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Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

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9 Days



Difficulty: Normal
Support vehicle: Yes
Minimum participants: 4

* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerary Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

Kyrgyzstan- a “Terra Incognita” for most of foreign tourists is a small mountainous country in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan (or Kirguizstan) is a contry with pristine natural landscapes and nomadic lifestyle waiting to be discovered  by real adventure-lovers and thrill-seekers. The trail traversing majestic Tian-Shan mountain range crosses vertiginous mountain passes with very diverse terrain. The landscapes ranging from lush mountain valleys with alpine lakes, glaciers, coniferous forests and rushing currents to desert areas with beautiful canyons and moon-like landscapes. On this trip you will not only enjoy cycling through virgin alpine  landscapes but also will get to learn about the life of kyrgyz herders. They put up their yurts in high-altitude pastures and stay there with their horses, sheep and yaks. This trip will  present  hundreds of incredible photo opportunities and leave you with many new experiences, stories and lifelong memories.

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Day 1 Bishkek - Bishkek - 0

Day 1 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

In the morning arrival to Manas Airport (FRU). Transfer to the Hotel in Bishkek (1 hour). Breakfast and rest. About midday a CITY TOUR starts. You will visit the colorful Osh Bazar where you can stock up on fresh fruits, nuts and bread. Afterwards you will have a chance to visit the central square-Ala-Too with a monument of Manas, National Flag and see the relief of guards. A short ride through the city to test your bike. We will take it to the bike shop if it has problems. In the evening dinner at the local restaurant

Day 2 Bishkek - 50

Day 2 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After a short transfer you will ride on a mountain road from Kashkasu Gorge to Chonkurchak Gorge. The area is a mountain ski resort in wintertime. As you cycle you will enjoy snowcapped mountains and slopes covered with juniper trees and will be rewarded with a stunning panorama of the valley. Exciting descent to the valley through a series of switchbacks. You will continue through villages and rolling hills with crops to the gigantic Kyrgyz Flag. Return to the Hotel
P.S Experienced riders before the general route can try our 10km long single trail.

Day 3 Bishkek - Kegeti - 65

Day 3 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After a short transfer out of town (20kms) you will start cycling on a good asphalted road passing through villages and fields just on the side of the mountains. You will enjoy the view of the snow-capped mountains and green fields and hills with sheep, cows and horses. After a series of uphills be prepared for a downhill into the valley. Arrival at the guesthouse. Dinner

Day 4 Kegeti - Kochkor - 75

Day 4 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

You will start cycling from the guesthouse on an asphalted road. It will be an exciting downhill ride. You will ride though the villages and enjoy the view of the mountains. At the highway pick up and transfer through Boom Gorge to the town of Balykchi. Dinner at the guesthouse.
P.S For more prepared riders (or on request) they can cycle 30-40kms on a mountain gravel/dirt road instead of asphalt. A short (30min) transfer will be required in this case.

Day 5 Kochkor - Song-Kul - 60

Day 5 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After breakfast and a short transfer (50kms) you will get on your bike and start pedaling though a mountain valley. The unpaved road will take you to the pass that leads to alpine Son-Kul Lake. The lake is located at 3016m and surrounded by the hills that are used by local herdsmen as a giant summer pasture. From the top of the pass you will enjoy a downhill to the shore of the lake. You will roll through fields of edelweiss and other summer flowers as you get near to the yurt camp. Dinner. Tonight you will enjoy a sunset and sleep like a real nomad in a yurt on the shore of the lake.

