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Organize your group rental in more than 2000 locations in 91 countries


Why use rentalmotorbike.com

Multilingual customer care service

Multilingual customer care service

RMB's multilingual team can guarantee impartial advice in different languages to help you feel comfortable and secure in every part of the world.

Your booking online following 4 steps

Your booking online following 4 steps

Easy,fast & safe! We have all the answers for your questions. You're only 4 steps away to finish your perfect trip. Do not hesitate in your decision!

Worldwide rental network

Worldwide rental network

74 countries,more than 1000 stores with the best bikes and prices. With our team it will be easier to choose the ideal option for your group.


Make a group rental request from 3x bikes or more and enjoy these advantages

  • Rental price discounts.

    Rental price discounts.

    In many locations,we can offer up to 15% discount on rentals for group reservations.

  • Free insurances.

    Free insurances.

    We will offer you free travel insurances for riders and pillions.

  • Custom made rental.

    Custom made rental.

    We will provide guide and accomodation services.


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