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Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

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Rute Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

New Zealand, an adventurous and extraordinary tour!

We cross both islands, the South- and the North Island. Cover approx. 4133 miles together. The tour extends over 25 days; 25 unforgettable days and unforgettable experiences.

We are well aware that comparable tours are often offered. But we can say with a clear conscience that this tour has a special unique selling point. Not only because this tour has been worked out down to the smallest detail. We scouted the tour ourselves because your tour guide used to live in New Zealand for many years. Your tour guide not only raced motorcycles there, no, he also explored the islands with his INDIAN Bobber Scout to every corner.

When developing it, we attached great importance to the fact that we will have a lot of riding fun together on our approx. 4133 miles. It was important to us that we could bring our motorcycle enthusiasts closer to as much as possible of the fantastic landscapes that New Zealand has to offer.

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Dag 1 Auckland - Auckland - 0

Dag 1 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

You will arrive at Auckland International Airport. There are some very cheap flights to Auckland from almost all major airports on our continents. We are happy to support you with the flight booking. But please note the time difference. Depending on where you are, this can be more than 18 hours. For example, the time difference between Auckland (NZ) and Oakland (US) is 21 hours in advance. We will also be happy to help you with any questions you may have about the need for a visa to enter New Zealand. Visa requirements vary by nationality.
So, you must consider when booking your flight that you will arrive a day later than you left your departure airport. In short, your arrival day in Auckland must be no later than 25.11.2024.
We will greet you on arrival and arrange your transfer from Auckland Airport to the hotel near the airport. For this tour, we provide you with the motorbikes of our local partner. Our local partner has mostly new machines in his fleet, e.g: BMW F750GS, BMW R1250GS, Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro and so on.
In the evening before departure and before we have dinner together, we will inspect the motorcycles together and make any necessary setups, e. g. for the rider's height. A briefing is also included. You then have the opportunity, to stow some of the luggage that you brought with you in the side cases and the top case. The next morning, you can store all your luggage that you do not want to take with you on the trip in our on-site rooms, dry and carefree, such as suitcases, etc.

Dag 2 Paihia - 313

Dag 2 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

The evening before our departure, we will visit the "Sky Tower" of Auckland and have a welcome dinner together in the Orbit 360° Dining. This restaurant promises the best view of what Auckland has to offer.
Then the next day, after our breakfast in our hotel, the journey begins after a short briefing. We collect the bikes from our base in Auckland and get them ready to go. At the start, the clock shows us at 09:00 am.
On to the adventure!
We leave the metropolis of Auckland and ride north to the east coast. We pass the "Whangarei Falls" on the "Hatea" River", where we have of course planned a longer stop.
Our destination is "Paihia", located on the "Bay of Island". A fantastically beautiful area in the northeast of the North Island. The best opportunity to get the first impression of the magic of New Zealand. On this day, we will cover 195 miles.

Dag 3 Paihia - Ahipara - 340

Dag 3 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

A new day is ahead of us. After a hearty breakfast, the new experience on 2 wheels begins at 08:30 am.
Today we continue north, more precisely to the end of the North Island, passing "Paewhenua Island" to "Cape Reinga". In the extension of Cape Reinga to the north, the Tasman Sea lying to the west of the cape and the Pacific Ocean to the north and east of the cape unite. For the Māori, Te Tai o Rehua from the west, embodying the masculine principle, and Te Moana Nui a Kiwa from the east, embodying the feminine principle, meet at Cape Reinga, symbolizing the emergence of life.
Then we continue to the west coast to "Ahipara", located on "Ahipara Bay". Ahipara is a laid-back village just south of “Ninety Miles Beach”. It is known for its huge white sand dunes and offers many sports activities.
Here we will also spend the night and enjoy the magnificent view of the bay. Today's distance is 170 miles.

Dag 4 Ahipara - Auckland - 396

Dag 4 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today, too, we have an exciting journey ahead of us, more precisely a distance of 247 miles. The tour takes us back south, we cross nature parks, and pass lakes and enjoy the beautiful landscape. The route is the goal.
Passing the "Whangaparāoa Bay" to Auckland.
In the late afternoon, we cross Auckland again and will spend the night outside of Auckland near the "Hunua Ranges Regional Park".
We end the evening together in one of the interesting local restaurants.

