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Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

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9 Days



Difficulty: Normal
Support vehicle: Yes
Minimum participants: 2

* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerary Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

Come and discover Empty Spain. Or better yet, Emptied Spain. Because there is a huge territory in Spain that is totally empty, almost abandoned. Cycling between fields (now forgotten), riding through old terraces now covered with vegetation, you will discover another Spain. That of dispersed junipers in the highest steppe areas. And varied vegetation in the valleys: elms, poplars, willows, ash trees and poplars. And from time to time, vast and sprawling wastelands. And ravines and pastures, territory of herds... An exceptional territory.

Leaving from Teruel, you will cyclery for hours along the roads and tracks without meeting anyone outside the inhabited villages. You will arrive at beautiful towns, many of them almost uninhabited, where the bread is baked with firewood and the tomatoes for dinner have been picked in the garden a couple of hours ago... Beautiful towns like Albarracín, Mora de Rubielos or Rubielos de Mora They will show you a glorious past in this abandoned land.

The essence of Btt is to live an adventure like this, 7 days / 6 nights with a mountain bike, rolling between valleys and mountains, discovering a great variety of barren landscapes... among the extensive nature.


  • A unique territory for an exceptional territory of huge forests and extensive moors...
  • Beautiful towns, such as Albarracín, Mora de Rubielos or Rubielos de Mora...
  • Support vehicle throughout the bike route.
  • Pick up at the airport (1st day) and transfer to the hotel on the last day.
  • In Half Board during the bicycle route: Accommodation, breakfast and dinner (or noon lunch since in the stages in which there is no dinner there is lunch)

Itinerary Swipe


Day 1 Barcelona - Teruel - 0

Day 1 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

Arrival at Barcelona International Airport. Pick up at the airport and transfer to Teruel (between 4 and 5 hours). Depending on time availability, visit the city of Teruel. Dinner and accommodation Hotel ***.
NOTE: It is also possible to pick up at the Valencia or Zaragoza airport for transfer to Teruel, halving the transfer time. Add supplement.

Day 2 Alcalá de la Selva - 60

Day 2 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

After breakfast, we leave Teruel in the direction of Cuenca, next to the Dinópolis Amusement Park (and also a museum), one of the largest paleontology museums in the world. Soon the track is followed in the direction of "La Fuente Cerrada". This will be one of the usual patterns of the entire route: picnic areas located at the entry/exit sources of all towns. Some, even with a small refuge or a hermitage… or both!
The route goes through magnificent pine forests following the Camino de Escriche: a large restored house, next to a small hermitage. We continue ascending through huge pine forests for 6-7 km to the hermitage of Santa Quiteria, next to a picnic area and a fountain. One of the sides of the hermitage is a practical refuge. A good place to sit and rest. Finally, Cedillas. There is a bar-restaurant (which is also a hostel and meeting place for the town) and the existence of various meat companies that have contributed foreigners who are repopulating the town is positively surprising. Here you can have lunch in a restaurant (not included).
In the afternoon, the route goes up to Monteagudo del Castillo, punctually entering the town to observe a beautiful wall portal. But soon the most beautiful section of the day begins, crossing an extensive valley between pastures and forests (above 1,500 meters) following one of the many local PRs and which now enters the Sierra de Gúdar. The initial wide track becomes narrower and narrower until, just before it is no longer cyclable, it deviates to go down towards Alcalá de la Selva, a beautiful town that owes its charm to tourism from the nearby ski slopes of Valdelinares.
Dinner and accommodation are in a magnificent Hotel in the Virgen de la Vega, 1 km from Alcalá. The luggage will also be there. H** or H*** based on availability.

Day 3 Alcalá de la Selva - Mosqueruela - 54

Day 3 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

Today's stage crosses one of the three most important mountain ranges in Teruel: the Sierra de Gúdar, where the main ski slope in the province is located. But to begin with, it is necessary to get to Gúdar and practically, from Alcalá, the only option is to do it by road (about 10 km in total) to Gúdar, on top of a hill (1,600 m.), an excellent viewpoint of the valley.
The route continues along the Camino de Valdelinares, going up through thick black pine forests to Collado de la Imagen (1,888 m.) along a magnificent track. Previously, the Riera Blanca and some farmhouses, unfortunately abandoned such as the Solsida farmhouses, the Izquierdo farmhouse,... Empty Spain!
There is the option of going up one last section to the top of Peñaroya, 2,018 m., the highest point of the route. Be that as it may, one kilometer beyond the Collado de la Imagen you reach the Collado de la Gitana, at 1,914 m., where the paved track (and the GR 8) from the ski slopes appears. Continue and soon you will reach Valdelinares (1,700 m.), one of the highest inhabited towns on the Iberian Peninsula.
You can have lunch in one of the restaurants in the town (not included)
Following the GR, the route goes down to the river and gently climbs up a magnificent forest track, which crosses the magnificent and thick black pine forests of the Sierra de Gúdar, a highly prized area for mushroom picking (many Catalans come here ). It is an area of private hunting grounds and it is easy to see roe deer among the enclosed areas.
Finally, the route descends along a poorly paved track towards Mosqueruelas, the end of the stage. The accommodation is a nice and cozy village hostel, just off the road, where you can enjoy a good dinner. It is worth taking a walk through the town; It still preserves a good part of the walls, and the beautiful arcades of the main square.

