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Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

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7 Days



Difficulty: Easy
Support vehicle: Yes
Minimum participants: 2

* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerary Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Come and discover Medieval Catalonia that inspired poets, surprised writers and amazes thousands of tourists every year! A Medieval Catalonia that originates at the end of the 9th century, in the times of Guifré el Pilós, when bridges, churches, castles and abbeys were built everywhere to consolidate a territory that currently includes Girona, Vic, Besalú, Banyoles..

A bicycle tour through this territory is an impressive walk through the history of the Romanesque and Gothic. But it is also an easy route through a landscape of green pastures with beech trees in the areas of gentle mountains around Olot. And also oak groves among small cereal fields near Besalú. And scattered pine forests, enclosed between rows of poplars reaching Banyoles...

And Girona, a city that falls in love. There is a reason why it is the Catalan city that has grown the most in terms of tourism. The Call Jueu (Jewish Quarter), the imposing cathedral (whose Gothic nave is the widest in the world, after the Vatican), the winding Roman walls, the impressive Banys Àrabs or the magnificent alleys of the beautiful old town. Without forgetting the houses in the vicinity of l'Onyar, painted in colours, or the enormous Parc de la Devesa, which with its 40 hectares stands out for its long-lived and tall plane trees.

On this route, the beauty of the surroundings impresses the visitor who discovers a new landscape at every turn. Small towns -with its Romanesque bell tower in the center-, scattered among soft, green mountains... time stands still and only the gentle rolling of the bicycle breaks the silence.

With most breakfasts and dinners included, with a support vehicle that will accompany you during the route, with luggage transport, with maps and tracks... and cozy local accommodations, this experience will be especially remembered in your hearts.

And as an option, you can spend one more day in Girona, to discover, with an expert local guide, the magic of this city. Because we know that you will not be disappointed.


  • Towns of Besalú, Castellfollit de la Roca, San Feliu de Pallerols, Santa Pau, Hostalets d'en Bas and other towns with medieval reminiscences.
  • Route through the Carrilet to Olot.
  • Guided tour (optional) Girona old town, visiting Arab Baths, Call Jueu and the Cathedral
  • Volcanoes such as Montsacopa, Santa Margarida, Cruscat, and the enormous Basaltic Coladas in Sant Joan les Fonts.
  • Olot and its surroundings.
  • Lake Banyoles and surroundings (Les Estunes)

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Day 1 Girona - Girona - 0

Day 1 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Arrival at Girona International Airport. Pick up at the airport and transfer to the city. At 19:00 Meeting Tour in the Hotel. Dinner at the Hotel.***

Day 2 Les Preses - 60

Day 2 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

After breakfast, leaving Girona, by an itinerary that follows the carrilet, -currently a beautiful greenway, formerly an old narrow-gauge train that connected Olot with Platja d'Aro passing through Girona-. At Les Planes d'Hostoles, the route takes a detour to go to the Gorg del Salt d'en Murri, a well-known local pool. In Sant Feliu de Pallerols there is a short tour of the town, with explanations of rural life and the history of the thousand wars of the town (Guerra dels Segadors, the Carlist Wars...)

At the height of Les Planes d'Hostoles, the route deviates to go to the Gorg del Salt d'en Murri, one of the most beautiful natural pools on the route...

The route continues to Sant Esteve d'en Bas, where it deviates to visit Hostalets d'en Bas, perhaps one of the most beautiful villages in La Garrotxa, and even in Catalonia. Then, the route continues to the accommodation, in Les Preses, where there will also be a good dinner.

Day 3 Les Preses - Olot - 41

Day 3 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Having had breakfast, departure to Santa Pau. But the route offers us a lot of wonders, the typical landscapes of La Garrotxa, of huge beech forests between volcanoes, going towards the Fageda d'en Jordà, or the multi-photographed Volcà de Santa Margarida, with its small hermitage in its crater...