Dag 5 Auckland - Rotorua - 486

Dag 5 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

We have a long day ahead of us. There is a distance of 302 miles to cover. Certainly not an easy task. But at the end of the day, we know why we took this upon ourselves. Our journey continues south and then east to the "Coromandel Peninsula". That is why it is time again, at 08:00 am the journey and the adventure continue. We visit the "Cathedral Cove Viewing Deck" with a gorgeous view of the peninsula and the Pacific Ocean.
The journey continues via the well-known bathing resort of "Tauranga" to "Rotorua".
The trip was worth it because the next day we will be able to take our first rest break and spend the day with other activities than just riding our motorcycles. Here in Rotorua, directly at the "Rotorua Waterfront Park", we will also spend the next two nights.
This day, like all the other days, will certainly be remembered.

Dag 6 Rotorua - Rotorua - 0

Dag 6 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

As promised, today is a rest day......, more or less.
Relaxation is on the agenda all day long:
Or if you want, you can accompany us to "Hell's Gate Geothermal Reserve and Mud Spa". This experience awaits you not far from Rotorua. We will do a tour of the facilities there and we will not miss the opportunity to really lie and roll in the dirt and mud.
Come with us and experience a land where myths and legends come to life, where the earth boils, mud heals and steam disappears in the clouds above.
As you wander through native bush and clouds of geothermal steam, you will discover why this land has inspired myths and legends. Once used by Māori warriors to heal their battle-scarred bodies, today visitors use the nutrient-rich waters and mud to soothe inflammation and arthritis and rejuvenate the skin. This unique blend of impressive power and natural healing properties is a cultural legend - it has been used for over 800 years.

Dag 7 Rotorua - Ōhingaiti - 255

Dag 7 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Everything comes to an end, including relaxing. We want to continue south on our way to Wellington to catch the ferry for the crossing to the South Island.
There is still a long way to go. But today we only tour 159 miles. We make a detour to the "Huka Falls" and the "Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland".
We will take enough time to explore everything before continuing east along "Lake Taupo" and then via the ever-changing "Desert Road", passing "Mount Ruapehu" to "Ruahine", to get.
Once there, we will also spend the night in a way that is typical for the country, and, over dinner together, we will be able to share our experiences.

Dag 8 Ōhingaiti - Martinborough - 236

Dag 8 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today, on the 7th day of our tour, something special is on the agenda. There are only 147 miles ahead of us. But even if the route is not aligned over a longer distance than usual, we will still experience an incomparable impression of the country and its people on our way. We set off and visit a friend of a friend. We are on our way to "Martinborough" in the "South Wairarapa District", located on the "Ruamahanga River" and 9 miles northeast of "Lake Wairarapa". In the middle of more than 20 wineries. The small town of Martinborough is built in the traditional colonial style and shows us most vividly how real life in New Zealand is. We are being accommodated by this friend in one of the most beautiful hotels in town. We get to know the New Zealand food and drink culture and of course, we will be able to enjoy one or the other wine tasting.
It is not for nothing that New Zealand's oldest and most successful wine festival, the "Toast Martinborough Food and Wine Festival", is celebrated here in this idyllic place every year.

Dag 9 Martinborough - Paraparaumu - 136

Dag 9 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Certainly, well rested, we will meet at our more than a traditional hotel for breakfast and the journey continues to "Raumati", or rather to "Raumati Beach" on the "Kapiti Coast". Located opposite "Kapiti Island". Today's stage is only 85 miles, past Lake Wairarapa. We ride through the "Akatarawa Valley", between the "Kaitoke National Park" and the "Akatarawa Forest". Passing the "Jock Atkins Waterfall", we ride a very small and relatively unknown road. Very few people stray here. Or only those who know this shortcut to the Kapiti Coast, probably just the locals.
Arrived in Raumati Beach, we visit another friend of a friend and he will host a real New Zealand BBQ for us. This friend`s, a Kiwi of Scottish ancestry, specialty is hosting BBQs. So, we are in the best hands. Due to the relatively short distance, we will be able to leave the hotel at 10:00 am today. Of course, also to have a little more time for ourselves from the last night.

