Terms and conditions

1) Scope:

Rentalmotorbike.com is a commercial trademark propriety of INICIATIVAS EN MOTO S.L., from now on Rentalmotorbike.com, with address in Sant Fruitós de Bages , Barcelona, C/Pica d'estats ,30 C.I.F. nº B-64888597

Rentamotorbike.com, acts as a go-between for you as a rent-a-bike companyand the final customer, according to the general conditions of contract andother appendixes, described in the documentation given to the provider.

The terms and contracting general conditions described inRentalmotorbike.com, as they are of a general nature and are complementarywith the leaseholder's terms and conditions and subjected to any changes inthe legislation of the country concern.

Rentalmotorbike.com offers its clients and members an offer of contract andreserve of renting motorbikes by means of on-line booking through which theleaseholders offer their motorbikes with prices and availabilities.

When formalizing a reservation or buying any service throughRentalmotorbike.com you come into a direct contract withRentalmotorbike.com dealers. From the moment the reservation is formalized,we act as mediators between you and the customers giving them your detailsand sending them a confirmation e-mail, according to the details providedby you as a provider in our intranet system.

Read carefully the exclusions, limitations and responsibilities ofRentalmotorbike.com.

2) Contract terms agreement:

Your reservation is subject to your agreement of our contract terms, ourprivacy policy and our destiny leaseholder's contract terms. If you don'tagree with our contract terms or have further questions about the terms,please contact our customer care department.

3) Limited availability vehicles or under confirmation:

Rentalmotorbike.com, works to offer the same bike model and make asked forin the chosen time and the location, although some models, due to theirlimited availability may not be available at the moment of booking. Forlimited availability bike models, you will receive a confirmation email upto 3 workdays from the moment of reservation.

In the case we can't guarantee the availability of the desired brand andmodel, Rentalmotorbike, will offer you an alternative motorcycle model foryour acceptance. In case of non-agreement on your part, the reservationwill be canceled without any charge.

Important note: remember that your pre-reserve is not valid until it has been confirmed andsent as "starter voucher" and up to 72 hours (excluding holidays) from themoment of transaction.

4) Lack of precision or information mistakes:

Rentalmotorbike.com periodically reviews its business supplier'sinformation quality and reliability, although accurate information relatedto prices, availability and rent particular conditions, are theleaseholder's responsibility. That keep their information updated trough anintranet connected to our website, therefore Rentalmotorbike can'tguarantee that all the information will be complete and exact. We are alsonot responsible about typographic mistakes or temporary server failures,maintenance, repairing tasks or updating of our website or other reasons.

5)Documentation prior to reservation "starter voucher":

Once your details are confirmed, you'll receive -via e-mail - paperwork inyour name called "starter voucher" with your reservation details &leaseholder's address, valid to hand in to the destiny supplier.

Important note: the starter voucher is not valid as a rent contract in destination, thevoucher Works as a reservation between you and the leaseholder.

6) Possible changes at arrival: vehicle, make or model:

If you, the lessee, are not satisfied with the quality of the vehicle, youmust inform Rentalmotorbike.com before removing the vehicle

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as, mechanical failures, theft orother unexpected circumstances, occurred after the reservation took place,that affect our supplier's vehicle stock, could cause Rentalmotorbike.comor their leaseholder's not being able to satisfy the category, make ormodel chosen, or any other contracted services, even with the reservationconfirmed.

Rentalmotorbike will try by all means to ensure the delivery of the bikethat has been assigned or another one of similar characteristics or highercategory at the same price, if this is not possible and a lower categorymotorcycle is delivered, the price difference will be paid in favor of theclient.






45 km/h Scooters with a 50cc maximum cubic capacity and upto 4kw

In some countries it is not allowed if you're not 18 y.o.or older.



