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Travel assitance insurance to person


General Terms

In case of accident contact directly with the insurance company ARAG, availability 24 hours 7 days per week, international assistance telephone +34 93 300 10 50.


This Insurance contract is governed by the terms of these General Terms and the particular ones established in the contract, in accordance with the provisions of the insurance& contracts law 50/1980 of 8 October, and the Regulation and Supervision of Private Insurance law Royal Decree 6 / 2004 of 29 October, approving the revised text of the Law on. 


By this contract, it is understood that:

Insurance company 

ARAG Compañía Internacional de Seguros y  Reaseguros, S.A., assumes the risk defined in the policy.

Policy holder

The person or judicial entity that signs this contract with the Insurance company, and its corresponding obligations arising thereof, except those which by their nature must be met by the Insured.


The physical person related to the policy in the Particular Conditions that in absence of the policyholder, assumes the contract’s obligations.


Husbands/Wifes , domestic partners, insured and ascendants or descendants of first or second degree relatives (parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren), brothers or sisters , brothers or sisters-in-law-both, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, sons, daughters and in-law of both , will be considered relatives of the insured person. 

Contract document

The contractual document containing the insurance regulatory conditions are part of the same, general terms, particular contract terms, that individualize the risk, and supplements or appendices that are issued to supplement or modify it.


The price of the insurance. The receipt shall also include surcharges and legally applicable taxes.

1. Intention of the insurance

Under this Travel Assistance insurance contract, the Insured will be covered and will be entitled to use the benefits and services promised, within the range of territory specified in the contract.

2. Insured

Physical individuals listed in the particular conditions document.

3. Temporal validity 

In temporary policies, the trip’s duration will be the specific one in the particular conditions.

In any case where the Insured has his habitual residence in Spain, the travel time must not exceed 365 consecutive days. If instead his habitual residence is outside Spain, the time spent outside his residence shall not exceed 120 days in any case. 

4. Territorial range

The guarantees described in this Policy apply to events occurring in Spain, or European and Mediterranean coastal countries (Including Syria and Jordan), or around the world, according to what is specified in the Special Conditions.

The services covered by this Policy, will only be provided when the Insured is more than 20 km away from his habitual residence.

5. Premium payments

The policy taker is obliged to pay the premium at the contract signing moment. Subsequent premiums must be paid in the relevant maturities or due dates.

Premium payments will be done at the Policy holder’s address .If elsewhere; it must be specified in the particular conditions.

Coverage and services will not begin, in the case of a first annual unpayment and the insurance company will be able to cancel or require that payment. Further annual unpayments , will produce the insurance policy cancellation, a month after the supposed payment date. In all cases policy coverage starts 24 hours after the Premium payment. 

6. Risk information

The Policyholder has the duty to declare all possible personal extra risk factors to ARAG, before the contract formalization. The policyholder will fill in a risk questionnaire. Policy holder will be relieved of this duty, if ARAG failed to subject the holder to the questionnaire, or even if having been subjected to it , there are circumstances which may affect the assessment of risk and are not included in it.

The Insurer may cancel the contract within one month, counting from the moment the reservation was noticed to him or the Policyholder’s inaccuracy of the statement.

During the contract period, the insured must notify ARAG as soon as possible, about any the circumstances which may modify the risk.

Known any risk aggravation, ARAG can within one month, propose a contract modification or cancellation.

If risk decreases, the insured is entitled, to the corresponding proportion reduction of the share premium, after the next annuity.

7. Covered guarantees

In case of an incident covered by this policy, ARAG, will guarantee the following services provision as soon as notified under the procedure referred to in Article 10.

7.1 Medical & Healthcare assistance

ARAG will pay for the costs associated to the professional intervention  and medical facilities required for the care of  sick or injured Insured persons.

The following services are expressly included, without this list being limiting:

a) Emergency medical teams and specialists services.

b) Complementary medical examinations.

c) Hospitalization, treatment and surgery.

d) Drug supply in internment, or cost refund in injuries or diseases that do not require hospitalization.

e) Treatment of acute odontologic problems, those that require an emergency treatment, such as ,  infections, pain or trauma.