Dag 10 Paraparaumu - Collingwood - 395

Dag 10 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today we are on our way to the South Island. We leave Raumati Beach after a successful BBQ the night before. Surely we got to know enough impressions about the BBQ culture of the kiwis yesterday.
The ferry to Picton will leave the port of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, at 08:15 am. That means getting up early that day. We leave our hotel at 6:00 am at the latest. Check-in will be at 07:00 am. And we definitely do not want to miss the ferry. Because if you are late, you miss life and the ferry too.
Arrived in Picton, the journey continues on a total daily distance of 246 miles, including crossing over the "Cook Strait". We always ride along the coast on a dream road between the "Abel Tasman National Park" and the "Kahurangi National Park" to the stunning "Golden Bay". The area with the most hours of sunshine a year. A true paradise. Today's destination is "Collingwood", at the extreme northwest of Golden Bay. We will also stay here overnight. And do not worry, we will get to know the windiest place in the Pacific Ocean, Wellington, in more detail on our return journey. Because Wellington is an absolute MUST.

Dag 11 Collingwood - Culverden - 405

Dag 11 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

The slightly over 1-hour ferry crossing over the Cook Strait, through the "Marlborough Sounds" to "Shakespeare Bay" is guaranteed to be an extraordinary experience. Depending on the wind and weather, everyone will then know what that really means.
After the crossing we will enjoy the smooth ride through the Sounds, we promise.
But all that was yesterday.
Today we leave the dreamy town of Collingwood and ride southeast to the east coast. We take the "Lewis Pass" and arrive at "Culverden" near the east coast in the late afternoon. The daily distance on the 10th day of our tour is another 252 miles.
Enough miles to enjoy and get to know the landscape around us.

Dag 12 Culverden - Lake Tekapo - 343

Dag 12 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

There are another 214 miles ahead of us. We are already looking forward to another change for tomorrow because just riding a motorbike every day can get boring in the long run. That is why we are on our way to "Lake Tekapo" today. Passing “Christchurch” and the hustle and bustle of people, we ride on side roads through valleys and over mountain ranges to our destination, which we will reach in the late afternoon. We will spend the night directly at the lake and get prepared for tomorrow.

Dag 13 Lake Tekapo - Lake Tekapo - 0

Dag 13 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

As already promised, today, the 12th day of our tour, is another rest day.
Today, rest and relaxation are on the agenda for the whole day:
Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e.g.
explore the area on your own
laze about and enjoy life
exchange of experiences for what has already been experienced
having a beer
telling childhood stories and jokes……or whatever.
No matter what you will do, only one thing is important: It must be fun.
The other or maybe a better alternative is certainly to accompany the group on an extraordinary tour in the mountains around "Lake Tekapo". We use 1 or 2 Land Rovers and together with our guide we explore the beautiful "Mackenzie Country Mountains", the glacier of "Lake Pukaki" and experience remote wilderness areas and visit private sheep stations.

Dag 14 Lake Tekapo - Mosgiel - 328

Dag 14 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today we cover another 204 miles, on dream roads, through valleys and mountain ranges. We are on the route to "Mosgiel" a small suburb of Dunedin, which is located at the head of "Otago Harbour". We will start early at 08:00 am in order to be able to move into our new hotel early. Because afterward, we will visit Dunedin. The Edinburgh of New Zealand - Loving, Historic, Scottish! Dunedin - a beautiful city, full of history, with the steepest street, the special Scottish atmosphere, and the best preserved victorian buildings in the southern hemisphere.
The city proudly wears its Scottish heritage. Surrounded by the magnificent hills and mountains of the "Otago Region" and the picturesque harbor, this city is considered to be the most beautiful city in New Zealand.
Its city center is characterized by stunningly beautiful victorian, magnificently restored, and preserved buildings. Best of all, all of Dunedin's major historic buildings are in central Dunedin and are easily explored on foot.
Let's go........, any questions?

Dag 15 Mosgiel - Te Anau - 324

Dag 15 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today the west coast is on the menu. In other words, we are heading toward Milford Sound. Certainly, one of the world's most famous places in New Zealand and also the most visited place at all. Our route first leads us to "Te Anau", located on "Lake Te Anau" of the same name, with a short stopover in "Manapouri". A patch of earth that is in no way inferior to the impressions of Milford Sound.
We will be able to observe a wide variety of animals up close. You should definitely refrain from trying to touch certain animal species. No matter how peaceful and sleeping some animals may look.
If we start early enough, after today's stage of 202 miles, we still have the time and the opportunity to visit the caves there and watch the millions of glow-worms. That may sound a little boring to some, but it is not.
We will certainly see whales on our return trip.

