Condizioni generali di contrattazione:

1)  Ambito di attuazione:

Rentalmotorbike.com è un marchio registrato propietà di INICIATIVAS EN MOTO S.L., azienda intermediaria di noleggio di motociclette, in seguito Rentalmotorbike, con sede in Sant Fruitós de Bages, Barcelona, C/Pica d’Estats,30  C.I.F. nº B-64888597.

Rentalmotorbike agisce come intermediario tra lei come parte contraente e l’azienda di noleggio di moto, in  base alle condizioni generali di contrattazione e nei particolari della prenotazione, descritte en il buono di presentazione al fornitore.

I termini e condizioni generali di contrattazione descritte in Rentalmotorbike.com sono di carattere generale e complementari con i termini e le condizioni del locatore e prestatore di servizi e soggette a variazioni della legislazione del paese di destinazione.

Rentalmotorbike.com mette a disposizione dei propri clienti e affiliati un’offerta di contrattazione e prenotazione di moto in noleggio, tramite una piattaforma online attraverso la quale i locatori, offrono le sue moto con i prezzi e la disponibilità.

Al formalizzare la prenotazione o l’acquisto de un servizio tramite Rentalmotorbike.com lei entra in un rapporto contrattuale diretto con Rentalmotorbike.com e i nostri fornitori. Dal momento che formalizza la prenotazione, noi agiamo come intermediari tra lei e le aziende affiliate, trasmettendo al locatore i dati a nome suo e mandandole un email di conferma secondo i dati somministrati dai nostri fornitori.

Legga attentamente le esclusioni e limitazioni di responsabilità de Rentalmotorbike.

2) Accettazione delle condizioni di contrattazione:

La sua prenotazione è soggetta all’accettazione dalle condizioni generali di contrato, la politica di trattamento dei dati personali, cosi come le condizioni particolari del fornitore locale en il paese di destinazione al momento di ritirare il veicolo. Se lei non e d’accordo o a qualche dubbio sui termini di contrattazione, si prega di mettersi in contatto con il nostro servizio d’attenzione al cliente.

3) Riassunto delle condizioni generali di contrattazione:

4) Lamenti e reclami di fronte al locatore o Rentamotorbike.com

Se non è soddisfatto dal noleggio o dal sevizio di contrattazione de Rentalmotorbike.com, si prega di contattare per scritto  con il nostro dipartimento d’attenzione al cliente attraverso info@rentalmb.com , il più presto possibile.

5) Documentation prior to reservation “starter voucher”:

Once your details are confirmed, you’ll receive –via e-mail – paperwork in your name called “starter voucher” with your reservation details & leaseholder’s address, valid to hand in to the destiny supplier.

Important note: the starter voucher is not valid as a rent contract in destination, the voucher Works as a reservation between you and the leaseholder.

6) Possible changes at arrival: vehicle, make or model:

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as, mechanical failures, theft or other unexpected circumstances, occurred after the reservation took place, that affect our supplier’s vehicle stock, could cause Rentalmotorbike.com or their leaseholder’s not being able to satisfy the category, make or model chosen, or any other contracted services, even with the reservation confirmed.

Rentalmotorbike.com will make all effort possible, to assure the assigned bike delivery or other with similar characteristics or of a higher category at the same price, if not possible, and a lower category bike is delivered, the value difference will be refunded. Only if the substitute bike is not accepted, the leaseholder will refund 100% rent fee back to the customer and the legal contract will be cancelled. This is on the understanding that no reclamation will be held against Retalmotorbike.com nor providers or leasers.

7) Rent contract, delivery moment requirements:

A completed leaseholder’s rent contract is the condition for the bike to be delivered.  For the rent contract to take place, the contractor party has to meet the following requisites:

a) Minimum age proof, and holding a valid license or driving permit holder with a 6 month minimum validity period counting from the last renting day valid for the country of destination and valid Passport would be necessary.

b) Minimum experience required, depending on the model and driving style intended to do. Remember further bike specifications such as weight, measurements and horsepower, are available in our website bike files.

c) It is essential the presentation of a contract and credit card with enough balance to pay for supplements extras or unforeseen events and services.

d) In the case of not having all the papers and/or minimum requirements when presented to the leaseholder, the reservation can be cancelled without refunding the reserved services amount. 

e) Fines or other fix penalties issued to the vehicle use during the rental period will be client’s responsibility.

For your personal safety we strongly recommend taking out a personal accident insurance also to reduce the damage bail amount, both optional insurances available for on-line hiring on our website.

For any further doubts about your driver license validity in the country of destination, see the information in the “presentation voucher” or contact our customer service.

Rentalmotorbike.com will not be responsible for rejected rents due to lack of necessary papers and driving requirements

Rentalmotorbike.com will not take any responsibility for any renting or contract that are cancelled or dismissed due to lack of documentation necessary for driving.

8) Vehicle use terms:

a) Driving under the influence (DUI alcohol) , non consented or specified in the contract off-road driving & sports competitions , is totally forbidden.

b) Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or any other substance that could affect normal concentration skills also as dangerous or careless driving is totally forbidden.

c) Lending the bike to other people, not authorized in the contract, non-valid license holders, and non capable drivers or not in a proper state to drive.

d) To pawn or sell the motorbikes entirely or by parts , the motorbike’s equipment , accessories or papers in any manner that attempts against the leaseholders propriety rights or any of the rights he has over the vehicle.

 e) If intending to cross country borders with the vehicle during your trip, our reservation centre should be notified due to possible border crossing problems or restrictions.  

