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Lleida Pyrenees

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有数百种摩托车可供选择。很简单:找到您理想的摩托车,预订并在线支付。准备好以自己的节奏探索Lleida Pyrenees。


Discover Lleida

It is the second most important Catalan capital just behind Barcelona. It is a city that tells its history since the Bronze Age and it is perfect to visit it by motorcycle.

Why do you have to visit Lleida?

You have to visit for its motorcycle routes, the beautiful landscapes, its unique infrastructures, the various rural hotels and the gastronomy of the place. Among the many hotels, one in particular stands out, the Hotel Ibis Lleida. It has a buffet breakfast, a restaurant, silence and tranquility. Ideal for couples or seniors.


What are the advantages of riding a motorcycle in Lleida?


There are many advantages to riding a motorcycle through the lands of Lleida. One of them, is that you can move freely and at great speed throughout the territory, go to the mountain destinations of major tourist interest such as: the Cerdanya or the Vall d'Aran.


What tourist attractions can I find in Lleida?


Lérida is divided into two parts, the lower part is where the life is but in the upper part is where the tourist thing is, of course, you can not overlook the Seu Vella or also known by "the Castle of Lleida". When you visit this potential UNESCO World Heritage site, you should visit its canonja, cloister, bell tower and church.


Carrer Major de Lleida is a street that has countless shops and where you can get to know the local people first hand, and a guided tour of the area will allow you to observe the main buildings there.


On the same main street (Carrer Major), there is the Jaume Morera Art Museum. This building in ancient times was the casino and a private club of the city.


The Aigüestortes National Park and the Tin of Sant Maurici are two splendid places to disconnect from work, stress, demands and immerse yourself in nature.


The New Cathedral of Lleida is another must-see, in the Civil War was totally destroyed, what you can see today, is the reconstructed cathedral. In front of the New Cathedral, is the

Old Hospital of Santa Maria, is no longer a hospital but a public space to which everyone can enter and visit its beautiful courtyard with a stone staircase.

Pedraforca is one of the most representative mountains in Catalonia. For those who love hiking this place is ideal, the excursion to the top lasts between 5 to 7 hours.


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现在,让风和自由的感觉带你飞翔。与在Lleida Pyrenees租赁的摩托车一起享受旅行吧。




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通过我们出色的一流摩托车和滑板车阵容,以时尚的方式穿越Lleida Pyrenees。我们谈论的是BMW,哈雷戴维森,雅马哈和本田 - 两轮奇迹的梦幻团队。








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