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Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

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Dificuldade: Hard
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Mínimo de participantes: 4

* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerário Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

DISCOVER ALBANIA - If you like challenges, this route is for you. 

We offer you and enduro motorcycle route through a country that has more than 600 km of Mediterranean coast, good food, wonderful people and especially roads, tracks and mountains to make enduro endless!

This 3-day route is a loop, which means that every day we go back to sleep at the same hotel in Tirana and every day we make a different route around the capital

If you like challenges, this route is for you, we have endless roads, rocks, rivers, puddles, mud and much more are waiting for you!  

Itinerário Swipe


Dia 1 - Tirana - 0

Dia 1 Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

Arrival in Tirana, they come to pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel, where we will have a briefing and information about the route. Afternoon free to enjoy the wonderful capital. Dinner and sleep.

Dia 2 Tirana - 100

Dia 2 Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

As we have mentioned, it is a loop route in which we always return to sleep in Tirana, so today we go to the south of the capital, where we will drive through rocky roads, we will stop to eat next to a beautiful river, where the specialty is lamb, in the afternoon we continue driving back to the hotel

Dia 3 Tirana - Tirana - 90

Dia 3 Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

Today we head north, today will be a more demanding day, in which we will drive through ravines, cross rivers, stop to eat in a very authentic restaurant and in the afternoon more tracks and paths back to the hotel

Dia 4 Tirana - Tirana - 120

Dia 4 Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

Today is the last day of the motorcycle, we will repeat the path of the first day a bit, but we will quickly get into unknown areas, ravines, narrow paths and various obstacles are waiting for us for this day.
We stop to eat something and after eating we go back to the hotel to take a good shower and comment on these three incredible motorcycle days in Albania.

Dia 5 Tirana - Tirana - 0

Dia 5 Motorcycle tour enduro Albania

Our last day. Depending on what time our flight leaves, we can relax in Korça and enjoy the city and its delicious traditional food. Then, after lunch, they will take us back to the airport, to return back home.

O que está incluído

Husqvarna TE 350

Husqvarna TE 350

Preço do suplemento: $0.00



Preço do suplemento: $0.00

Support Vehicle
Pequeno almoço
Impostos locais
Aluguer de motas
KTM 450 cc or Husqvarna 350 450 cc
Bilhetes para Parques Nacionais
Bebidas sem Álcool Água - Café
On route snacks
Gasolina e óleo
Bicicleta de substituição
Bebidas com álcool
Seguro básico
Equipamentos de proteção enduro
Equipamento frio extremo
Mapas e Road Book
Retorno de motocicleta na origem
Foto - Recorde de vídeo
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    Motocicletas disponíveis:

  • Husqvarna TE 350
  • KTM EXC 350