Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

Discover Colombia motorcycle Tour – Imagine yourself riding through lush green landscapes with thousands of curves and constant mind blowing views. That is Colombia! And we offer you this incredible motorcycle tour with our local guides, great accommodations, incredible food, transfers from and to the airport and much more!!

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Available motorcycles:

  • XT 660 R
  • Africa Twin CRF 1000
  • R 1200 GS LC
  • F 750 GS
  • F850GS
  • Itinerary Swipe

    Day 1
    - Cali - 0 km

    Day 1 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Fly-in to Cali. Motolombia staff will pick you up in airport and bring you to the hotel. Depending on what time in the day you arrive, we will meet to sort out paperwork and prep the bikes. A tour briefing will be arranged once the last rider has arrived.

    Day 2
    Cali - Salento - 205 km

    Day 2 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Cali to Salento – We ride north out of the Cauca Valley and into the foothills of the middle Andean Mountain range. We visit a working coffee plantation to see how the best coffee in the world is produced.

    Day 3
    Salento - Honda - 240 km

    Day 3 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Salento to Honda – We start the morning by riding into the Cocora Valley where the worlds tallest palm trees grow. The wax palm are Colombia’s national tree and the area where it grows is otherworldly and stunning. We then head further north in the coffee region and pass by Manizales before climbing up over 4000 meters altitude in the shadow of the active volcano Los Nevados del Ruiz. We enter the national park riding in stunning scenery that include crossing old dried out lava rivers. We arrive in Honda late afternoon in time to enjoy the hotel pool.

    Day 4
    Honda - Villavieja - 250 km

    Day 4 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Honda to Tatacoa – Once we wake in Honda – per average the warmest place in Colombia and once an important colonial river port town – we do a little walk-about to see the sites before we saddle up. We will spend all day riding along side and zig-zagging across the mighty Magdalena river. We even cross the river on a canoe before riding through the Tatacoa desert, an ecological phenomena in the middle of the lush green country.

    Day 5
    Villavieja - Tatacoa Desert - 200 km

    Day 5 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Tatacoa to San Agustin – Before the sun burn through to hard, we ride into the desert to get a feel of this magical place. Its considered a desert because of the amount of rain (or lack off) it gets per year, but there is quite green with big cactus plant and strange rock and mud formations covered in dry grass. After our desert loop we make our way back into the high mountains near San Agustin.

    Day 6
    Tatacoa Desert - San Agustín - 280 km

    Day 6 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Rest-day San Agustin – The options are many in this incredible area. We can set up a fun rafting tour down the Magdalena river, visit the national archeological park with its Easter Island like sculptures. Walk around the old traditional village or join a fantastic horse-back ride into the remote mountains to see hidden grave sites and more ancient sculptures.

    Day 7
    San Agustín - Popayán - 150 km

    Day 7 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    San Agustin to Popayan – Get ready for a long dirt and gravel ride. We are going up over the central Andean Mountain range again, this time on the more southern unpaved route to Popayan. It’s another scenic ride through the remote mountains and the descend circling the Puracè volcano and dropping into to the old colonial town known as the white city is spectacular. Popayan is really a special place and one of the nicest kept colonial towns.

    Day 8
    Popayán - Cali - 190 km

    Day 8 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Popayan to Cali – The ride back to Cali takes us on a multi cultural ride past first an indian village called Silvia, where traditional indian costumes including soft bowler hat and colorful ponchos are seen everywhere. Then we get further into the Cauca Valley that is covered with sugar plantations and has been like this since the Spanish ruled. Many Afro/Colombo descendants of slaves from Africa live in these more humid areas around the Cauca River. And finally we make our way through the hectic big city of Santiago de Cali and arrive at the Motolombia HQ in the afternoon. Here we sort out bike return and paperwork before checking into the hotel.

    Day 9
    Cali - - 0 km

    Day 9 Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Departure from Cali – Motolombia staff will take you to the airport in time for your flight. If you wish to stay longer we are happy to help you make arrangements. We strongly suggest visiting Cartagena for a day or two before or after the Motorcycle trip.