Day 4 Mosqueruela - Mora de Rubielos - 67

Day 4 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

The most demanding stage, despite being the one with the most asphalt. The stage was designed following the local PR, but often these are abandoned, impassable and covered with vegetation... Spain was Empty! In any case, the route begins redoing the last 5 km. until the deviation of the Linares de Mora track, until the PR, when crossing the road, is lost among the high vegetation. A pity!
Therefore, you must continue by road to Linares. Narrow and steep streets, the church at the top and the access portals between the walls. But "inserted" at the bottom of a deep valley, there is no more access and exit than the natural course of the river, where the paved road follows (again) for 8 km.
There begins a beautiful stretch of forest path. After a brutal ascent of more than 1 km, you reach a good viewpoint and the beginning of a very long descent (8 km and 500 m of unevenness) to Nogueruelas. Precious forests, fields and farmhouses, -most of them abandoned-, pastures and herds... a wonderful environment. On leaving the town, the landscape changes drastically, much more arid and wasteland. After Mas de la Chupadilla, the PR is left (at times, in a section that is not cyclable) along a track that becomes quite bad up to the Rubielos stream. What clean and crystalline waters most of the streams in Teruel have! You enter Rubielos de Mora through an old ravine: cattle troughs between stone walls.
Rubielos de Mora is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. It preserves its walls as well as the old town without "incongruous" buildings, they all have the same architectural style.
After lunch (included in the price) very close to the Town Hall and the Tourist Office (don't miss the beautiful interior patio), the route continues towards Rubielos de Mora.
First, it goes down to the bottom of a ravine (996 m.) through a fairly arid and dry landscape. But on the other side everything changes; while the route goes up to the Collado de Hoya Marín, the landscapes are of thick forests along broken paths and often too abandoned. You can see herds of cattle, squirrels, roe deer always surrounded by overwhelming vegetation, which does not allow you to see beyond the forest environment... the landscape is of abandoned nature.
Finally, a short stretch of road to Mora de Rubielos. There is accommodation in a magnificent Hotel ***. There is no dinner included (there has been lunch) but the town has a large number of restaurants. Better take the opportunity to take a walk and discover the charm of this beautiful town, as well as a good restaurant.
Mora de Rubielos may not have an old town as charming as Rubielos de Mora, but it does have, on the contrary, a magnificent castle, which can be visited

Day 5 Mora de Rubielos - Villel - 64

Day 5 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

After a good breakfast (included) it is worth visiting the castle but unfortunately they open at 10:00. Very late.
The route leaves for the popular Valbona Reservoir. The terrain is good and you arrive soon. Next, the town of Valbona is reached through the Hermitage of Loreto (it is very common to find hermitages, humilladeros and sanctuaries at the entrances and exits of the towns). Without too much charm, only the arcades of the Town Hall stand out, next to an old access portal of the wall. And nearby there is the Museum of Natural and Ethnographic History of the population…
The route continues towards La Puebla de Valverde. First it goes down to the bottom of the Mijares River, at 890 m. to climb, slowly through a series of excellent tracks with good rolling going along the Vereda del Rio. The last section of the road has been lost among the vegetation (España emptied) and is reached by asphalt. The population is crossed by Calle Mayor (which changes its name several times), with several bars and restaurants. It's worth taking a bite (not included), because there will be NOTHING for many, many kilometers.
After La Puebla you have to cross the highway through several roundabouts to start the most impressive section of the day: the northern slope of the Sierra de Javalambre.
After a very demanding first kilometer of ascent, the route climbs gently in impressive surroundings. The junipers are slowly disappearing, and the landscape becomes barren and lonely. There is nothing for several kilometers around, while it begins to flatten out. The landscape remains exceptionally impressive, of extensive moorland for several kilometres. Until "the siphon" of the Casa de la Guiñalda ravine, which you have to cross with one last ascent, a demanding point. Some zigzag sections that also continue on the descent to Cubla will already be all down. There will be a support provisioning, with nuts, snacks, cookies, juices...
The route continues along the Camino de las Lomas, heading west, until it reaches Collado de Roldán. After a short stretch of road, there is a long stretch of tracks for about 5 km, through landscapes that are sometimes carved, sometimes vacant, until reaching the Turia river gorge. Suddenly, the environment changes radically, riverside forest, shade, with poplars, elms and holm oaks... It is worth stopping at a spectacular rock with holes. The track enters there punctually.
In Villel the accommodation is located in the old inn of the town. A simple, familiar and cozy establishment, next to the road, where you can enjoy a good dinner. Very good service and excellent homemade food.