ARAG takes charge of the cost of these services, up to a 900 Euros limit in Spain and up to 10,000 Euros in Europe and the World , or the equivalent in the local currency.

In all cases,  Odontologic expenses are  limited 60.00 Euros or the equivalent in local currency .  

7.2 Injured or sick repatriation or medical transport:  

In case of accident or sudden illness occurring to the Insured, ARAG will pay for :

a) The cost of an ambulance transportation to the nearest clinic or hospital.

b)The control from your Medical team, in contact with the doctor treating the wounded or sick Insured to determine the appropriate measures to better treatment options and the most suitable means for eventual transfer to the most appropriate hospital or to his home.

c) The cost to transport the sick or injured by the most appropriate means to the hospital arranged , or to the habitual address.

The means of transport used in each case will be decided by ARAG ‘s  medical team , depending on the case’s urgency and seriousness. In Europe, only for Spain habitual insured residents, an specially equipped air ambulance can even be used.

If the insured is not admitted in an hospital near his habitual residence, ARAG will pay, at the time, your return  transfer expenses.

7.3 Hotel Convalescence

ARAG will pay for hotel expenses when by medical prescription , the ill or injured insured cannot return home at scheduled dates , covering up to 60 € per day expense and for a 10 day period maximum. 

7.4 - Deceased insured repatriation or transport. 

In the case of the insured’s death, ARAG will organize the body transport  to the burial place chosen  in Spain and will take care of the expenses. Post-mortem conditioning will be included in such expenses, according to the legal requirements.

ARAG will pay for up to 2 insured’s travel companions return expenses ,  when  registered on the same trip and can not do so by the initially planned means.

However, the two companion limit , will not be applied when the insured’s companions are his/her spouse/wife , parents or children in first grade or brothers

7.5 Early return due to a deceased relative.

ARAG will pay for transportation, round trip, by air (economy class) or train (1st class) from the location of the insured to the burial place in Spain , If any of the Insured’s must interrupt their trip due to the death of a relative, as established in the policy’s General Conditions.

Independently to his election, the Insured may opt for two airline tickets (economy class) or train (1st class), to get back from the burial place , to his habitual residence in Spain.

7.6 Repatriation or medical transport of underage or disabled.

If the repatriated or transported Insured under the repatriation warranty or injured or sick  medical transport insurance , was  travelling in the company of an underage person (less than 15 years old) or a  mental  or physical handicapped person , ARAG will organize and take charge of the displacement , round trip, a flight attendant , carer or a designated person by the Insured  or a flight attendant , to accompany this people on their return home.

7.7 Transport of a relative in case of insured’s hospitalization

If the sick or injured insured’s state requires hospitalization for more than a 5 day period , ARAG will provide  a roundtrip ticket, plane (economy class ) or train (1st class) to a relative of the insured , or other person of his designation to accompany him in hospital.

  ARAG Will also pay up to a 60 € amount per day in concept of the insured’s companion subsistence expenses , for a 10 day maximum period .All bills must be shown for reimbursement.

7.8 Early return due of a relative hospitalization.

In the case that one of the Insured needed to interrupt their trip due to a relative 5 day minimum hospitalization occurred after liberal date of the trip as explained in the policy’s general conditions, as a result of an accident or serious illness occurred after the date of the trip, ARAG will pay for transportation from the trip’s destination to the location where you habitually reside in Spain.

Also, ARAG will pay a second transportation ticket for the  Insured’s travel companion who anticipated his return, providing that this second person is insured by this policy.

7.9 Early return due to serious disaster at the insured’s home or business premises.

ARAG will also provide the insured a travel ticket to return to his home in Spain, where it has to stop the trip for serious damage to his primary or secondary residence or his business premises, where the Insured the operator direct or exercise a liberal in it. Damage must be caused by fire, which has led to the intervention of fire services , consummated theft reported to the police, or by severe flooding. In all these cases must be indispensable the presence of the Insured, provided that such situations could not be solved by a family member or someone of his trust. The event justifying early return must have occurred after the date of the trip. If the Insured is travelling with another person also insured under this policy, ARAG will pay a second ticket for his return.

