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Motorcycle and scooter rentals in

Motorcycle and scooter rentals in Paris

Discover Paris with a Rental Motorcycle

Looking to rent a motorcycle in Paris? Look no further than us! Motorcycle Rental in Paris by days, weeks, and months. It has never been so simple to choose a motorbike rental in Paris.

Choose from hundreds of bikes of all kinds. It's very easy: find your ideal bike, request it, and pay through the website. Get ready to discover Paris on your way and have a great experience.

Move freely during the rental period.Don't worry about traffic, schedules, and parking.

Île-de-France is a French region, with Paris being its capital and most famous city. It is the first tourist destination on the planet, thanks to its exceptional heritage, architecture, monuments, castles and romantic gardens. Undoubtedly, discovering the region and the capital by motorcycle or scooter will be the best option.

Here are some tips on how to rent your motorbike or scooter in Île-de-France:

If your driving license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your A or A1 driving license.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Upon your arrival at our rental center, we ask you to show the documentation and we invite you to sign the rental document in your name.

What do I need to rent a scooter in Île-de-France?

If your driver's license is European and you want to rent a motorcycle up to 125cc, just present your type B car driver's license for more than three years.

If you are not a European citizen you have to carry an equivalent license in your country of origin, in this case an international card is recommended.

Are the motorcycles insured?

All motorcycles have third party insurance and most include cases and rear trunk included or with additional payment.

Make your scooter rental in Hanoi an Île-de-France experience:

At the signing of the contract we request a damage franchise deposit charged to your credit card that we return upon completion. It is essential that you have a credit card, we accept the usual Visa or MasterCard and to a lesser extent Amex.

All motorcycles have security measures, many of them satellite tracking devices and optional locks.

What is it like to ride a motorcycle in Île-de-France?

Riding a motorcycle in Île-de-France is a safe and easy experience. Driving is on the right and the use of a helmet is mandatory. The entire region has a wide network of roads in very good condition, well signposted, with highways and dual carriageways that may or may not be toll roads. Roundabouts are very frequent. The drivers respect the speed limits, they are very calm and civilized. Driving in Paris is more complicated than in other cities, with regular traffic jams during peak hours. The speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/h, on highways 90 km/h, on motorways 110 km/h and on highways 130 km/h. There are quite a few fixed radars and speed controls, so it is very important to comply with the limits, since the fines are usually very expensive.

What are the advantages of driving a motorcycle in Île-de-France?

Driving a motorcycle through Île-de-France is, without a doubt, an incredible experience and the best way to move around the entire region easily and quickly, being able to modify the route whenever you want. In addition, it is much cheaper than renting a car and you will not have problems parking, since parking is currently allowed on the sidewalks, as long as it is not obstructed by pedestrians.

If you arrive in the city by plane, we will deliver your motorcycle or scooter with a small supplement at one of its main airports: Paris-Orly Airport or Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

If you arrive by train and prefer to pick up your motorcycle at your own hotel, we deliver and pick up where you prefer.

What tourist attractions in Île-de-France can I visit by motorcycle?

The main attraction of Île-de-France is Paris. In the capital you can visit attractions such as the famous Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Our Lady of Paris and the Sacred Heart of Montmartre by motorcycle. It also has many cultural centers and museums, such as the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre or the Center Pompidou.

On the outskirts of the capital, you can discover other treasures such as the Castle of Versailles and its magnificent gardens. The basilica of Saint Denis, the castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte, the medieval city of Provins, the romantic abbey of Royaumont, the royal city of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and the town of Auvers-sur-Oise are other places essential to visit. Everyone who passes through the region visits one of the most famous theme parks in the world: Disneyland Paris.

Do not forget to try its famous cheeses or its most typical dishes, such as Foie gras, Quiche Lorraine or Ratatouille.

All in all, riding a motorcycle or scooter in Île-de-France is a completely safe and undoubtedly unforgettable experience.

How does Rentalmotorbike Work?

Get on the motorcycle and give it gas in Paris!

Discover the Perfect Bike

Use our filters to adjust your search according to your roll, location, dates, and all that stuff.

Get going with the Reserve

Choose the bike that will awaken your biker spirit and make that reservation. Fill in your details and wait for the owner's signal to start your next ride in Paris.

Pick up the Machine

Before you leave, take a look at the condition of the bike and note any scratches. If you opt for home delivery, take some photos of the bike's condition.

Feel the Breeze of Freedom

Now, let yourself be carried away by the wind and the feeling of freedom. Enjoy the ride with a rental motorcycle in Paris.

Return it like a Pioneer

At the end of the trip, return the bikes and share the anecdotes of your route. Be sure to check the bike together to seal this adrenaline-filled chapter.

Share your Ride

Give the supplier and his bike a shout. Your opinion strengthens the connection between fellow riders. Remember, the owner will also give you a glance - ride in style with your motorcycle rental in Paris!

Why Roll with Us for Your Paris Motorcycle Adventure?

Rev Up Your Ride with an Impressive Fleet

Cruise through Paris in style with our stellar lineup of top-notch motorcycles and scooters. We're talking BMW, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, and Honda – the dream team of two-wheeled wonders. Each bike is given VIP treatment, ensuring your safety and comfort as you hit the bends of Paris and beyond.

Tailored to Your Vibe

This is your adventure, your vibe. Take the reins and choose a motorcycle that matches your style and adventure plans. We're all about giving you the freedom to ride your way.

No Surprises, Just Pure Joy

Say goodbye to budget stress. Our pricing is crystal clear, with no hidden costs lurking in the shadows. Your adventure should be all about pure, unadulterated joy and exploration.

Flexibility that Won't Break the Bank

We get it – plans change. That's why our rates are as flexible as your travel plans. Pay for the time you need the motorcycle and watch those unnecessary fees vanish into thin air. Your wallet will thank you.

Easy Riding, Hassle-Free Vibes

Why complicate things? Our delivery and pickup service brings the motorcycle straight to your doorstep. Less hassle, more adventure – focus on the road, not the logistics. Let the good times roll!


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