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We will now proceed to answer the most frequently asked questions by our customers. Both for rental motorcycles and for motorcycle trips. We answer the most common questions. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

1. What I need to know to rent a motorcycle

Most motorcycles are confirmed within hours of booking. Some models may have limited availability. Therefore, confirmation may require up toa maximum of 48 working hours.

In the models tab, you can identify the availability. There are two possible options:

  • On demand: Models that require confirmation from the supplier.

  • Confirmed: Motorcycles that have immediate confirmation.

Some models have limited availability. This means that if there is no availability on a rental motorcycle, another option may be substituted. The new option must share similarities in terms of features and displacement.

If an inferior model is proposed and you accept it, the proportional discount will be applied.

Of course you can! The usual hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Services with special schedules are subject to an additional cost; see prices in the optionals section. If you need a schedule outside the usual time slot, please leave a comment in step 4 of your reservation.

Yes, it is possible! Most of our stores offer the convenience of picking up and returning the motorcycle at the hotel. Generally, this service carries an additional cost that may vary depending on the season.

In major cities, islands and tourist destinations, we provide a direct rental service at the airports. This alternative is easily found on our platform. These services are physically available at the airport or are managed by our partners. In all cases, you will find the location instructions on our booking voucher.

Yes, in general, you do not need authorization to drive within the country. However, some small motorcycle rental companies may impose restrictions on driving within urban areas or require prior authorization. Be sure to read the rental conditions carefully in each case.

Yes, you can drive beyond the borders of your home country in most countries of the European Union at no additional cost. In addition, border crossing is also allowed in other countries. Information about the possibility of crossing borders can be found in the rental details.

It is important to note that there may be an additional cost associated with border crossing, and details and conditions are provided in the options section. In order to expedite the permits and border crossing service, it is essential to book in advance.

Not all! Kilometers are unlimited in most cases.

In situations where mileage is restricted, we will provide you with information on the number of kilometers included per day and the cost per additional kilometer. We also offer optional purchase packages with advantageous conditions. You can calculate the available kilometers by multiplying the daily limit by the total number of rental days. If you exceed the number of kilometers contracted, the additional amount will be deducted from the security deposit.

Yes, in general, helmets for the driver and passenger are included. Please refer to the specific rental conditions for more details. In addition, we offer a wide range of motorcycle equipment and accessories available for rental. You can find detailed information about the equipment and its prices in the options section of the motorcycle.

We offer a variety of additional services including:

  • Hotel or airport pick-up service.

  • Storage / Temporary storage.

  • Insurance for you and your vehicle.

  • Issuance of international licenses or permits for border crossings.

  • Cancellation insurance.

  • Extended medical insurance.

  • Motorcycle luggage.

For detailed information about these services and their prices, please see the motorcycle's card in the options section.

2. Payments and Documents

Yes, at the time of booking at Rentalmotorbike, we accept several currencies:

  • Euro

  • US Dollar

  • AUS Dollar

  • GPB Pound

  • Swiss Franc

  • Brazilian Real

  • Argentine Peso

  • Yen.

We apply daily updated exchange rates to ensure your peace of mind. We freeze the exchange rate between your origin and destination currency at the time of booking, and provide you with the amount in both currencies on your confirmation voucher.

On the other hand, the store may suggest payments according to requirements we show on the website (acceptable cards and payment types).

The means of payment and formalization of deposits are made by credit card, the most common being VISA and MasterCard, and occasionally American Express. Some rental centers may accept debit cards or cash, but we recommend that you check the means of payment accepted in the general conditions. It is important to note that your rental may be refused if you do not have the authorized means of payment.

Once you confirm your reservation, you will receive all the documentation and rental conditions in your email. If you have registered on our website as a user, you can access your reservation status and other related information by going to the "My account" section at the top of our website.

If you have a Type B (EU) / D (US) / CAT 1 (AU-NZ) driver's license, you can drive 125cc rental motorcycles with up to 11kw of power in some EU countries, such as Germany, France, Italy or Portugal. However, please note that this condition is not uniform throughout Europe.

For example, in France, it may be necessary to take a previous course, while in Greece it is not possible and in Portugal only from the age of 26. Always make sure to check the specific conditions in each country.

Important: If you do not have the necessary permits, your reservation may be cancelled without refund.

