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Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

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8 Days



Difficulty: Normal
Support vehicle: Yes
Minimum participants: 4

* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerary Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)


BAJA is short for Peninsula de Baja California, which means the peninsula of California in México. BAJA is the meca for off road races in México, and worldly known for the Score Series: Baja 250, 400, 400 and 1000. The reason is because it’s the perfect geographical location due to its diverse terrain and unique scenery. 

We will offer you an experience unlike any other by taking you from corner to corner covering the entire peninsula. We assure you that you will remember this trip for the rest of your life. 

Our certified staff is professional and our infrastructure and logistics are the most important factors that will give you the opportunity to never have to worry and allow you to enjoy your trip fully More than 1000 tour miles are awaiting for you. 

We welcome you to look at the details provided for this trip.  

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Day 1 Ensenada - - 0

Day 1 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

The first day is the introduction day, you can set up with us the pick up or you can meet us at the Monkey Business workshop located at Ensenada. We will take you to the hotel and start with the preparation, bike gear, safety talk, tour details and of course we will provide a nice icebreaker dinner for all of you.

Next day we will start in the early morning.

Day 2 El Rosario - 200 mi

Day 2 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

Rocky beaches and sand dunes (towards the south) stretching for about 200 miles offer opportunities for adventure! Upon arriving at El Rosario, we have the option to explore single trail or wide open dirt terrain.

Points of interest:

• La lobera

• Punta baja

• Mama Espinoza

• Ejido Eréndira

Hotels in El Rosario:

• Motel La Cabana

• Motel Cactus

Day 3 El Rosario - Bahía de los Ángeles - 230 mi

Day 3 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

The first 30 miles will be traveled on loose rocks and water crossings leading to Cerro el Espejo and the famous La Víbora climb to then begin our tour through the world famous Valley of Cirios! Plenty of Cardones and Cirios will surround us this day, but giving a break to visit the also very famous Cataviña rocks and rock paintings. It’s worth mentioning that this is where we’ll find Santa Maria Oasis. Passing Cataviña, we have the options to continue on dirt trails.

Points of interest:

• Valle de los cirios

• Oasis Santa María

• Cocos Corner

• Cataviña

• Pinturas Rupestres

Hotels in Bahía de los Ángeles:

• Los vientos

• Costas del sol

Day 4 Bahía de los Ángeles - San Ignacio - 210 mi

Day 4 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

We’ll spend the first few miles along the Sea of Cortez Coast and begin to get on our way towards El Arco. Will exit at Vizcaino and then finally arrive at San Ignacio Oasis! The Plaza is covered with date palms, giving us the opportunity to indulge in as much as we wish to pick. San Ignacio is also known for being the waters where grey whales come to birth their calves. If we’re lucky enough, we can take a boat trip to the lagoon and come close to see the playful whales. Wide open dirt roads only.

Points of interest:

• Oasis de San Ignacio

• Misión de San Ignacio

Hotels in San Ignacio:

• Hotel La Huerta

• Desert Inn

Day 5 San Ignacio - Loreto - 220 mi

Day 5 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

A long way of riding awaits! For the next 220 miles, experience natural beauty and vibrant shades of green along the way. After leaving San Ignacio, we will pass by El Dátil. The first 70 miles are mostly wide open dirt roads and soft sand, to then finally arrive at San Juanico, a place known for having the longest wave in the world! After a hearty meal at Scorpion Bay, we then get on our way to visit Comondú Mission and its beautiful creeks, just before arriving at Loreto!

Points of interest:

• Escorpion bay

• Misión de Comondú

• Misión de Loreto

Hotels in Loreto:

• Loreto Bay

• Hotel Misión

• Hotel Santa Fe

Day 6 Loreto - La Paz - 190 mi

Day 6 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

Immerse yourself in some fun by riding 190 miles with spectacular things to see! Riding through Sierra La Giganta, we’ll make our way to San Javier Mission, where we can take real photo highlights and admire the lots of rock painting in the area. We’ll spend some time exploring the beaches La Paz has to offer, or a visit to its nearby island.

Points of interest:

• San Javier

• Los filos

• Santa Rita y sus aguas termales

• Balandra

• Isla espíritu santo

Hotels in La Paz:

• Hotel marina

• Hotel Araiza

• Catedral Hotel

Day 7 La Paz - Cabo San Lucas - 135 mi

Day 7 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

The last riding day begins today! We have two options: we can take either the road to Todos Santos or to Los Barriles. Both places offer stunning views, one of the beautiful desert landscapes and the Pacific ocean in the background, and the other full of oasis and mangoes with the Sea of Cortez in the horizon. Undoubtably, any of the two options will give you an unforgettable day while we finalize our trip arriving at Los Cabos.

Day 8 Cabo San Lucas -

Day 8 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (8 days)

Let us give you a nice Catamaran tour in Los Cabos. Take some pictures in Los Cabos Arch. Enjoy the rest of the day.

What's Included



Supplement price: $0.00

Support Vehicle
Basic insurance
Local taxes
Motorcycle rental
Motorcycle return to origin
National parks tickets
Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
On route snacks
Petrol & oil
Spare motorcycle
Alcoholic beverages
Damage deposit
Enduro body protection kit
Extreme cold protection kit
Maps & Roadbook
Photo-video souvenir
  • First Aid Responder
  • Sweeper
  • Early cancellation costs

    Important notice, in case of cancellation:
    The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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