Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

Three day guided motorcycle tour that will lead you to the heart of Thessaly and the iconic site of Meteora. We will meet and greet you in our head offices were you will get acquainted with your BMW rental motorbike. We will do a short briefing on the tour, the itinerary and then we will take off for our moto tour.

Trikala is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece with excellent urban planning, lovely stone paved roads, monuments of historical importance, big squares excellent for socializing and magnificent local cuisine.  It is built where ancient Trikki used to be (mythology states that the nymph Trikki was the daughter of Peneus, the Thessalian river God). The Lithaios River runs through the prefectures capital thus offering another element of relaxation and beauty. Here in also the homeland of the iconic doctor of antiquity, Asclepius. We will park our motorcycles and explore the center on foot. We will visit the famous clock tower, the Koursoum Mosque, one of the best preserved mosques on Greek soil and finally, the “Kliafa” Centre of History and Culture where dazzling display of exhibits always capture the attention of the traveler. 

A few miles away lies the town of Kalabaka, best known for the location of Meteora (UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988). They are built on the north-western edge of the Plain of Thessaly. Meteora is a complex of monasteries built 400 meters above the ground on massive stone pillars. It is one of Christianity’s holiest places and attracts thousands of visitors year after year. The visitors get mesmerized by the size of the rock formations as well as the spectacular beauty and serenity originating from the Monasteries for those who seek spiritual enlightenment.  

With Trikala as our base, there are plenty of sights to keep us on our toes in the surrounding area. The wonderful village of Elati named after the Greek word for fir tree is an impressive village offering alpine landscape. A few miles away lie the picturesque Pertouli and the homonymous ski resort where horses roam freely in the meadows! The villages of Pyli with the famous waterfalls and Neraidohori a village named after the Greek word Neraida meaning Fairy set the scene for days full of exploration, spectacular sites, history and legends that will satisfy even the most restless of travelers.

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    Day 1
    Ilioupoli - Meteora - 368

    Day 1 Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

    You will start your journey from our headquerts and you will stop in Trikala. A wonderful city in Central Greece, the homeland of the iconic doctor of antiquity, Asclepius, a veritable treasure trove of cultural attractions await you. That perfect selfie with a jaw-dropping panorama in the frame may be all the encouragement you need to make the climb to the town’s medieval fortress. However, once at the top you cannot help but be bowled over by the aura of the building itself. The clock tower in the east, stubbornly defiant in the face of a considerable pummeling over the centuries, now makes a more sedate vantage point from which to enjoy beautiful sunsets.

    A leisurely stroll around the town reveals the ornate architectural style of the famed stately homes, as well as the older churches in the districts of Varousi and Palia Manavika, all commanding your undivided attention. And should you work up an appetite, the surrounding taverns and café-bars are a tempting proposition. From the heart of this verdant landscape, emerges a remarkable industrial monument; the Matsopoulos Park and Mill, the first flour and pasta producing factory in Greece. An imposing stone-clad structure, it will take you on a trip back to the days when mechanized production was taking its first tentative steps. Just as you are dreaming of a couple of centuries ago, you will come across a reminder of Greece’s ancient past at the Trikala Asclepeion. The next stop is Koursoum Mosque, a source of inspiration as one of the best preserved mosques on Greek soil. Finally, the “Kliafa” Centre of History and Culture guarantees a front row seat for a dazzling display of exhibits.

    After all these exciting sites you will move towards Kalambaka where the famous Meteora region lies.

    Day 2
    Meteora - Meteora - 0

    Day 2 Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

    You will do a cyclical route of Mount Koziakas to the west of Meteora. You will visit the Doliana church as well as the famous villages of Pertouli and Elati. Pertouli is one of the most famous ski resorts in Greece and offers unbelievable beauty and tranquility in a serene setting. Elati is more cosmopolitan and will provide you with a necessary stop for delicious Greek specialities as well as wooden souvenirs made by artisan craftsmen.

    Day 3
    Meteora - Ilioupoli - 368

    Day 3 Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

    The last day of the tour you will have the chance to visit the Meteora rocks extensively. IF you are a keen photographer it will be prudent to go as early as possible to capture the magnificent sun rise! Then you will visit Lake Plastira as you beginn your desent towards Athens. It is also known as "Little Switzerland", is surrounded by an idyllic landscape of incomparable natural beauty that captivates the mind at first sight. Dreamlike in all aspects, it is one of the largest artificial lakes in Greece created in a location where in antiquity we could find the confluence of the rivers Tavropos and Achelous.It is a natural wonder that owes its existence to the inspired vision of General Nikolaos Plastiras (rightfully named after him) to create an impressive dam that would reinvigorate the entire region

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    Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

    R 1200 GS LC

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    Motorcycle tour Greece, Trikala and Meteora, reaching for the Sky , self guided on a BMW

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