Finally, Santa Pau. Speechless. Some people say that it is the most beautiful town in Catalonia... And if it isn't, almost almost... The main square, with its arcades next to the castle, looks like a movie set! Returning to Olot, we go down Cruscat, an old “open” volcano that can be visited, among many other volcanoes (Puig Astrol, Pujalós…)

In Olot there is a short tour of the city (Parc Nou -with its small museum-, the Plaça Clarà patch, Sant Rafael street, the Can Blai boulevard, the Plaza Mayor and surroundings up to the Montsacopa Volcano.

Day 4 Olot - Besalú - 44

Day 4 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

The day starts with a good breakfast. Once on the bike, you will ride along the path of the Freixes that also passes following the Volcán de la Garrinada to La Canya.

An easy tour of Sant Joan les Fonts (passing through the Basaltic Coladas and to visit the Medieval Bridge) and by road until entering Castellfollit.

Castellfollit de la Roca impresses the visitor with its huge cliff: the town is built on top, on a huge basalt rock, and on the edge of the precipice…. The truth is that it has perhaps more charm from the outside than from the inside.

Optionally, the route continues to Montagut (there is a good restaurant in the area). Be that as it may, there is a fast track that leads us down to Sant Jaume de Llierca. From there to Argelaguer it is a walk (passing through the Parc d'en Garrell with the Argelaguer cabins, before turning around the old town) and immediately afterwards, Besalú. Accommodation in the population. If there is time, you will visit the city before dinner in a good accommodation…

Day 5 Besalú - Banyoles - 36

Day 5 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Besalú is famous for its magnificent medieval bridge. But Besalú breathes medieval history at every step, in every stone of all the streets of its old town...

After breakfast and after visiting Besalú, the route continues towards the northern slope of the Fluvià, passing through Dosquers to Crespià, taking a tour of the town with its characteristic medieval aftertaste.

Soon it goes down to Esponellà, taking a short turn. Crossing Martís you can visit the Salt de Martís, before reaching Serinyà, a small corner full of history...

Leaving Serinyà you can visit the Prehistoric Caves, in the direction of Banyoles.

Once in Banyoles, take a short tour of the lake, visiting the Aiguamolls de La Puda and Les Estunes, before arriving at the Banyoles Lodging.

Because Banyoles is undoubtedly a charming place thanks to its narrow streets, its wonderful landscape corners of the environment (with small beech groves and beautiful forests) and, above all, above all, its lake, in the shape of an 8, with more than 2 km between ends.

Although the pond was once a resting place for wealthy families from Girona and other areas of Catalonia, it is currently an internationally renowned training ground for rowing teams and other aquatic disciplines. Firstly, because it is a lake with a stable natural water level: the inflow of water is due to underground water tables and overflows naturally through a river... And secondly, because of the magnificent climate that Banyoles enjoys, which allows stays of European teams throughout the year.

Accommodation and dinner in the town; good because if you feel like it, it allows you to take a walk around the lake and the beautiful corners of the town at night...

Day 6 Banyoles - Girona - 31

Day 6 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Habiendo desayunado, se da una pequeña vuelta por Banyoles, combinando la Ruta dels Recs (los riegos), unos canales que se fueron construyendo a partir del S. IX y que aún hoy día cruzan la población) con la del Barri Vell. Seguidamente, se continúa hacia Cornellà de Terri, pasando por delante y visitando la fábrica de Chocolates Torras (si por horarios, es posible). Antes de llegar a Medinyà, la ruta nos acerca a Ravós de Terri y al puente románico de Sant Andreu del Terri.

Pasado Medinyà, una buena pista nos conduce a Sant Julià de Ramis y Sarrià de Ter (con un pequeño tramo de carretera) antes de entrar en Girona por la Devesa. Alojamiento en Girona (Hotel***)

Day 7 Girona - Girona - 0

Day 7 Viaje en Bicicleta. Girona and Medieval Catalonia Tour (7 days)

Tras el desayuno, traslado al aeropuerto y fin de nuestros servicios.

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My own bicycle

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Superior Bikes XC 879

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Prophete Graveller Sport Drive 10v 27,5 20.ETM.20

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Prophete Graveler Sport Drive 10V 27,5 20.ETM.30

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Important notice, in case of cancellation:
The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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