Dag 16 Te Anau - Queenstown - 408

Dag 16 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today is the day, we visit the "Milford Sound". However, we must leave quite early, at 07:00 am, because we will have an unforgettable day there and take a boat tour. The best thing about Milford Sound is that the weather does not matter! It is beautiful there on a sunny day and spectacular on a wet day! Fiordland has some of the tallest waterfalls in the world and they are a popular feature of Milford Sound. Whatever the weather looks like, you can see the water crashing into the sea over massive cliffs. Milford Sound is in "Fiordland National Park", which is part of the 26,000 km² "Te Wahipounamu" World Heritage Site and comprises four national parks.
Then heading back on spectacular roads with a total distance of 254 miles, on to "Lake Wakatipu", exactly after "Queenstown". Probably the most popular city for young New Zealand travelers and adventurers. Here we will also spend the night and spend another day off.

Dag 17 Queenstown - Queenstown - 0

Dag 17 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

As already predicted, today on the 16th day of our tour is a rest day again.
On this day, relaxation is on the agenda. Everyone can do whatever they want, such as e. g.
explore the area on your own
laze about and enjoy life
having a beer or whatever......
This city and the surrounding area have so much to offer and there is so much to experience. Be it any extreme sport like bungee jumping, skydiving, mountaineering, hiking, or helicopter tours, etc.
Even we treat ourselves to a day off on this day and ask for understanding within the group. Despite our own day off, we will of course be at your side with advice and action on your private exploration tours.
Point of honor!

Dag 18 Queenstown - Waiau - 365

Dag 18 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

This day of rest also comes to an end at some point, and we are convinced that you have found exactly the right activity for you for the previous day.
Today we want to continue, back towards the North Island, passing "Lake Wanaka" to the "Franz Josef Glacier". At Lake Wanaka, we must make a necessary stop. Because the spectacular scenery is worth more than just a winter trip. The diverse landscape attracts visitors all year round with a number of sights. Wanaka is a small town that has all the charm of a small town, yet offers all the amenities and attractions of an international vacation destination.
We continue to the Franz Josef Glacier. There are certainly few places on earth where the fern grows in this way, near a glacier and snow-capped mountain peaks.
The day's stage of 228 miles ends in a hotel near the Franz Josef Glacier.

Dag 19 Waiau - Culverden - 404

Dag 19 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

We ride back to Culverden on the east coast, a daily distance of another 252 miles, first along the spectacular west coast and later over the Lewis Pass again. The pass will be well remembered.
After the usual breakfast together, we leave our hotel at 09:00 am and reach our destination completely relaxed.
On the one hand, the west coast can be very rough, but that is exactly what makes the route so exciting to ride. We will experience great views and fantastic natural spectacles on our further journey.
We reach our hotel in the late afternoon and look forward to having dinner together.

Dag 20 Culverden - Wellington - 363

Dag 20 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Today it is time to say goodbye to the South Island. You have definitely had great experiences so far and now you know a lot more about these beautiful islands in the South Pacific and Tasman Sea.
But today, we hope, we can top it a little. Not always, but very often, you have the opportunity or chance from the shore or the street to watch the hustle and bustle in the open sea. We are talking about whales. It is here, along this coast, that experience has shown the best chance of seeing one of these admirable creatures with your own eyes, even if only from a big distance. Of course, dolphins too, not to mention the many seals sunning themselves on the rocks along the road or penguins just wanting to cross the road.
Whatever experience awaits, we must be at Picton Harbor no later than 12:30 pm to check in for the crossing to Wellington. Our ferry will leave the Marlborough Sound at 02:00 pm sharp. We are on our way back to Wellington, a total distance of 226 miles including crossing the Cook Strait. We will stay overnight in Wellington and the next day we will have the opportunity to get to know Wellington from its best side.

