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Motorcycle tour North Cape

Spain opens its borders to international tourism, here dates and requirements.

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14 Days



Difficulty: Normal-Hard
Support vehicle: Yes
Minimum participants: 1
Itinerary Motorcycle tour North Cape

We propose this motorcycle tour from Hamburg, arriving in Cape North and returning to Hamburg

This tour will be of 14 days and 13 nights in which we will do an average of 550 km per day aprox.
We will have a guide on his own motorcycle (speaks English and Spanish) support van where to store luggage and with space for some companion.

An unforgettable route that you can do on your own or rental motorcycle.

The North Cape (NordKapp), located on the island of Mageroya, like many other places in the world, is a mystical place, it is the most northern point in Europe. At this point the Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea meet, which is part of the Arctic Ocean.Some of the most famous visitors who have passed through the North Cape are King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway in 1873, or King of Thailand Chulalongkorn in 1907 while studying forest science. And it is said that in the 17th century Galileo Galilei visited the North Cape when he studied the northern lights. In 1956 the road opened to the North Cape. This road, according to weather conditions, remains closed, although it is normally open from May to October.

It is the challenge every biker wants to make, a trip to this point to observe the so-called midnight sun, before heading south through the spectacular Norwegian fjords.
An adventure that must be done at least once in a lifetime. Get ready for summer 2020!

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Day 1 Hamburg - Hamburg - 0

Day 1 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Meeting with participants in the concentration hotel in Hamburg (included in the price).

Hamburg is an important city in northern Germany, which connects to the North Sea by the river Elbe. It is crossed by hundreds of canals and contains large green areas. Near its center, the inner Alster lake has numerous boats and is surrounded by cafes.

The city's central boulevard, Jungfernstieg, connects the Neustandt (new city) with the Altstadt (old city), which houses monuments, such as the Church of St. Michael, from the 18th century.

Its population is around 1,822 million, its currency is the euro, its language is German and its oceanic climate.

We have two options:

- One is to arrive on our own motorcycle to Hamburg, and from here start the route with the group.

- The other option is that we let's ride the motorcycle in the truck and you fly to Hamburg, where they will be waiting for us at the concentration hotel. Meeting with participants at the concentration hotel in Hamburg.

Today we spend the night at the hotel in Hamburg and tomorrow we start the route to North Cape.

Day 2 Gothenburg - 774 km

Day 2 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Hamburg (Germany) -Puttgarden-Coopenhague-Goteborg (Sweden).

The first day of the motorcycle route ends in Gotebor (Sweden), it will be about 8 hours by motorcycle, on very well paved roads. We will cross the bridge-tunnel of Oresund, which leads from Copenhagen airport to the city of Lernaken south of Malmö, and includes successively: a tunnel, an artificial island, a viaduct, a cable-stayed bridge and a second viaduct.

Goteborg is the destination, a Swedish city located at the mouth of the Göta River, on the western coast of the country. It has an important seaport and is known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy avenues.

The currency is the Swedish krona, the Swedish language and the majority religion is the Lutheran, followed by the Catholic.

Day 3 Gothenburg - Lillehammer - 506 km

Day 3 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Gothenburg-Lillehammer (Norway).

We head north, route marked by nature, lakes, mountains, waterfalls, etc. It will be a route of just over 500 km in which we already enter Norway.

Norway, an Scandinavian country rich in mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. Its capital is Oslo, its currency the Norwegian crown, its language the Norwegian and its majority religion the Lutheran.

Norway is famous for fishing, hiking and skiing, especially in the Olympic center of Lillehammer, just our destination for this day. It is a small inland city, famous for hosting the 1994 Olympic Games. Its population is approximately 27,000 inhabitants.

Day 4 Lillehammer - Molde - 457 km

Day 4 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Lillehammer-Geiranger-Eidsdall-Molde (Norway).

This route will be one of the most spectacular of the entire tour, it will be intense, fascinating. Nature in its purest state. We will see Geiranger, where is the fjord (Geirangerfjorg), declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005 and we will cross its winding roads.

This population has about 200 inhabitants, located at the end of the fjord, receives more than 600,000 tourists every year.

It will also be the day of the waterfalls, we will visit Friaren, the highest waterfall in Norway. Located in the Geirenger Fjord, with a height of 275 meters.

We will continue the route by solitary roads to the TROLLSTIGUEN, we will know of legend traveling its famous curves.

We will then board the Eidsdal-Valldal ferry and finish in the city of Molde.

Day 5 Molde - Mosjøen - 666 km

Day 5 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Molde-Mosjoen (Norway).

