Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

In this "soft" Enduro adventure you will combine different types of terrain accompanied by an expert guide and a mechanic followed by an assistance vehicle.

During the motorcycle days you'll drive between 6 and 8 hours with breaks to recover energy and contemplate the views and the villages. The diversity of the terrain makes driving enjoyable and avoids monotony.

The route runs through desert and mountainous areas with trails, mud, sand and river crossings. You will live endless descents and altitude changes in a few hours that will allow you to get spectacular views of the heart of Colombia, such as the Magdalena River or the magnificent mountain ranges.

What to expect from your off-road motorcycle trip in Colombia?

- Between 5 and 8 hours of motorcycle daily.
- Visits to colonial towns such as Villa de Leyva, Barichara and historic and picturesque towns such as Honda (the country's first river port) or Ráquira.
- Tour a part of the Magdalena River and its crossing with motorbikes in canoes.
- Surprising land and climate changes.

Come and know Colombia on an enduro motorcycle
Colombia, a country full of life, history and nature that combined with the motorcycle tour through its lands, make it one of the best tours to make in South America.

The tour includes:

  • Accommodation in 5 star rural hotels with some camping nights.
  • Single accommodation: Extra charge 50 USD/night Note: Single rooms not available in all locations
  • Lunch and dinner consisting in typical Colombian food and fruits.
  • Enduro bikes (Honda CRF 250 F model 2019) and fuel.
  • English / Spanish speaking guide
  • Specialized mechanic
  • Support vehicle

NOT included in package

  • Participant’s medical insurance (Mandatory)
  • Insurance or accident evacuation expenses (Global rescue)
  • International / national air-tickets
  • International calls
  • Motorcycle damage
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks and extra drinks
  • All other items / costs outside this proposal
  • Note: On the first day, participants must sign a contract where a motorcycle is assigned to them and where they commit to comply with agreed rules of the tour.
  • Damage to motorcycles caused by blows and falls must be reimbursed in full by the rider responsible for the motorcycle.


  • Routes previously scouted
  • Support car
  • Radio (2 with motorcycles + 1 with support car)
  • Daily evacuation plan
  • Contact with hospitals / health centers nearest to each of village visited throughout the tour
  • All guides and supporting staff with outdoors first aid training (Certificate)
  • All staff trained in group management

Weather and temperatures

  • Colombia has no seasons, due to its location near the Equator line. Temperature will be determined by height above sea level.
  • Hot weather: Between 25° and 35 °C.
  • Cold and medium temperatures: Between 14° and 24°C.

Basic equipment

  • Principal Bag (clothes and others), go with the logistics in an accompanying car.
  • For Enduro motorcycle trips, it is essential that each rider brings a small backpack where he can carry basic items such as the raincoat and documents.
  • Highly recommended to bring Camel Back
  • Sunglasses
  • Buff or scarf for protection against dust

Mandatory equipment

  • Full face helmet
  • Chest and back protection
  • Body armor: Most recommended for trips in Colombia. In hot weather, it works well combined with a light sweater or T-shirt. In cold climates, perfect protection combined with windbreaker or jacket.
  • Jacket with protection (Works well in cold climates)
  • Enduro pants
  • Gloves
  • Enduro boots (Knee-high)
  • Waterproof raincoat.
  • International driver’s license for motorcycle and car handling (A or A2 licenses).

Why Colombia?


Due to its topography and the Andes mountain range, Colombia’s sceneries, climates and cultures vary drastically in a matter of a few kilometers.

Hitting the curves of the off-road paths becomes then more than a regular motorcycle riding experience, it happens to be a unique and unforgettable adventure.

The Caribbean coast

Colombia’s Caribbean coast is full of folklore, music, native and Afro-American cultures as well as beautiful sceneries like the Guajira desert, La Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta ridges (the tallest sea-level mountain in the world), Tayrona National Park, the blue open sea and the Rosario islands coral reefs, just an hour away from the beautiful city of Cartagena.

Peace agreement

Colombia’s security level has evolved positively in the past two decades. With the signing of the Peace treaty at the beginning of 2017, peace was formally restored in the country and Colombians are extremely proud of it.

The kindness and warmth of locals are what surprises visitors the most. Smile is the strategy Colombians use to show the best of them and their country.

The Coffee region

The heart of the well-known Colombian coffee is located at the Coffee Triangle, a region composed by three states: Quindío, Risaralda and Caldas.

Old beautiful haciendas, in the middle of coffee plantations, have been transformed into boutique hotels.

The coffee region offers tourists the possibility to understand the tradition of planting and producing coffee, stare with awe at large coffee plantations and enjoy coffee national themed parks.

Precautions and tips to keep in mind

  • Mobile: For foreigners the best option is to buy a local SIM card once in Colombia. There are different telephone companies, the best known and with better coverage is usually Claro. You can buy a SIM with 2GB of data for about 20,000 pesos (5 - 6 USD | EUR).
  • Currency: The official currency is the Peso Colombiano. You can withdraw cash at ATM's. In some stores you can pay with dollars or Euros but it is not usual.
  • Security: Security has improved in Colombia in recent years and there are usually no incidents with tourists. The areas through which the tour travels are safe and also at all times you will be accompanied by local guides who know the area.
  • Vaccination and other precautions: Ask your doctor if you should get vaccinated to travel to Colombia. The tour drives through the following departments: Cundiamarca, Tolima, Boyaca and Santander. It is highly recommended to always carry a mosquito repellent with you.

