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Motorsykkel og scootere utleie i Fez

Oppdage Fez Med en leiemotorsykkel

Vil du leie en motorsykkel? Søket ditt slutter her! Motorsykkelutleie i Fez for dager, uker og måneder. Det har aldri vært så enkelt.

Så, velg din motorsykkel. Hvordan? Veldig enkelt! Søk, bestill og betal gjennom nettsiden. Reis rundt i Fez i ditt eget tempo. Glem alle bekymringer.

Med en motorsykkel er alt raskt, enkelt og stressfritt. Ja, alt forandrer seg. Synes du ikke? Du kan parkere hvor som helst, det er ingen tidsplaner. Du kjører, du bestemmer.

Fez is Morocco's third largest city and the first of the country's imperial cities. It is known for its ancient walled city, its lively and influential culture, architectural wonders and labyrinthine streets. Discovering it by motorbike or scooter is definitely the best option. 

Here are some tips on how to rent a motorbike or scooter in Fez: 

When presenting your motorbike licence in Fez, check that your country of origin has a reciprocity agreement with Morocco (Geneva Pact 19-Sep-1949) and that it is equivalent to your country's licence. In this case, it is always advisable to carry an international driver's licence. 

All motorbikes have third party insurance and most of them include cases and boot included or with additional payment.  

On arrival at our rental centre, we ask you to show your documents and invite you to sign the rental document in your name.

What do I need to rent a motorbike in Fez?  

If your driver's licence is European or from another country, and you want to rent a motorbike up to 125cc, we recommend you bring an international driver's licence. 

Are the motorbikes insured? 

All motorbikes are covered by third party insurance and most include cases and top case included or for an additional fee. 

Make your motorbike rental in Fez a safe experience: 

At the signing of the contract we ask for a damage excess deposit charged to your credit card which we return at the end. It is essential that you have a credit card, we accept the usual Visa or MasterCard and to a lesser extent Amex. 

All motorbikes are fitted with security measures, many of which include satellite tracking devices and optional locks. 

What is it like to drive a motorbike in Fez?

Driving in Fez is a real chaos. There are a lot of cars, the locals don't usually respect the signs, and they honk at every little thing. You have to be careful at roundabouts and always keep a safe distance, because stops are made without warning. At first it will be difficult to drive, but it's all a matter of getting used to it.  

Most of the roads are in good condition, with two-way traffic and one lane in each direction. The speed limit is 60km/h inside urban areas and 80km/h outside urban areas. Police checkpoints are common, although most often you'll be stopped for a few words. By law, the driver must wear a helmet, but the co-driver does not. However, we recommend that everyone wears a helmet.  

What are the advantages of driving a motorbike in Fez?

Driving a motorbike in Fez, even if it is chaotic, is a unique and different experience from driving anywhere else. You'll enjoy total freedom and you'll be able to explore all the streets and alleys without fear of getting lost. It's much cheaper than renting a car and you won't have any parking problems, as you'll be able to park your motorbike very close to, if not in front of, the places you want to visit.  

If you arrive in the city by plane, we will deliver your motorbike or scooter with a small supplement at the main airport: Fes-Saïss Airport (FEZ). 

If you arrive by train and prefer to pick up your scooter at your own hotel, we deliver and pick up your scooter wherever you prefer. 

What tourist attractions in Fez can I visit on a motorbike? 

In Fez you can visit by motorbike attractions such as the main entrance to the medina: Bab Boujeloud (the Blue Gate) and Medersa Bou Inania, on the main street Talaa Kbira. 

The souks, one of the best places to visit, are divided into Souk Attarine, with shops selling pharmaceutical products; Souk Nejjarine, where you will find products from carpenters' craftsmen; and Souk Chemainne, where you can taste dried and roasted fruits. It's a perfect place to bargain!

The Mausoleum of Mulay Idris II, the Al Attarine Madrasa, the Al Karaouine Mosque, the Nejjarine Fountain and Seffirane Square are other must-see sights. 

You can't leave the city without trying some of its typical dishes such as Moroccan Salad, Tajine or Couscous. 

All in all, riding a motorbike or scooter in Fez is a safe and unforgettable experience.


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