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    2. Departures:
    20 Mar 2020 - 28 Mar 2020

    Discover Colombia Trail

    Duration: 9 日々

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    17 Apr 2020 - 25 Apr 2020

    Discover Colombia Trail

    Duration: 9 日々

    2 1 1
    2 2 1
    1 1 1
    12 Jun 2020 - 20 Jun 2020

    Discover Colombia Trail

    Duration: 9 日々

    2 1 1
    2 2 1
    1 1 1
    15 Aug 2020 - 23 Aug 2020

    Discover Colombia Trail

    Duration: 9 日々

    2 1 1
    2 2 1
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    2x people, 1x motorcycle in double room
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    2x people, 2x motorcycles in double room
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    1x person, 1x motorcycle in single room
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    What's Included

    Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    XT 660 R

    Supplement price: $0.00

    Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    Africa Twin CRF 1000

    Supplement price: $483.00

    Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    R 1200 GS LC

    Supplement price: $609.00

    Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia

    F 750 GS

    Supplement price: $241.50

    Motorcycle tour Discover Colombia


    Supplement price: $404.25

    Pre-Paid Fuel
    Medical insurance
    Entrega en Hotel
    suspension ajustable
    お届け 空港
    Sunday delivery
    Saturday delivery
    Sunday return
    Saturday return
    Tank bag
    Low seat
    Motorcycle model guarantee
    Support Vehicle
    Local taxes
    Maps & Roadbook
    Motorcycle rental
    National parks tickets
    Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
    Petrol & oil
    Spare motorcycle
    Alcoholic beverages
    Basic insurance
    Damage deposit
    Enduro body protection kit
    Extreme cold protection kit
    Motorcycle return to origin
    On route snacks
    Photo-video souvenir

    Other information

  • PERFIL DEL TOUR: 65% camino pavimentado 35% de grava y tierra, que varían de muy buenas carreteras a pequeñas carreteras asfaltadas con baches.
  • Muchas curvas, puertos de montaña andina y rutas escénicas extremas.
  • Para pilotos con experiencia de ruta, buenas habilidades de conducción, capacidad de mantener la calma en tráfico agitado y capacidad de montar secciones más largas de grava y caminos de tierra, incluso partes en pistas embarradas.
  • Nos alojamos en hoteles de gama media y B & B ya que nada más es disponible en las zonas remotas que visitamos.
  • Siempre optamos por la mejor opción disponible - ubicación limpia, segura y práctica.
  • TIEMPO: Las temperaturas pueden variar entre 12 a 40 ° C (53,6 F a 104 ° F).
  • Las temperaturas pueden caer por un corto período durante los puertos de montaña.
  • Se recomienda ir con traje de montar transpirable.
  • Un chubasquero es una buena idea llevar a las temperaturas de montaña y posibles lluvias cortas que pueden ocurrir durante todo el año.
  • SEGURO: Seguro incluido se llama SOAT y es un seguro obligatorio para todos los vehículos en Colombia.
  • Es una tercera parte del seguro de responsabilidad civil con una cobertura médica básica en caso de que alguien se lesiona, usted o su pasajero. No cubre daños a la moto de alquiler. Si desea reducir su responsabilidad por daños y robos en la moto de alquiler puede adquirir el seguro de responsabilidad civil reducción opcional.
  • Le recomendamos que contrate un viaje adecuado y seguro de salud, así como un seguro de cancelación de viaje, ya que no es cubierto por nosotros.
  • Se puede combinar con UNA SEMANA DIFERENTE IDEAL PARA LARGO BUCLE 2 semanas de vacaciones.
  • OBS: ESTE TOUR ENCAJA EN UN VIAJE de 1 SEMANA CON LLEGADA PROGRAMADA sábado, la salida el sábado siguiente.
  • No cubre daños a la moto de alquiler. Si desea reducir su responsabilidad por daños y robos en la moto de alquiler puede adquirir el seguro de responsabilidad civil reducción opcional.
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