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Support vehicle:


Minimum participants:


* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied



Available motorcycles:

  • CRF 250 F
  • Itinerary Swipe

    Day 1
    Bogota - Villa de Leyva

    Day 1 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Pickup at hotel in Bogota.

    • General debrief of the route.

    • Colombia introduced in a snap-shot.

    • Land transfer from Bogota to Villa de Leyva (3h30).

    • Arrival to Villa de Leyva & hotel accommodation

    • Welcome lunch.

    • Afternoon: 2 hour motorcycle ride.

    Day 2
    Villa de Leyva - Ubaté

    Day 2 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~5h

    • Our tour gets started with a ride through a stone desert.

    • We’ll continue off the beaten paths covering different tracks through the departments of Boyaca and Cundinamarca.

    • We’ll have the opportunity to visit Raquira, a little town excelling at clay work.

    • Our day will end at the old colonial hacienda La Cabaña, located in the green valley of Ubate.

    Day 3
    Ubaté - Pacho

    Day 3 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~5h

    • On this day, we’ll begin to feel the climate change.

    • We will pass through a moorland located at more than 3’000 meters above sea level.

    • We will then start our descent to warmer temperatures.

    • A day filled with wonderful landscapes, mud steps and some single tracks

    Day 4
    Pacho - Villeta

    Day 4 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~8h

    • A day in which mountainous geography and river crossings take the stage.

    • We will have a traditional lunch called PIQUETE, served on banana leaves with soups, chicken, rice and traditional sauces as side dishes.

    • In the afternoon we ride along an old railroad track, a river running by its side on a deep valley.

    • We’ll wrap up in a country house with a pool, an ideal setting to enjoy among friends.

    Day 5
    Villeta - Honda

    Day 5 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~7h

    • On day 5, we leave the mountains to get to the Magdalena River, Colombia’s largest stream.

    • Arriving at the colonial town of Honda, the last town where the ships coming upstream from the coast can get to. From this point onwards, porters used to carry all the merchandise up the mountains to Bogota.

    • In Honda, we will visit the local market, a colorful display of typical tropical fruits and vegetables.

    • After sunset, a billiard game awaits.

    Day 6
    Honda - Honda

    Day 6 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Rest Day in Honda.

    Day 7
    Honda - Hotel Termales Del Ruiz

    Day 7 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~8h

    • This wonderful day will begin at 200 masl. The ascent will slowly bring us to a gift of nature: a green landscape of an impressive mountain range.

    • During the afternoon, we will cross the Nevado del Ruiz, a mountain with perpetual snow at its peaks of the temperatures will drop considerably, since our ride will bring us to 4’500 masl.

    • We’ll end our day at a wonderful hotel (3’800 masl) where fresh temperatures and natural hot spring pools will be the entry port to a mouthwatering meal.

    Day 8
    Hotel Termales Del Ruiz - Salento

    Day 8 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~6h

    • After leaving the highlands, we will get to the coffee triangle region and the typical town of Salento, where wax palm trees, Colombia’s national tree, grow at ease.

    • This is a coffee flavored day. Nature smells as coffee. Locals live and breath around the coffee culture. Coffee has imprinted the region, its landscape, crops and architecture.

    Day 9
    Salento - Salento

    Day 9 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Rest day at Salento.

    During this rest day, riders are free to choose what their day will be like. Among the available activities are:

    • Coffee themed park

    • Tour on Willis Jeep

    • Visit to the Cocora park

    • Visit to a butterfly farm

    • Visit to the Muleteer museum

    • Craft shopping in Salento

    Day 10
    Salento - Doima

    Day 10 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~7h

    • Day 10 has for us in storage a ride throughout the breathtaking surroundings of Toche, where wax palm trees are the stars of the day.

    • A dazzling road, incredible sceneries and adventures.

    Day 11
    Doima - Anapoima

    Day 11 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Ride duration: ~6h

    • A day of pure pleasure. Main objective: Enjoy.

    • In the morning, our ride will bring us to a very fun road between stones full of ups and downs. It will bring us to the Magdalena River, which we will cross with the bikes in traditional fishing canoes.

    • In the afternoon, we’ll arrive to a wonderful house where a closure dinner will be awaiting.

    Day 12
    Anapoima - Bogota

    Day 12 Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    Transfer Anapoima - Bogota

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    1. Number of Tour Packages:
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    2x people, 2x motorcycles in double room
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    1x person, 1x motorcycle in single room
    * prices per person

    What's Included

    Motorcycle tour Colombia Central Softenduro

    CRF 250 F

    Supplement price: $0.00

    Support Vehicle
    Motorcycle rental
    Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
    Petrol & oil
    Alcoholic beverages
    Basic insurance
    Damage deposit
    Enduro body protection kit
    Extreme cold protection kit
    Local taxes
    Maps & Roadbook
    Motorcycle return to origin
    National parks tickets
    On route snacks
    Photo-video souvenir
    Spare motorcycle

    Other information

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    ご予約日から15日前までのキャンセル 100%
    ご予約日から30日前までのキャンセル 100%
    ご予約日から60日前までのキャンセル 100%

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