Day 6 Song-Kul - Kochkor - 65

Day 6 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After a peaceful night in a yurt and breakfast you will get on your bike and continue cycling around the
lake to a very spectacular 33 Parrots Pass from the top of which you will enjoy a magnificent view of
the valley. It will be a very long and thrilling descent on a mountain road with switchbacks. After a ride
in the valley you will climb another pass and again you will be amazed by spectacular views. Descent to
our pick-up point and transfer (1h) to Kochkor Villlage. Dinner

Day 7 Kochkor - Bokonbayevo - 70

Day 7 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After breakfast and a short transfer you will get on your bike and start riding through the mountains. Eventually the road will take you to Semizbel Pass (2600m) from where a nice and smooth descent through a wide green pasture awaits you. You will cycle along the river that flows through the gorge to the coast of Issyk-Kul Lake- the second biggest alpine lake in the world after Titicaca in Peru. Transfer to accommodation. Dinner. Night in a guesthouse

Day 8 Bokonbayevo - Bokonbayevo - 60

Day 8 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After breakfast you will be back on your bike cycling on the asphalted road. The asphalt turns into gravel as you ride through a scenic canyon. You will reach the wild shore of the lake and have a rest here. You can go for a swim if you want. The trail passes just few meters from the lake. The views are fantastic: wild shore, clay hills and snowcapped peaks in the background. Arrival to Bokonbaev Village. Accommodation. Dinner

Day 9 Bokonbayevo - Bishkek - 0

Day 9 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

After breakfast we will get on the bus to get us to a panoramic point not far from the village. After a short hike (15min) you will be on top of the mountain. What a view! You will understand why Issyk-Kul Lake is called a Sea- it is so big (170km long and 60 km wide). Mountains slopes with forest and peaks covered with glaciers will also be near you. You will also enjoy a view of the arid desert-like area by the side of the lake. What a stunning diversity of landscapes! Return to village. We will proceed back to Bishkek. Lunch enroute. Arrival. Accommodation at the Hotel. Free time. Farewell dinner

Day 10 Bishkek - Bishkek - 0

Day 10 Viaje en Bicicleta. Thian Shan MTB route

Early in the morning transfer to the airport and flight back home

What's Included

Others My own bicycle

My own bicycle

Supplement price: $0.00

Cube AIM 29er

Cube AIM 29er

Supplement price: $173.24

Giant Talon 2 29

Giant Talon 2 29

Supplement price: $173.24

Support Vehicle
Basic insurance
Local taxes
Maps & Roadbook
Alcoholic beverages
Damage deposit
Enduro body protection kit
Extreme cold protection kit
Bicycle rental
Bicycle return to origin
National parks tickets
Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
On route snacks
Petrol & oil
Photo-video souvenir
Spare bicycle
  • Please, bear in mind that in May day temperatures vary between 25-25C in the valley to 10-15C at higher areas. Please, be prepared for sudden changes of temperature due to possible rain and dress accordingly. We recommend you to bring: Rain gear /Water- proof jacket , Warm wind-proof clothes, Light clothes, Cycling wear (both short and long sleeves, shorts and cycling pants), Cap/Hat, Sun-screen (30 or higher), Light back-pack, Bike helmet, gloves and water bottle/camelback .
  • Also you can bring First-aid kit with antibiotics, remedy for cold, diarrhea, allergy, altitude sickness , insulating blanket, plasters, disinfectant for wounds, charcoal, iodine, vitamins, and pain-killers.
  • Do not forget the things of personal hygiene (Disinfectant hand gel and toilet paper), Sun glasses,. Balm lipstick.
  • Visa-free regime for the citizens of the EU (up to 60 days) for tourism purposes. Please, make sure that your passport is valid at least three months after the date of entry to the country. Also, please, check that your passport is in order and no pages are missing
  • Shots: No vaccination is obligatory for Kyrgyzstan but we recommend to consult your doctor before starting this trip
  • Money change – we recommend to bring new 50/100 (Euro/Dollars) bills without any ink stamps or inscriptions, otherwise the exchange rate will be lower.
  • The guide rents bikes but does not have rental helmets. It also does not have automatic pedals (although you can change them without problems) or a water bottle for the bicycle.
  • Early cancellation costs
    Cancellations made 7 days before the reservation 100%
    Cancellations made 15 days before the reservation 100%
    Cancellations made 30 days before the reservation 75%
    Cancellations made 60 days before the reservation 50%

    Important notice, in case of cancellation:
    The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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    Available bicycles:

  • Others My own bicycle
  • Cube AIM 29er
  • Giant Talon 2 29