Motorcycles with a maximum cubic capacity of 125cc and upto 11kw



Motorcycles with a maximum cubic capacity between 130cc to500cc and up to 35kw

A Basic

Motorcycles with a maximum cubic capacity between 501cc to799cc without power limitations

Trail, Touring & Custom

A Premium

Motorcycles with a cubic capacity over 800cc without powerlimitations

Requires previous experience

Trail, Touring & Custom


Motorcycles with a maximum cubic capacity of 125cc and upto 11kw

To drive the motorcycles it is compulsory to have had yourcar driving license, for at least 3x years


7) Rent contract, delivery moment requirements:

A completed leaseholder's rent contract is the condition for the bike to bedelivered. For the rent contract to take place, the contractor party has tomeet the following requisites:

a) Minimum age proof, and holding a valid license or driving permit holderwith a 6 month minimum validity period counting from the last renting dayvalid for the country of destination and valid Passport would be necessary.

b) Minimum experience required, depending on the model and driving styleintended to do. Remember further bike specifications such as weight,measurements and horsepower, are available in our website bike files.Sometimes the landlord can request a practical driving test with thevehicle, in order to check the lessee's ability.

c) It is essential the presentation of a contract and credit card withenough balance to pay for supplements extras or unforeseen events andservices.

d) In the case of not having all the papers and/or minimum requirementswhen presented to the leaseholder, the reservation can be cancelled withoutrefunding the reserved services amount.

e) Fines or other fix penalties issued to the vehicle use during the rentalperiod will be client's responsibility.

f) The collection of the vehicle by the lessee, must be made punctuallyaccording to the dates and times established in the reservation voucher. A2-hour margin will be given, to collect the vehicle. After this time, thelessor and Rentalmotorbike reserve the right to cancel the reservation,without refund to the lesse.

g) Motorcycle passengers. The vehicle must be suitable for the purpose,having a double seat. As a general rule, the minimum age for the passengeris 12 years old. Check the specific regulations of each country.

h) Currency exchange. Any payments in destination will be made in the localcurrency of reference. The current exchange rate will be applied.

For your personal safety we strongly recommend taking out a personalaccident insurance also to reduce the damage bail amount, both optionalinsurances available for on-line hiring on our website.

For any further doubts about your driver license validity in the country ofdestination, see the information in the "presentation voucher" or contactour customer service.

Rentalmotorbike.com will not be responsible for rejected rents due to lackof necessary papers and driving requirements

Rentalmotorbike.com will not take any responsibility for any renting orcontract that are cancelled or dismissed due to lack of documentationnecessary for driving.

8) Vehicle use terms:

a) Driving under the influence (DUI alcohol) , non consented or specifiedin the contract off-road driving & sports competitions , is totallyforbidden.

b) Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or any other substance thatcould affect normal concentration skills also as dangerous or carelessdriving is totally forbidden.

c) Lending the bike to other people, not authorized in the contract,non-valid license holders, and non capable drivers or not in a proper stateto drive.

d) To pawn or sell the motorbikes entirely or by parts , the motorbike'sequipment , accessories or papers in any manner that attempts against theleaseholders propriety rights or any of the rights he has over the vehicle.

e) If intending to cross country borders with the vehicle during your trip,our reservation centre should be notified due to possible border crossingproblems or restrictions.

9) Licenses, passports, visas and security:

In general you must be a national or international driving license holder,although necessary papers to be eligible to enter the country ofdestination such as passports and visas are exclusive and depend on everycountry's border laws and subject to legislation changes. Please check withthe country of destiny embassy or consulate the required documents andtravel tips.

10) Prices & Services:

A) Included:

Local tax rates, third party civil liability insurance (except wherementioned) , use instructions and leaseholder counter motorbike delivery,are included in our motorbike rent prices in packs of 24 hours for theduration of the contract.

Driver & passenger helmets and extra equipment can sometimes beincluded, please check your particular rent conditions in the product filesand optional services contracted in your "starter voucher". All additionalfree services are subject to availability.

B) Not included, available for on-line hiring:

Extra equipment, additional helmets, cases, GPS and extra servicesavailable like, personal accident & cancellation insurances or bailamount reduction.

C) Not included and payable at destination:

All not specified , petrol (Motorbike will be delivered with a full tank ,required to be replaced before drop-off) repair expenses , young driverextra charges , out of opening times and non working days delivery expensesand traffic fix penalties.

In some cases, a daily mileage limit is applied and the extra mileage ischarged. We encourage you to make this payment when the motorbike isreturned. You can find this information in the chosen motorbike file and inthe "starter voucher" once it is processed.

11) Deposits:

In the majority of bike renting , you will be required to leave a depositwith de credit card or debit payment .This deposit could be from 300€ to 3000 € depending on the vehicle and country chosen . Thisamount and type of deposit are explained in your starter voucher.

This amount will be refunded by down payment or cancellation of your debitcharge on your card.

VERY IMPORTANT:Rentalmotorbike.com will not be responsible for any damage to the vehiclesor reimbursement of the money deposits between the client and theleaseholder.

