags. Det er meget nemt: find din ideelle motorcykel, book og betal online. Gør dig klar til at opdage Coyhaique i dit eget tempo.

Bevæg dig uden problemer.Glem alt om trafik, tidspunkter og parkering.

Coyhaique is a Chilean city located in the Aysén region, the epicenter of Chilean Patagonia. It is a place where you can enjoy a diversity of landscapes, green forests, fjords, canals and buildings of particular architecture. Undoubtedly, discovering it on a motorcycle will be the best option.

Here are some tips on how to rent your motorcycle or scooter in Coyhaique:

When presenting your motorcycle license in Coyhaique, check that your country of origin has a reciprocity agreement with Chile (Geneva Pact 19-Sep-1949) and that it is equivalent to the license of your country. In this case it is always recommended to carry an international driver's license.

All motorcycles have third-party insurance and most include helmets and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Upon your arrival at our rental center, we ask you to show the documentation and we invite you to sign the rental document in your name.

What do I need to rent a motorcycle in Coyhaique?

If your driver's license is European or from another country, and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, we recommend that you carry an international driver's license.

Are the motorcycles insured?

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Make your motorcycle rental in Coyhaique a safe experience:

Upon signing the contract, we request a damage excess deposit charged to your credit card that we return upon completion. It is essential that you have a credit card, we accept the usual Visa or MasterCard and to a lesser extent Amex.

All motorcycles have security measures, many of them satellite tracking devices and optional padlocks.

What is it like to ride a motorcycle in Coyhaique?

Driving through Coyhaique is an incredible experience, but one that requires caution. Most roads are two-way, with 3.5m lanes, making it difficult to overtake. They are paved and most of them are in good condition, although they could be better. It is necessary to be careful with the rain, because puddles usually form. The signaling is correct, but in many points it is scarce or there is no sign at all. We recommend you not drive at night, because of the animals that you can find, especially on less traveled roads. The use of the helmet is mandatory.

What are the advantages of driving a motorcycle in Coyhaique?

Driving a motorcycle through Coyhaique is undoubtedly the freest and most practical way to move around the entire province, enjoying 100% of its incredible landscapes and being able to modify the route and time whenever you want. In addition, parking the motorcycle will not be a problem, since in most tourist spots you will find a place to park.

If you arrive to the city by plane, we will deliver your motorcycle or scooter with a small supplement at its main airport: Balmaceda Airport.

If you arrive by train and prefer to pick up your motorcycle at your own hotel, we deliver and pick up where you prefer.

What tourist attractions in Coyhaique can I visit by motorcycle?

In Coyhaique you can visit attractions such as the cathedral, chapel and marble caverns, located on the shores of General Carrera Lake on a motorbike. This lake is also one of the main attractions, located in the middle of the southern highway, surrounded by wild vegetation and various towns such as: Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez and Puerto Río Tranquilo.

The Cerro Castillo National Reserve is one of the most representative places in the region. The San Rafael Glacier, one of the largest glaciers in the Northern Ice Field, is an essential place to visit, although its cost is a bit high.

If you want to do kilometers on a motorcycle, we recommend you visit the Queulat National Park and its famous collagen snowdrift. Very close is the Puyuhuapi town, known for its hot springs and architecture.

All in all, driving a motorcycle or scooter in Coyhaique is a completely safe and undoubtedly unforgettable experience.

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