Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

Isle of Man TT has announced the new dates for the 2021 edition

For our part we already have the provisional dates, it will be from 3 to 7 June

We already have the dates for Isle of Man TT 2020

Live with Rentalmotorbike one of the greatest motorcycle shows, as every year the most daring riders in the world meet who will make the public vibrate in their more than 60 km and 200 curves.
What to expect from your motorcycle trip to Isle of Man?

    You will live in first person the greatest motorcycle show and an exciting journey to reach the Island.
    If you wish, you can ride the "circuit" at Mad Sunday. The race Sunday opens the track so that any fan can experience with their own motorcycle what TT riders live in first person on their bikes.
    For 5 days it will coincide with true motorcycle enthusiasts from all parts of the world.
    You will enjoy the TT Senior race, the most spectacular of the different modalities, the pilots travel 364.23 km.
    Observe the different points of the Island with changing curves and conditions, which make the TT something unique in the world.
    The 22 km wide by 52 km long of the island makes it an ideal place for the practice of the race, and also allows you to see it from the windows of your hotel or even having a beer at the door of any Pub.

How to get?

In Rentalmotorbike we have Ferries from Liverpool to Douglas (Early morning on June 4) and return to Liverpool (June 8) and the Ferry includes the transport of your motorcycle.

Our goal is to provide you with all the possibilities so that you can live the TT in the first person and with your motorcycle accompanying you in this experience. :

 Precautions and tips to keep in mind

    Mobile: Isle of Man is part of the United Kingdom, it still has a special regime and is not a member of the European Union for that reason we advise you to check your mobile rates to ensure you can use your phone on the Island. If not You can buy a SIM card upon arrival that will allow you to navigate and make calls, its price is between 5 and 10 pounds for 5GB of data.
    Currency: Although it is not essential it is advisable to carry some sterling in cash for small expenses. Two types of pounds are accepted on the Island: sterling and morning. The latter is only valid for Man, for that reason we advise you to always change your currency to British Pound.
    Liverpool: In your stay you can find out that it is a wonderful city but you must take some precautions: always park the motorcycle in a safe area (closed or guarded parking), if you have the possibility to travel in a group and try to refuel before reaching the city.
    Douglas: Both incidents related to visitor safety occur rarely in the capital as well as throughout the Island, and it is considered a safe place to stay.
    Tourism: If you wish and have time, Man offers great places to visit related to the motor: TT Museum (Isle of Man Motor Museum), Murray’s Motorcycle Museum, A.R. Motorcycle Collection, Jurby Transport Museum.

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Support vehicle:

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Available motorcycles:

  • My own motorbike
  • Itinerary Swipe

    Day 1
    Liverpool - Douglas

    Day 1 Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    Day 4 of June at 02:20 boarding in Liverpool, (night on board), arrival in Douglas (Isle of Man) at 05:00, arrival and wait until the time of "check-in" at the Camping Ever TT

    Day 2
    Douglas - Douglas

    Day 2 Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    June 5th Free program in MAN TT 2020,

    Day 3
    Douglas - Douglas

    Day 3 Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    June 6th Free program in MAN TT 2020,

    Day 4
    Douglas - Douglas

    Day 4 Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    June 7th Free program in MAN TT 2020,

    Day 5
    Douglas - Liverpool

    Day 5 Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    June 8, MAN TT 2019, at 2:00 p.m. boarding in Douglas (Isle of Man), arrival in Liverpool at 5:15 p.m.



    What's Included

    Motorcycle tour Isle of Man TT 2020, Ever TT Camping

    My own motorbike

    Supplement price: $0.00

    Ferry Spain to UK and Back, Rider & Motorbike
    Ferry Spain to UK and Back, solo pasajero
    $10.87 / 天
    Ever TT Camping
    Support Vehicle
    Alcoholic beverages
    Basic insurance
    Damage deposit
    Enduro body protection kit
    Extreme cold protection kit
    Local taxes
    Maps & Roadbook
    Motorcycle rental
    Motorcycle return to origin
    National parks tickets
    Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
    On route snacks
    Petrol & oil
    Photo-video souvenir
    Spare motorcycle

    Other information

  • Thursday 4th June - Evening Qualifying ; Friday 5th June - Evening Qualifying ; Saturday 6th June - Race Day 1 ; Sunday 7th “Mad Sunday” for fans to have their own ride around the Course; Monday 8th June - Race Day 2
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    预约60天前提出的取消 75%

    Important notice, in case of cancellation:
    The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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