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Прокат мотоциклетов и скутеров в
Girona - Costa Brava

Прокат мотоциклетов и скутеров в Girona - Costa Brava

Обнаружить Girona - Costa Brava С прокатом мотоцикла

Хочешь арендовать мотоцикл в Girona - Costa Brava? Не ищи больше! Аренда мотоциклов в Girona - Costa Brava на дни, недели и месяцы. Никогда еще не было так просто выбрать аренду мотоцикла в Girona - Costa Brava.

Выбирай из сотен мотоциклов различных видов. Это очень просто: найди свой идеальный мотоцикл, забронируй и оплати через веб-сайт. Приготовься открывать Girona - Costa Brava на своем темпе.

Двигайся без проблем.Не беспокойся о трафике, расписании и парковке.

Costa Brava is found in the Province of Girona, within the Autonomous Community of Catalonia, in Spain. This coastal area begins in Blanes and ends at the border with France. Touring it by motorcycle or scooter will allow you to get to know its postcard beaches, its beautiful medieval towns and its unique corners.

Here are some tips on how to rent your motorcycle or scooter on the Costa Brava:

If your driver's license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your type B car driver's license for more than three years.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Upon your arrival at our rental center, we ask you to show the documentation and we invite you to sign the rental document in your name.

What do I need to rent a motorcycle on the Costa Brava?

If your driver's license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your type B car driver's license for more than three years.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

Are the motorcycles insured?

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Make your motorcycle rental on the Costa Brava a safe experience:

At the signing of the contract we request a damage franchise deposit charged to your credit card that we return upon completion. It is essential that you have a credit card, we accept the usual Visa or MasterCard and to a lesser extent Amex.

All motorcycles have security measures, many of them satellite tracking devices and optional locks.

What is it like to drive a motorcycle on the Costa Brava?

Driving along the Costa Brava is very practical and safe. There are not many problems with traffic or parking, except for specific hours and days. All its roads are well marked and people usually drive quite calmly. To get around the towns and cities in the area it will be necessary to go by road or highway. The maximum speed allowed within the city and towns is 30 km/h, on highways 90 km/h and on motorways 120 km/h. The use of the helmet is mandatory.

What are the advantages of driving a motorcycle on the Costa Brava?

Without a doubt, driving a motorcycle or scooter along the Costa Brava is the best and most practical option to move around the entire area. Unlike cars, there are plenty of free parking spaces for motorcycles and you can also park very close to the beaches or places you want to visit, saving time and money.

If you arrive to the coast by plane, we will deliver your motorcycle or scooter with a small supplement at the airport in the province: Aeroport Girona-Costa Brava.

If you arrive by train and prefer to pick up your motorcycle at your own hotel, we deliver and pick up where you prefer

What tourist attractions on the Costa Brava can I visit by motorcycle?

You can travel the 214 kilometers that make up the Costa Brava and discover its wonderful towns and places of interest such as: Cadaqués, residence of the famous artist Salvador Dalí and summer place of Miró or Picasso, you will find one of the most beautiful coves on the coast: La Cala Portaló. In Roses, located within the Cap de Creus Natural Park, you can rest from your motorcycle, go hiking through a privileged environment and visit coves such as: Cala Montjoi, Calís, Murtra or Jóncols.

Sant Pere Pescador Beach is more than 6 kilometers long and is divided into several areas: Riuet Beach, Cortal de la Vila Beach, Can Sopa Beach, La Gola Beach, among many others. Another area you should visit is L'Escala: a wonderful place where you can enjoy El Portitxol Beach and visit the Motorcycle Museum, which houses more than 100 restored motorcycles. In Torroella de Montgrí, there is the Playa de la Fonollera with fine sand, dunes and wonderful views of the Medes Islands. In Begur, you can explore the 7 beaches of the municipality on a motorcycle, such as Playa del Racó or Sa Riera.

In the municipality of Palafrugell you have three coastal towns to discover: Tamariu, Calella and Llafranc. This time, the best option will be to park the motorcycle and explore its wonderful beaches and streets on foot. In Sant Antoni de Calonge you can enjoy one of the wildest beaches such as Cala Cap Roig. Finally, in Lloret de Mar or Blanes, you should visit Cala Treumal on Santa Cristina beach.

Apart from all these wonderful beaches, there are also many scenic walks, music festivals, beautiful gardens and good wine. We recommend you visit: The Dalinian Triangle, enjoy festivals such as: Cap Roig or the Porta Ferrada and make the Empordà Wine Route.

Driving a motorcycle or scooter along the Costa Brava is a completely safe and undoubtedly unforgettable experience.


Почему стоит отправиться в путешествие на мотоцикле Girona - Costa Brava с нами?

Разгони свой мотоцикл с впечатляющим парком

Прокатись по Girona - Costa Brava с нашим выдающимся выбором первоклассных мотоциклов и скутеров. Речь идет о BMW, Harley Davidson, Yamaha и Honda - мечтанной команде двухколесных чудес. Каждый мотоцикл получает VIP-обслуживание, обеспечивая твою безопасность и комфорт во время путешествия по улицам Girona - Costa Brava и далее.

Приспособлено под твой стиль

Это твое приключение, твой стиль. Возьми власть в свои руки и выбери мотоцикл, который соответствует твоему стилю и планам приключения. Нам важно предоставить тебе свободу управления на своем пути.

Без забот, только чистое удовольствие

Прощай бюджетный стресс. Наша ценовая политика ясна, без скрытых затрат, скрывающихся в тени. Твое приключение должно быть лишь чистой радостью и исследованием.

Гибкость и экономия

Мы понимаем, что планы меняются. Поэтому наши тарифы так же гибки, как и твои планы поездки. Плати только за время, которое тебе нужно использовать мотоцикл, и види, как эти избыточные расходы исчезают в воздухе. Твоя банковская карта скажет тебе спасибо.

Легкость вождения, беззаботные вибрации

Зачем усложнять? Наша служба доставки привезет мотоцикл прямо к твоему дому. Меньше хлопот, больше приключений. Сосредотачивайся на дороге, а не на логистике. Пусть наступят хорошие времена!


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Прежде чем отправиться, взгляни на состояние мотоцикла и запиши любые царапины. Если выберешь доставку на дом, сделай несколько фотографий состояния мотоцикла.

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Теперь дай ветру и ощущению свободы вести себя. Наслаждайся поездкой на арендованном мотоцикле в Girona - Costa Brava.

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Оцени поставщика и его мотоцикл. Твое мнение укрепляет связь между ребятами из этого круга. Помни, что владелец тоже обратит на тебя внимание. Катайся с стилем, арендуя мотоцикл в Girona - Costa Brava!