Day 6 Villel - Albarracín - 56

Day 6 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

To the northwest of the Sierra de Javalambre rises the small but thick Peñarredonda mountain range, before Albarracín. Without any notable peak and with average heights of 1,200-1,400 meters, it stands out for the large number of pine forests. And specifically, the Pinares de Rodeno. A sparsely populated mountain range with few and very scattered small towns. Perhaps that is why an important detachment of Republic soldiers settled here (during the Civil War). And later, a large camp of Maquis (guerrilla soldiers opposed to the Franco regime established in Spain after the Civil War).
After breakfast, the longest and most constant climb of the day from the Sanctuary –and picnic area– of Fontsanta to the Corral de los Toros. After a couple of ravines through much more vacant territory, you go up to the Collado de Pradejones and then the Collado de los Burros where you cross the asphalt. Here there will be a small provisioning, snacks, nuts, juices...
Soon the old samples of the Civil War appear in this empty and desolate space. The old structures of the camp are still visible…
After some small hills, Valdecuenca is reached and later, Saldon, where there will be another provisioning of snacks, nuts, cookies, juices…. Both with less than 30 inhabitants and connected by a narrow, poorly paved track... Once again, large villages without inhabitants in "Empty Spain".
There are only 10 km. The route takes a small turn to visit the beautiful Protected Landscape of Pinares de Rodeno. You have to climb 150 m. in 5 km to enjoy a spectacular environment. In fact, sometimes you have to deviate a few meters and walk a bit to reach the busiest spots, such as the Mirador del Puerto (spectacular) or the area of La Cocinilla del Obispo, returning via the Fuente del Arrastradero. The route passes through the Shelter of the Dispersed Figures, the Shelter of the Half Horse, the Shelter of the Two Horses and the Shelter of the Archer of the Closed Streets...
Finally, Albarracín, one of the most beautiful and tourist towns in all of Aragon. Its attractiveness is undeniable, with the portals under the walls, the towers, the entire network of streets... and its magnificent walls.
Accommodation in a beautiful Hotel, very charismatic and cozy, without dinner (there have been both picnics) but the town has plenty of restaurants.

Day 7 Albarracín - Teruel - 37

Day 7 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

Albarracin is charming. In every corner, in every alley, it has a magical and wonderful air. It is worth visiting the city, either on foot or by bike, after breakfast.
But the route continues... and once again crosses the Protected Area of Pinares de Rodena, this time from southwest to northeast to Gea de Albarracín. There, there are several options to Teruel, but perhaps the most "crowded" among mountain bike fans is to follow the track, more or less parallel to the Gaudalaviar river to Teruel, passing through San Blas. It is a mainly downhill track (except for a small section where it moves away from the river bed and goes up towards the north) and with very good rolling, which in a few hours reaches Teruel. There is the luggage in the accommodation in the same Hotel *** as the first day ..
In the afternoon you can take a walk through Teruel, visiting the city, before dinner at the Hotel included

Day 8 Teruel - Barcelona - 0

Day 8 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

After breakfast, departure from Teruel and transfer to the hotel (included) in Barcelona. Lunch at noon (during the journey) is included but not dinner in Barcelona.
Optionally, you can make a transfer to Zaragoza or Valencia (with supplement).

Day 9 Barcelona - Barcelona - 0

Day 9 Viaje en Bicicleta. Teruel MTB route and Empty Spain.

After breakfast at the hotel (included) our services end.

What's Included

Others My own bicycle

My own bicycle

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Superior Bikes XC 879

Superior Bikes XC 879

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Prophete Graveller Sport Drive 10v 27,5 20.ETM.20

Prophete Graveller Sport Drive 10v 27,5 20.ETM.20

Supplement price: $43.48

Prophete Graveler Sport Drive 10V 27,5 20.ETM.30

Prophete Graveler Sport Drive 10V 27,5 20.ETM.30

Supplement price: $34.79

Transfer from Zaragoza airport to Teruel (1st day)
Translate from Teruel to Hotel in Zaragoza (8th day).
Transfer from Valencia airport to Teruel (1st day)
Translate from Teruel to Hotel in Valencia (8th day).
$13.04 / day
Driver's helmet
Support Vehicle
Basic insurance
Maps & Roadbook
On route snacks
Alcoholic beverages
Damage deposit
Enduro body protection kit
Extreme cold protection kit
Local taxes
Bicycle rental
Bicycle return to origin
National parks tickets
Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
Petrol & oil
Photo-video souvenir
Spare bicycle
Early cancellation costs
Cancellations made 7 days before the reservation 15%
Cancellations made 15 days before the reservation 15%
Cancellations made 30 days before the reservation 15%
Cancellations made 60 days before the reservation 15%

Important notice, in case of cancellation:
The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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