9) Licenses, passports, visas and security:

In general you must be a national or international driving license holder, although necessary papers to be eligible to enter the country of destination such as passports and visas are exclusive and depend on every country’s border laws and subject to legislation changes. Please check with the country of destiny embassy or consulate the required documents and travel tips.

10) Prices & Services:

A) Included:

Local tax rates, third party civil liability insurance, use instructions and leaseholder counter motorbike delivery, are included in our motorbike rent prices in packs of 24 hours for the duration of the contract.

Driver & passenger helmets and extra equipment can sometimes be included, please check your particular rent conditions in the product files and optional services contracted in your “starter voucher”.

B) Not included, available for on-line hiring:

Extra equipment, additional helmets, cases, GPS and extra services available like, personal accident & cancellation insurances or bail amount reduction.

C) Not included and payable at destination:

All not specified , petrol (Motorbike will be delivered with a full tank , required to be replaced before drop-off) repair expenses , young driver extra charges , out of opening times and non working days delivery expenses and traffic fix penalties.

Please note, if any other complementary services are needed, like airport transfers, or other motorbike drop-off locations, use the observations section. All service charges will be made at your destination with the services leaseholders.  

In some cases, a daily mileage limit is applied and the extra mileage is charged. We encourage you to make this payment when the motorbike is returned.  You can find this information in the chosen motorbike file and in the “starter voucher” once it is processed.

11) Deposits:

In the majority of bike renting , you will be required to leave a deposit with de credit card or debit payment .This deposit could be from 300 € to 3000 € depending on the vehicle and country chosen . This amount and type of deposit are explained in your starter voucher.

This amount will be refunded by down payment or cancellation of your debit charge on your card.

VERY IMPORTANT: Rentalmotorbike.com will not be responsible for any damage to the vehicles or reimbursement of the money deposits between the client and the leaseholder.

Please check the vehicle’s condition before delivery, and when you return your vehicle and done all tramits, check that the deposit has been returned.

12) General conditions for the contracting of optional insurances:

As you formalize an insurance or buying any product through rentalmotorbike.com, you enter into a direct arrangement with the insurance companies. From the moment you formalize your buying, we act as intermediary between you and the providers of the services, giving them your details and sending you an e-mail of confirmation with the particular conditions given by the insurance companies.

So in case of needing any of the insurance companies services, you will contact the insurance through the customer care telephone and giving all the necessary documentation, to get assistance and other benefits or payments.   

A) Limited financial responsibility insurance:

By our online system and as you make the reservation , rentalmotorbike.com offers you and only in some cases of direct paying to the leaser’s on arrival to destination , you will be able to contract an additional insurance . This insurance reduces if possible the client’s financial responsibility regarding the franchise, for any damages to the vehicle, by a small proportional fee according to the time and items covered. The fees won’t be refunded.

In case of the vehicle being robbed due to any proven neglect by the client, could lead to our local provider to ask for the total cost of the vehicle.

Rentalmotorbike.com , offers you a limited financial responsibility insurance regarding the franchise in case of damages up to 500 € amount that rentalmotorbike.com will refund to you through its insurance broker .Consult the specific contract conditions . You must pay it as you formalize the reserve of the vehicle. It is 100% non refundable.

Important note: In general, there is no possibility to contract “all risk” insurances on rented motorbikes .The contract of franchise reduction insurances, brings the cost down, but on no account eliminates it completely.

B) Personal accident insurance:

Rentalmotorbike.com offers you a motorbike specialized personal travel, accident and repatriation insurance available for hiring at the moment of reservation. This insurance is only valid in the country of destination during the rent period. Please check insurance terms.

C) Cancellation insurance:

Rentalmotorbike.com offers you a 100% cancellation & refund insurance available for hiring at the moment of reservation. This insurance only works, in case of specific & justified reasons such as, illness, court assistance…please check insurance terms.

13) Incidents / accidents / mechanical issues:

In the case of Mechanical issues, leaseholder must be contacted. In case of accident, third party civil liability insurance company (included in the price) as well as personal accident insurances (not included optional service) if hired, must be warned.

Our leaseholder will tell you about the procedures to follow in case of accident, and will start repairing or substitutive motorbike delivery procedures.

In order to be able to make any claim to the insurance company, please keep all the paperwork and receipts related to the incidents. These papers are compulsory requirements for any type of insurance claim.

14) Extension and reduction of renting periods

Rental period extensions must be notified two days in advance to the local leaseholder, before the first period expiration date.Rentalmotorbike.com can’t guarantee the initial contract rental rates when extending periods.

In case of wanting to bring forward the motorbike return, rentalmotorbike.com will not be able to refund non-used paid rental days, ask the local leaseholder about the possibility.

15) One-way rents:

One way rents are not available on weekends and may not be available on other dates. Minimum rent periods are defined in the contract files.

16) Reservation cancellation or changes:

About the particular conditions for anticipated cancellation of your booking, check "EARLY CANCELLATION COSTS" in step 4 of our web, . Once the reservation is completed these conditions will also be listed on your reservation voucher.

A 100% penalty charge will be applied to all reservations cancelled up to 7 days or less before the date of delivery, or not showing up at the delivery moment.

Please contact our reservation centre or our website’s reservation section , for any reservation cancellation or changes

We remind you that insurances are not refundable under all condition.

17) Claims & Complaints to Rentalmotorbike.com or service leaseholder:

If not satisfied with your rentalmotorbike.com rent or hired services, please contact our customer care department as soon as possible via info@rentalmb.com

18) Law & Court:

Our general hiring and data base protection terms are based in the European community I-commerce laws, and are governed exclusively by Spanish laws & courts.