The rental conditions in terms of seniority of licenses, age and previous experience may vary depending on the country of origin and destination, as well as the particular conditions set by the motorcycle store. These are detailed in the general rental information and in the rental voucher.

Is it necessary to obtain an international driver's license?

An international driver's license may be mandatory and is accepted in virtually all countries of the world (those that have signed the international convention of Geneva concerning transport and communications). As long as you have a valid license from your home country, it allows you to drive a rented motorcycle.

Important: Rentalmotorbike recommends and facilitates obtaining an international license in all transactions. In some countries, regulations can be very strict. It is the renter's responsibility to know the regulations in each country and provide the necessary documentation when picking up the vehicle. Before traveling, we recommend that you check the necessary documentation requirements.

Additional and updated information can be found on the official website of https://e-ita.org/

What documents do I need to provide at the time of pick-up?

To pick up the rental motorcycle you need to provide the following documents:

  • Carnet en vigor, válido para el tipo de moto elegida en el país de origen.

  • International license is recommended in all countries, in some countries it is mandatory. Particular attention in Japan, South Korea and China it is not accepted.

  • Credit card.

  • Identity document (passport, NIE, DNI, etc.).

Is it necessary to prove the age of your license and your minimum age to rent a motorcycle?

The conditions for renting a motorcycle, such as the age of your license, your age and your previous experience, may vary according to the country of origin and destination, as well as the specific conditions established by the store. These conditions are detailed in the general rental information and on the confirmation voucher.

What license do I need for each type of motorcycle?

This table shows the license categories and the motorcycles that are allowed for each of them:

License Type

Type of Motorcycles Allowed

A (UE) / M (US) / CAT 6 (AU-NZ)

Motorcycles of all displacements without power limitation

A2 (UE) / M1 (US) / J (AU/NZ)

Motorcycles up to 32 kW power

A1 (UE) / B, D y C (3+ years)

Motorcycles up to 11 kW of power or 125cc


Motorcycles and quads up to 4 kW power or 45 km/h, 50cc type

B (UE) / D (US) / CAT 1 (AU-NZ)

Three-wheel motorcycles and quads without power limit (exception Cuba)

3. How to manage my reservation

The refund of the deposit to your credit card is normally processed within 5 to 10 days. Please note that there may be an additional delay in case of international rentals, banks located outside the destination country or if the driver's name does not match the cardholder's name.

Important: Deposits are handled by the store. Rentalmotorbike is not responsible for deposit management.

To access your user account, go to the top right of the screen and click on "My Account". Then enter your email address and password.

If you have forgotten your password, don't worry, simply provide us with your email address and we will send you an email with instructions on how to reset it.

When you book a rental motorcycle through Rentalmotorbike, we will confirm both the availability and the general rental conditions.

Once we have reviewed the required documentation, it will be necessary to formalize the rental by signing a contract.

Before you start a trip with the rented motorcycle, we recommend that, together with the person in charge of the rental, you carry out an inspection of the general condition of the motorcycle, including any pre-existing scratches, which will be recorded in the contract. In this way, you will avoid surprises at the end of the rental.

Thus, checking the general condition of the rented motorcycle is crucial for several reasons:

  • Safety: By checking the condition of the motorcycle before using it, you ensure that it is in optimal condition for the trip, which reduces the risk of mechanical problems or accidents along the way.

  • Liability: By doing so with the rental manager and recording any pre-existing damage, you avoid misunderstandings or disputes later about who is responsible for the damage.

  • Additional costs: If unrecorded damage is discovered at the end of the rental, you may be subject to additional charges to cover repairs. By conducting a pre-inspection, you can avoid these unexpected costs.

  • Trouble-free experience: By knowing the condition of the motorcycle beforehand, you can enjoy your trip worry-free, knowing that it is in good condition and that any damage is already documented.

In short, pre-rental inspection is an important preventative measure to ensure your safety, avoid additional costs and have a hassle-free rental experience.

A delivery point is a place without conventional facilities. It can be a regular meeting point with specific instructions, such as an airport parking lot, or a pre-arranged location within a limited radius, such as a hotel or home address.

The prices of the rental motorcycle are calculated by intervals and with a courtesy hour. This means that 1 rental day is equivalent to 24 hours plus 1 additional hour. After the courtesy hour, it is computed as an additional day.

