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Alquiler de motos en Malta - Luqa Int Airport (MLA) (MT)

Kymco Agility City125 or similar Scooter

125 c.c.
Kilómetros ilimitados
Incluye: Casco piloto Casco acompañante Top case
Very good.
Pay $8.04 now and the rest in destination
$44.67 /day

$44.67 Precio total


Peugeot Kisbee or similar Scooter

50 c.c.
Kilómetros ilimitados
Incluye: Casco piloto Casco acompañante Top case
Very good.
Pay $5.23 now and the rest in destination
$29.04 /day

$29.04 Precio total


Featured opinions

Agustin Ramon (17-08-2023)
Kymco Agility City125 (7 days)
Todo correcto. Calidad/precio correcto. Se forma un poco de cola porque comparten 1 oficina para varias empresas, pero si te lo tomas con calma en 20 minutos tienes tu vehículo. Muy buena comunicación en caso de dudas con la empresa, genial en ese aspecto.
Carlotta (19-07-2023)
Peugeot Kisbee (5 days)
Noi eravamo consapevoli di aver noleggiato un motorino 50, ma la compagnia dovrebbe avvertire che per 2 persone a Malta non è per niente consigliato. L'isola è piena di salite e il motorino faceva massimo 25 km/h in salita e a volte si fermava addirittura, costringendo uno di noi a scendere. Il personale comunque è sempre stato molto chiaro e disponibile però andrebbero avvertiti i clienti e consigliati in quello che noleggiano.
Andreas (21-06-2023)
Kymco Agility City125 (3 days)
The time for the return/ realese of the 600,,€ for the security deposit is very long and not justified
Alexios (16-06-2023)
Peugeot Kisbee (5 days)
1st: The company charged us 300€ as an insurance and they told us that we will receive it back after 1 week from the final date of the booking. Instead of that we had to talk to our bank to resolve the matter and all that after 2 months. 2nd: They charged us extra 150€ for the motorcycle baggage top box, because they believed that the key for the keylock was broken, even though the keylock was working perfectly! 3rd: We returned the scooter with the fuel tank at 4/5 and they demanded us to pay 15€. (To fill the whole tank cost approximately 12-13€). In order to avoid it we gave 5€ to the employee who picked up the scooter. 4th: By mistake we took a parking ticket at the entrance. They told us that in order to exit the motorcycle from the parking we had to pay 25€. (Nobody told us that we shouldn't have to take a parking ticket). Instead of this we went to the ticket machine and paid 3€ for the exit of the motorcycle. 5th: The lights of the scooter weren't working properly in the middle and big scale. That was very dangerous at night!
Angelo (17-05-2023)
Peugeot Kisbee (1 days)
Totale assenza di indicazioni che permettano di trovare il noleggio. Mettetelo un cartello
Vincent (17-05-2023)
Kymco Agility City125 (2 days)
Reactivity and easy to pick up vehicule. Good.
MARIA EMILIA (22-03-2023)
Peugeot Kisbee (3 days)
Compagnia seria. La consiglio
Tatiana (21-09-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (11 days)
Fueron atentos con el trato .
Roy (14-09-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (4 days)
Verg good
VASILEIOS (07-09-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (2 days)
Overall very satisfied
Ignazio (07-09-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (7 days)
Buona società di noleggio
Luca (24-08-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (2 days)
John (27-07-2022)
Peugeot Kisbee (4 days)
As above
John (27-07-2022)
Peugeot Kisbee (4 days)
As above
Alessandro (20-07-2022)
Kymco Agility 125 (3 days)
Tutto bene, aspetto solo la caparra.
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