Molde is a coastal city, surrounded by islands and fjords. Due to the rugged topography of the area, land access with the rest of the country is complicated, depending largely on maritime transport. Its population is about 26.352 inhabitants.

We begin the route towards the Atlantic-Road, 8.3 km section that crosses an archipelago. Declared "Norwegian construction of the century".

We will continue north, through lonely landscapes, lakes, mountains, wild animals, waterfalls, etc. Destination Mosjoen, we are getting closer to our final destination...

Day 6 Mosjøen - Narvik - 515 km

Day 6 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Mosjoen-Narvik (Norway).

The route through wild roads, twisted and full of dreamlike landscapes with the main Norwegian Sea.

The route will take more than half a day, which will allow you to rest at the destination, Narvik and do some sightseeing. This city, due to its high latitude, is included within the Arctic circle. You can visit the Herjansfjord, 10 km long fjord, surrounded by mountains with perpetual snow on its tops and postcard landscapes.

Day 7 Narvik - Alta - 473 km

Day 7 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Narvik-Alta (Norway).

Serpentine route, runs along coastal roads saving the peculiar orography of the area, full of cliffs, bridges, tunnels, etc. Km and km of curves with the Norwegian Sea on the left and imposing mountains on the right.

ALTA destination, the city of the northern lights, of the midnight sun. It is the largest population of Norwegian Lapland or Arctic Norway. A remote and unpopulated place, which houses the largest community of Samis in all of Scandinavia.

Day 8 Alta - Nordkapp Municipality - 474 km

Day 8 Motorcycle tour North Cape


Departure from Alpa to North Cape, arrival at our critical destination, for the purpose of our trip. A place at the northern end of the Earth, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Arctic Ocean and its cold waters meet.

That place is Nordkapp, the North Cape, west of Finnmark, in northern Norway. Here there is no mainland between you and the north pole, an exception of the Svalbard archipelago, and the summer sun never sets for two and a half months, between mid-May and the end of July. Many visitors like to see the midnight sun or the sunset over the Barents Sea, from the North Cape plateau.

We return to the Alta hotel to rest.

Day 9 Alta - Luleå - 610 km

Day 9 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Alta-Pajala-Lulea (Sweden). 610 km.

Route of continental landscapes, depopulated, inhospitable nature, lakes, mountains, waterfalls…. We start from the Norwegian Sea and end the day at the Baltic Sea.

Day 10 Luleå - Sundsvall - 530 km

Day 10 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Lulea-Umea-Sundsvall (Sweden).

Southbound route, bordering the Gulf of Bothnia. Always next to the seashore and ending the day in Sundsvall.

Day 11 Sundsvall - Stockholm - 376 km

Day 11 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Sundsvall-Stockholm (Sweden).

We continue the route of the previous day, heading south, reaching the Baltic Sea and ending in one of its capitals. Stockholm.

Day 12 Stockholm - Stockholm

Day 12 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Rest in Stockholm.

The capital of Sweden and its largest city, it encompasses 14 islands and more than 50 bridges in an extensive archipelago of the Baltic Sea.

Day 13 Stockholm - Copenhagen - 659 km

Day 13 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Stockholm-Copenhagen (Denmark).

Fast road route to Copenhagen, a city that perfectly reflects the innovative character of Scandinavia. In this city of cobbled streets, impossible pinnacles, palaces, bridges and canals, the bicycle is the most common means of transport. However, the Danish capital stands out above all because it is at the forefront of design, fashion, gastronomy, sustainability and much more.

The official currency is the Danish crown, its Danish language and its majority religion Christianity.

Day 14 Copenhagen - Hamburg - 469 km

Day 14 Motorcycle tour North Cape

Today we arrive in Hamburg and we have several possibilities, the first is to fly back home, another option is to spend the night in Hamburg (not included in the price) and the third option, for those who have come with their own motorbikes, it is to follow the road home.

What's Included

Others My own motorbike

Others My own motorbike

Supplement price: $0.00

Driver's helmet
$35.64 / day
Passenger's helmet
$35.64 / day
Left luggage office
Support Vehicle
Photo-video souvenir
Alcoholic beverages
Basic insurance
Damage deposit
Enduro body protection kit
Extreme cold protection kit
Local taxes
Maps & Roadbook
Motorcycle rental
Motorcycle return to origin
National parks tickets
Non-Alcoholic beverages water-coffee
On route snacks
Petrol & oil
Spare motorcycle
  • Gas for all the tour aprox 700 €.
  • Toll prices 90 € aprox
  • Early cancellation costs

    Important notice, in case of cancellation:
    The flight tickets, supplements and optional services subscribed in this tour regardless of the basic program, are subject to 100% of early cancellation costs.

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