Dag 21 Wellington - Wellington - 0

Dag 21 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Day of rest.
Relaxation is on the agenda again today!
As already known, everyone can do what he wants, e.g.
explore the area on your own
laze about and enjoy life
having a beer (very popular in Wellington), with locals
No matter what you will do, only one thing is important: It has to be fun
The other and probably better alternative is to join the group and get to know the city, which is also called the windiest city in the world and is therefore also known as "Windy Welly". We visit the Te Papa National Museum together (a museum to learn everything about the Kiwis and especially the Māori), we get to know Cuba Street with all the bars and shops, and we make Courtenay Place unsafe during the nightlife.

Dag 22 Wellington - New Plymouth - 374

Dag 22 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

After a great day in windy Wellington and experiencing Kiwi celebration culture, we head north back to Auckland.
Beforehand, however, we will visit "Mount Taranaki", located in the "Egmont National Park". Along the coast and through the beautiful small town "Whanganui", where one of the most spectacular road motorcycle races is held every year over the Christmas holidays. We know this from our own experience.
Mount Taranaki is a geologically young volcano that only became active around 135,000 years ago. The last eruption is dated 1854 and is said to have been accompanied by five major eruptions in addition to lava flows. The mountain, which has always been called Taranaki by the Māori, was renamed Mount Egmont by the British navigator and explorer, Captain James Cook, after the 2nd Earl of Egmont. However, the mountain later got its old name back, and only the surrounding Egmont National Park commemorates the nobleman, who himself had nothing to do with New Zealand.
Do you understand what that means?
We will stay overnight in New Plymouth after a daily distance of 233 miles.

Dag 23 New Plymouth - Mangakino - 290

Dag 23 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

We continue in the early morning along the west coast, another impressive coastline on the Tasman Sea.
The coastal area around "Tongapōrutu" has a lot to offer the eyes. Magnificent views of the sea, such as the general rock formations or the 3 sisters (rocks) in combination with Mount Taranaki in the background. An absolute spectacle for photo enthusiasts. In the early afternoon, we reach one of the Hobbit film locations in "Waitomo". Of course, we will plan a longer stay here and also get information about the conditions there.
We will spend the night north of the already well-known Lake Taupo, directly in a small town on "Lake Maraetai" after our daily stage of 181 miles.

Dag 24 Mangakino - Auckland - 281

Dag 24 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Unfortunately, the last day of our tour has arrived, and with it our last leg, to Auckland. There are another 175 miles ahead of us. However, before we reach the starting hotel in Auckland, we make a small detour to the dream landscape of "Raglan", located on the west coast, and watch the surfers at one of the most impressive surfing spots in New Zealand.
However, if you also want to do something for yourself and do not just want to watch others doing their activities, you can follow us on one of the caving tours offered there.
Arrived at our starting hotel, we will stay here again as a touring group after our fantastic tour. What you should definitely not miss this evening is our farewell dinner together. Of course, these costs (accommodation and dinner without drinks) are on us.

Dag 25 Auckland - Auckland - 0

Dag 25 Motorcycle touring and cruiser tour New Zealand, (25 days)!

Anyone who already wants to go home and has booked a return flight for that day is of course free to do so. All other participants with a little more time are welcome to join us for another day. We are looking forward. Whatever you decide, we will definitely take you to Auckland International Airport.
However, we can only offer our airport shuttle service on this day.
However, you can also decide to extend your stay in New Zealand in general. It is certainly very worthwhile, especially since your journey was correspondingly long. You should use this time for yourself.
No matter how you decide, we will support you with your plans with words and deeds.

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    We always run our tours ourselves.
    We believe that the chef is responsible for good food. Of course, running such tours also requires a lot of work and attention, but your tour guide, Frank, simply combines his hobby and passion with his work. What could be nicer and better? Nothing!
    And of course always there, Mariana, the good-natured soul and organizer. She is also a passionate motorcyclist herself, even if only as a pillion rider.
    As true motorcycle enthusiasts, we believe that touring the North and South Islands of New Zealand with us is a great experience and allows you to discover the best of it.
    Frank himself used to live in New Zealand, Panama and Colombia for many years and traveled there on his motorcycle. Born and raised in Germany, he does his work with German thoroughness.
    Mariana, born and raised in Colombia and totally family oriented, knows how to keep a group together.
    Therefore, it is natural and in the nature of your tour guides to be enthusiastic about meeting new people and making new friends all arund the world.

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