7.10 lost luggage Search and return shipping.

In case of scheduled flights baggage loss , ARAG will pursue all means available to them to facilitate their location, inform the Insured of developments occurring thereon and, if finally found , will pay to resend the luggage back to the insured free of charge.

8. Stipulated

Concerted warranties do not include:

a) Acts wilfully caused by the insured or those where wilful misconduct or gross negligence from his part.

b) Starting of the trip conditions or chronic illnesses and their consequences suffered by the insured prior to the trip.         

c) Death by suicide, injuries or illnesses caused by attempting it or intentionally caused to himself or by any criminal act done by the insured.

d) Illnesses or conditions caused by alcohol, psychotropic drugs, hallucinogenic drugs or any similar characteristics substance ingestion.

e) Beauty treatments, the provision or replacement of hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, orthotics and prosthetics in general. Birth or pregnancy related costs or any type of mental illness are excluded too.   

f) Injuries or illnesses arising from the Insureds participation in gambling competitions or sporting events, skiing or any other winter or adventure sports (including hiking, trekking and similar activities).People rescue operations in sea , mountain or desert areas are also excluded.

g)  The cases caused, directly or indirectly, by nuclear energy, radioactive radiation, natural disasters, acts of war, rioting or terrorism.

h)  Any Less than 9 € medical or pharmaceutical expenses.

9. Limits

ARAG will bear with the costs outlined, within the established limits and to the maximum amount contracted for each case. Incidents having the same cause and produced at the same time will be considered as a single incident.

ARAG will assume to pay the service, except events caused by the insured’s wrong intentions.

The guaranties that involve the payment of an amount of Money. ARAG is obligated to pay compensation at the end of the investigations and necessary surveys to establish the existence of the incident. In any event ARAG will pay within 40 days from the receipt of the claim. The minimum amount which maybe due according the circumstances known to them, if within 3 months from the incident ARAG would not have made such payment for no justifiable cause or related to them , the compensation will increase by a 20 % annually. 

10. Incident statement

In case of facing an incident that could be covered, the insured must contact ARAG emergency number provided, giving the insured’s name, policy number, location, location’s phone number and type of assistance needed. You can make the call by reverting charges. 

11. Additional provisions

The Insurer will not assume any obligation in connection with not-requested services or which have not been made with his prior consent, except in cases of major force dully justified.

When an ARAG’s direct intervention is not possible in the service provision, it shall reimburse the Insured’s accredited expenses arising from such services, within a 40 day maximum period from the presentation of bills or credits.

12. Waving of rights

Up to the amount of the sums paid in compliance with the obligations arising from this policy. ARAG will automatically be waved from the obligation of any further payment or actions that may apply to the insured , their heirs or other beneficiaries , against third parties , natural or legal , as a result of the incident causing the assistance given.

This right can eventually be used by ARAG against land, river, sea or air, transportation companies regarding a total or partial refund of the policyholder’s unused transportation tickets.


Possible incident claims or coverages rights, expire within two years from the time they have been in force.

14. Note

The Policyholder should apply to the Company within one month from the delivery of the policy If the content of this policy differs from the insurance proposal or amendment agreed. If no claim is made in that time, you will be subject to the provisions already described in the policy.




-Medical & Healthcare  abroad


-Medical & Healthcare in Spain


Up to 10.000  €


Up to 900,00 €


-Odontology expenses

60,00 €

-Repatriation or medical transport of sick and injured.


Total service cost

- Repatriation or medical transport of underage or disabled.

Total service cost

-Transport of a relative in case of hospitalization for more than five days.


-Subsistence expenses abroad


Total service cost


10 days Max, 60 € Cost per Day


-Hotel convalescence

10 days Max, 60 € Cost per Day

- Deceased insured repatriation or transport.


Total service cost

-Early return due to a deceased relative.

Total service cost

-Early return due of a relative hospitalization.

Total service cost

-Early return due to serious disaster at the insured’s home or business premises.


Total service cost

-lost luggage Search and return shipping.

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