Please check the vehicle's condition before delivery, and when you returnyour vehicle and done all tramits, check that the deposit has beenreturned.

12) General conditions for the contracting of optional insurances:

As you formalize an insurance or buying any product throughrentalmotorbike.com, you enter into a direct arrangement with the insurancecompanies. From the moment you formalize your buying, we act asintermediary between you and the providers of the services, giving themyour details and sending you an e-mail of confirmation with the particularconditions given by the insurance companies.

So in case of needing any of the insurance companies services, you willcontact the insurance through the customer care telephone and giving allthe necessary documentation, to get assistance and other benefits orpayments.

A) Limited financial responsibility insurance:

By our online system and as you make the reservation , rentalmotorbike.comoffers you and only in some cases of direct paying to the leaser's onarrival to destination , you will be able to contract an additionalinsurance . This insurance reduces if possible the client's financialresponsibility regarding the franchise, for any damages to the vehicle, bya small proportional fee according to the time and items covered. The feeswon't be refunded.

In case of the vehicle being robbed due to any proven neglect by theclient, could lead to our local provider to ask for the total cost of thevehicle.

Rentalmotorbike.com , offers you a limited financial responsibilityinsurance regarding the franchise in case of damages up to 500 €amount that rentalmotorbike.com will refund to you through its insurancebroker .Consult the specific contract conditions . You must pay it as youformalize the reserve of the vehicle. It is 100% non refundable.

Important note: In general, there is no possibility to contract "all risk" insurances onrented motorbikes .The contract of franchise reduction insurances, bringsthe cost down, but on no account eliminates it completely.

B) Personal accident insurance:

Rentalmotorbike.com offers you a motorbike specialized personal travel,accident and repatriation insurance available for hiring at the moment ofreservation. This insurance is only valid in the country of destinationduring the rent period. Please check insurance terms.

C) Cancellation insurance:

Rentalmotorbike.com offers you a 100% cancellation & refund insuranceavailable for hiring at the moment of reservation. This insurance onlyworks, in case of specific & justified reasons such as, illness, courtassistance…please check insurance terms.

13) Incidents / accidents / mechanical issues:

Rentalmotorbike does not have direct supervision on the state or age of themotorcycles at the time of delivery, please check the general condition ofthe vehicle at the time of signing the rental agreement and state in thisany defect. Rentalmotorbike, assumes no responsibility for the condition ofmotorcycles and their derivatives.

During the rental period, in case of mechanical problems or other events,you should contact the leasing company. You will have a contact telephonenumber for this use.

The rental does not cover the repair costs for punctures as well as otherdamages attributable to the lesse's driving style, the lessee must pay thecosts of the repair to the lessor. Rentalmotorbike, will not be responsiblefor personal or material damages. Any claim for damages or possiblewithholding of funds for repair, must be agreed directly by the landlord.

14) Extension and reduction of renting periods

Rental period extensions must be notified two days in advance to the localleaseholder, before the first period expiration date.Rentalmotorbike.comcan't guarantee the initial contract rental rates when extending periods.

In case of wanting to bring forward the motorbike return,rentalmotorbike.com will not be able to refund non-used paid rental days,ask the local leaseholder about the possibility.

15) One-way rents:

One way rents are not available on weekends and may not be available onother dates. Minimum rent periods are defined in the contract files.

16) Reservation cancellation or changes:

Before making your reservation, check the specific cancellation terms foreach lessor described on our website; once the reservation is made, theseconditions will also be noted on the back of your reservation voucher.

Please note the weather conditions are variable, cancellations due toweather or other causes outside our organization are not refundable, pleasecontact the landlord in case of any setback.

For modification or cancellation of your reservations, please contact ourreservation center, or go to our booking module accessible from ourwebsite. The modification or cancellation of complementary services to thereservation, can cause cancellation expenses.

17) Claims & Complaints to Rentalmotorbike.com or serviceleaseholder:

If not satisfied with your rentalmotorbike.com rent or hired services,please contact our customer care department as soon as possible via info@rentalmb.com

Rentalmotorbike will act as an intermediary between you and the leasingcompany. In no case, rentalmotorbike will be responsible for the costs orcompensation of such claims.

18) Law & Court:

Our general hiring and data base protection terms are based in the Europeancommunity I-commerce laws, and are governed exclusively by Spanish laws& courts.