In both cases, you must contact the telephone number provided directly and notify the store of possible delays in your arrival and rental extensions.

Yes, in most cases, you can reserve and pay for the rented motorcycle in the name of another person. However, please note that the rental contract is formalized in the name of the main driver, who must provide a means of payment in his name or in the name of another person present and authorized at the time of formalizing the contract.

Yes, in most cases, you can hire an additional driver at an optional cost or at no additional charge. Check the available options.

No, reservations are individual. If you are a registered user, you can use the account to speed up the process.

In case you need to change the dates of your rental, you can communicate it directly through the phone number provided in the rental voucher or by email.

Of course you can! In case you wish to give away a motorcycle rental experience without a fixed date, contact us and we will provide you with a voucher with an open date.

4. Insurance & Incidents

First of all, it is essential to make sure you are unharmed and, if necessary, seek medical attention, as health is the number one priority.

Once you are in good condition, you should immediately contact your local rental office. They will provide you with further instructions depending on the nature of the accident. It is important to note that, in some cases, there may be additional costs that will be deducted from the security deposit to cover damage to the motorcycle. To prevent accidents, always remember to drive safely and respect local traffic regulations.

The phone number and email address of the local office will always be included on your motorcycle rental voucher.

At the end of the rental period, your motorcycle will be inspected by the store. If damage that was not previously present is detected, an evaluation of the damage will be made. These costs will be deducted from your security deposit, which may be temporarily blocked in its entirety.

If you wish, you may request an itemized invoice for the repairs. If the cost of repairs is less than the security deposit, the difference will be refunded to you within 5 to 10 days after resolution of the incident.

It is an amount of money previously agreed with the lessor to cover possible damages, traffic fines or fuel charges. Generally, insurance is contracted separately, either on a partial or comprehensive basis.

Generally, comprehensive insurance is not offered in motorcycle rentals. However, many rental services allow you to reduce the amount of the deposit by taking out Damage Reduction Insurance (DRI). This involves the payment of a daily fee, and the higher the fee, the greater the reduction in the excess.

There are also optional insurances that cover theft and fire, offering protection for the vehicle as a whole.

Rentalmotorbike offers medical insurance with comprehensive travel coverage, including medical expenses and repatriation for you and your companions.

Some rental centers impose significant cancellation fees, which can be up to 100% of the reservation cost. Protect your investment against unforeseen events and make sure you are reimbursed for cancellation fees.

If your rental experience was not as expected, don't worry. We have a direct line to our quality department. Share your experience with us and we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

Important: In general, Rentalmotorbike responds within 48 hours. If your situation is urgent, we recommend that you choose to contact us by phone.

5. Inclusion of the particular rules of rental in motorcycle travels

At Rentalmotorbike, we are a motorcycle travel agency with more than 20 years of experience worldwide. Our agents are highly specialized in our exciting motorcycle travel programs.

The booking process is completely online and designed for your convenience.

Once you have selected your exciting motorcycle trip, you will receive all the necessary documentation in your email. We will include a contract that you can sign digitally to formalize your reservation.

Important: Our conditions for motorcycle travel programs comply with the current European legislation on package tours.

In case of cancellation by the client, please note that there are associated costs. We recommend that you carefully review the contractual conditions for more information.

Cancellations by Rentalmotorbike

On motorcycle group tours, sometimes it may be necessary to reach a minimum number of participants. If this minimum is not reached, we will inform you well in advance and offer refund options or changes to the program.

Price changes

The prices of our trips may be affected by changes in currency or fuel prices.

In exceptional situations of force majeure, changes may be made to the planned itinerary.

At Rentalmotorbike, we understand that your motorcycle adventure is unique. That's why we offer you three exciting options:

  • A. Rent a motorcycle on your own.

  • B. Motorcycle rental on your own + Hotel package.

  • C. Motorcycle rental + hotels + guide.

Options A and B give you the flexibility to choose your own travel dates. For option C, we have an extensive calendar of scheduled departures for you to find the group that best suits your needs.

Safety is our number one priority.

Our guides are committed to ensuring that you have the safest and most exciting experience on your motorcycle trip. In addition, most of our trips have support vehicles that can provide you with a replacement motorcycle or accompany you if you need it at any time during the adventure.

Your satisfaction and safety are our utmost concern.