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Rentalmotorbike.com in 10 questions:

1-What is Rentalmotorbike.com?

Rentalmotorbike.com is the largest on-line confirmation of motorbikes, insurance and equipment renting reservation system.

2-Why choose Rentalmotorbike.com?

Rentalmotorbike.com can offer more than 30.000 motorbikes in 500 different locations. Best prices, availability and security are guaranteed.

3-How can I make my worldwide Rentalmotorbike.com reservation?

With Rentalmotorbike.com you will be able to choose the city and the bike that best suits you, according to model price, site etc, with detailed information of the included services.

4-Can I check my reservation status?

Once logged into your private rentalmotorbike.com user account, you'll be able to check your reservation status.

5- What is, and isn't, included in my reservation price?

Taxes, civil liability insurance, motorbike delivery and operating & safety tips are included in the motorbike rent price. Many other included services are detailed in every file. You will also have the option to hire extra services to make your trip more comfortable, easier and safer.

6-Where can I pick up my motorbike?

Once your reservation is processed, you'll receive a starter voucher in your email account. The starter voucher includes your reservation and your leaseholder details (address, telephone number ...).

7-What paperwork must I show at the pickup moment?

You must show your motorbike driving license. The driving license must be accepted by the country of destination and valid at least until the contract ending date. You will also have to show a credit card with sufficient funds to cover pre payment of the bail amount.

8-When, how and where to pay?

Most reservations need a 50 % pre payment before 30 days, and a 50 % payment to the direct leaseholder at the moment of pick up. Check particular conditions of payment & cancellation charges.

9-What can I do if I have any problem?

You will have a Rentalmotorbike.com customer care telephone number to contact. In case of a mechanical breakdown you must contact your service leaseholder. In case of accident, we offer an international coverage medical insurance.

10-What else should I know?

Normally motorbike rentals work the same way as car rentals do, but motorbike rentals are limited by availability and restricted by use of terms and bails of cautions. Therefore we advise you to reserve in advance and to have a close look at the general contracting terms as well as the particular ones in your "starter voucher".