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Motorcycle and scooter rentals in Reykjavik

Discover Reykjavik with a Rental Motorcycle

Do you want to book a motorbike? Your search ends here! Motorcycle Rental in Reykjavik for days, weeks, and months. It's never been this easy.

So, pick your bike. How? Very easy! Search, book, and pay through the website. Travel around Reykjavik at your own pace. Forget about any hassles.

With a motorcycle, everything is fast, easy, and stress-free. Yes, everything changes. Don't you think so? You can park anywhere, there are no schedules. You drive, you decide.

As the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is a perfect city to discover what Nordic life is like. But Iceland is not just Reykjavik, but a place full of unique landscapes, hot springs, natural parks, glaciers and volcanoes. Touring its deserted roads and visiting its attractions on a motorcycle will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.

Here are some tips on how to rent your motorcycle or scooter in Iceland:

If your driver's license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your type B car driver's license for more than three years.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include helmets and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Upon your arrival at our rental center, we ask you to show the documentation and we invite you to sign the rental document in your name.

What do I need to rent a motorcycle in Iceland?

If your driver's license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your type B car driver's license for more than three years.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

Are the motorcycles insured?

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Make your motorcycle rental in Iceland a safe experience:

At the signing of the contract we request a damage franchise deposit charged to your credit card that we return upon completion. It is essential that you have a credit card, we accept the usual Visa or MasterCard and to a lesser extent Amex.

All motorcycles have security measures, many of them satellite tracking devices and optional locks.

What is it like to ride a motorcycle in Iceland?

Driving through Iceland is not very complicated. To move around the capital you will not have any problem. To get to know the rest of the island, there is a ring road that surrounds it. It is totally safe, paved and accessible. It only has one lane and there is hardly any traffic. It is advisable to find out in advance about the state of the roads and if they are open before starting your tour. It is illegal to drive off the roads, because the delicate nature is harmed, penalizing drivers who violate this rule, with very high fines. The use of the helmet is mandatory.

What are the advantages of driving a motorcycle in Iceland?

Public transport is very infrequent, they carry out very few routes and they only work in summer. On the other hand, taxis are very expensive and not all drivers will take you where you want. Therefore, driving a motorcycle around the island is undoubtedly the best option to get around, both inside the capital and outside, and enjoy its nature to the fullest. You will also have much more freedom and you will save a lot of money. Parking the motorcycle will not be a problem, as long as the city regulations are followed.

If you arrive on the island by plane, we will deliver your motorcycle or scooter with a small supplement at its main airport: Keflavík International Airport.

If you arrive by ferry and prefer to pick up your motorcycle at your own hotel, we deliver and pick up where you prefer.

What tourist attractions in Iceland can I visit by motorcycle?

This spectacular island has a wide variety of tourist attractions perfect for visiting by motorcycle. Following the main road you will discover Vatnajökull, the largest glacier in Europe and the setting for the famous Game of Thrones series. There is a wide variety of waterfalls, but we recommend you visit Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss.

The island is full of fjords and mountains. The cliffs of Latrabjarg are a paradise that you cannot miss. If you want to rest for a while from the motorcycle, you can pay a visit to the Museum of Witchcraft and discover the medieval past of the island. To get to Bjarnarhöfn, you will have to go through incredible lava paths, to finally reach the Shark Museum. In Egilsstaðir, its “type F” roads will allow you to reach the cliffs of Ásbyrgi and Lake Myvatn.

In the capital you should visit the Nauthólsvík thermal pool, the Hallgrimskirkja Church or its main streets such as Bankastræti, Lækjargata or Austurstræti.

As far as gastronomy is concerned, it is not very remarkable, but you can try one of these two typical dishes: smoked puffin or fermented shark.

Driving a motorcycle or scooter in Iceland is a completely safe and undoubtedly unforgettable experience.

How does Rentalmotorbike Work?

Get on the motorcycle and give it gas in Reykjavik!

Discover the Perfect Bike

Use our filters to adjust your search according to your roll, location, dates, and all that stuff.

Get going with the Reserve

Choose the bike that will awaken your biker spirit and make that reservation. Fill in your details and wait for the owner's signal to start your next ride in Reykjavik.

Pick up the Machine

Before you leave, take a look at the condition of the bike and note any scratches. If you opt for home delivery, take some photos of the bike's condition.

Feel the Breeze of Freedom

Now, let yourself be carried away by the wind and the feeling of freedom. Enjoy the ride with a rental motorcycle in Reykjavik.

Return it like a Pioneer

At the end of the trip, return the bikes and share the anecdotes of your route. Be sure to check the bike together to seal this adrenaline-filled chapter.

Share your Ride

Give the supplier and his bike a shout. Your opinion strengthens the connection between fellow riders. Remember, the owner will also give you a glance - ride in style with your motorcycle rental in Reykjavik!

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