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Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

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* In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the tour can be cancelled or extra charges applied

Itinerário Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)


BAJA is short for Peninsula de Baja California, which means the peninsula of California in México. BAJA is the meca for off road races in México, and worldly known for the Score Series: Baja 250, 400, 400 and 1000. The reason is because it’s the perfect geographical location due to its diverse terrain and unique scenery. 

We will offer you an experience unlike any other by taking you from corner to corner covering the entire peninsula. We assure you that you will remember this trip for the rest of your life. 

Our certified staff is professional and our infrastructure and logistics are the most important factors that will give you the opportunity to never have to worry and allow you to enjoy your trip fully More than 1000 tour miles are awaiting for you. 

We welcome you to look at the details provided for this trip.  

Itinerário Swipe


Dia 1 Ensenada - Ensenada - 0km / 0mi

Dia 1 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

The first day is the introduction day, you can set up with us the pick up or you can meet us at the Monkey Business workshop located at Ensenada.
We will take you to the hotel and start with the preparation, bike gear, safety talk, tour details and of course we will provide a nice icebreaker dinner for all of you.
Next day we will start in the early morning.

Dia 2 San Felipe - 402km / 250mi

Dia 2 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

We begin the day departing from the hotel on our Chase pick-up trucks towards the town of Ojos Negros, passing through El Tule and finally arriving at Piedras Gordas. Here, we will unload the bikes and gear-up to begin our tour. The first 25 miles are the same as the famous Baja 500 Course! The road offers wide trail terrain and lots of fun riding along cliffs and rocks. Continuing our way towards Ojos Negros, we will get on the road of the three brothers, where we will ride on loose sand to eventually hit the road at the 77 KM mark, which will take us to San Felipe. Here is where we will have our first PIT stop. The following 45 miles, we will be riding through pine trees that surround the near-by Laguna Hanson. This is where we will get on our way downhill on the famous Bajada de Piedra until arriving at San Matias! After a hearty burrito meal here, we’ll continue our ride through creeks and rocky terrain before hitting 100 miles of epic fun with whoops and ending our day at San Felipe!

Dia 3 San Felipe - Bahía de los Ángeles - 209km / 130mi

Dia 3 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

On this day, we depart San Felipe towards Puertecitos, where we’ll have a blast riding on sand dunes on our first 35 miles along the beach, making a stop at San Luis Gonzaga to break for a well-deserved lunch and beer. The following miles will be wide dirt terrain up until arriving at Cocos Corner. From here is where the real fun begins riding and jumping among majestic cardoons and cholla gardens, creeks and rocks, all the way to Bahia de los Angeles. Here is where hit the slopes and ride downhill, allowing us to witness the grand Espiritu Santo Island from upfront.

Dia 4 Bahía de los Ángeles - El Rosario - 370km / 230mi

Dia 4 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

A long day of epic fun awaits on this day! The first few miles before arriving at the crossroads include jumps and lots of options to do any single-track riding detour if we are up for it. After hitting the road, we’ll continue our riding day on loose sand, all along getting closer to Catavina, place known for its field of boulders and rock formations. The stunning desert landscape gives us 30 miles of strange cacti growing through cracks in the rocks and other desert rarities, Soon after, we’ll to fade into the Marmol zone where we begin to merge into the Valley of Cirios. The road to get to Bajada de la Vibora will be wide dirt terrain known for its red dirt and famous for being so long and unique. Once down at the foothills, we’ll ride through mountain creeks until getting in the sandy area known as El Arenoso.

Going into single-track trails is also an option in this área. The last 30 miles will be fast paced to get to El Rosario and indulge in a lobster meal at Mama Espinoza!

Full Single-track riding is an option on this day.

Dia 5 El Rosario - Uruapan - 241km / 150mi

Dia 5 Motorcycle tour Baja California Enduro KTM in México (5 days)

Upon leaving El Rosario, we’ll begin riding along the coast until arriving at San Quintin, where we will pass through La Lobera and have the option to stop and snap some pictures. Our way to Camalú and Colonet is full of dried streams and rocks, rocky beaches and sandy trails. We can expect to get a fresh ocean breeze all along our ride, passing through ejido Eréndira, a communal ranch, where we will begin the climb up the Santo Tomás mountains to get to Uruapan. We finalize our tour with a rewarding meal at the famous Acámbaro restaurant.

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The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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